How to say Shit in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afghan Go khor shiteater
Afghan go khor poop eater (bullshit talker)
Afrikaans Gaan kak op jou ma se poes! go shit on your mother's pussy
Afrikaans kak shit
Afrikaans Jy gaan jou poes kak you are going to shit your vagina
Afrikaans Jou dom stuk kak! you stupid piece of shit!
Afrikaans gaan kak; LOOP KAK go shit
Afrikaans Fok die kak , Ek loop fuck this shit, im leaving
Afrikaans Poeskak cunt shit
Afrikaans Jou fokken poes kakker naipoes you fucking cunt shitter cunt fuck
Afrikaans Gaan kak in Gauteng go shit in gauteng
Afrikaans ag jou hol man! oh! thats bullshit
Afrikaans Gaan kak in jou poes go shit in your pussy
Albanian a m’ha mutin eat my shit
Albanian Ha Mut eat shit
Albanian S'ma Ni Kari i don't give a shit!
Amazigh - riffan Yezan shit
American (louisiana creole) Being a shitful of jackass assdick
American english Your a magikarp your a useless piece of shit
American english Shit slinger one who tells lies
American english Dumb Shit a stupid person
American english Animal shit animal poo
American english Overbite! when pussy tastes like shit!
American english Brick shithouse beautiful woman
American english Slinging shit telling a lie
American english Horse Shit; Shit i don't believe what you told me
American english Don't give a shit i don't care / i could care less
American english fucking droopy ass bitch you have shit up your ass
American english Shit licker derogatory name for a homosexual
American sign language Make your right hand into a fist with your thumb sticking out and pointing upwards (as if giving someone a "thumbs up") Grab your thumb with your left hand, wraping your entire hand around it. Holding your left hand still, pull your right thumb down and o shit
Amharic aram you shitter
Arabic manuke khara shit fucker
Arabic Kool Khara; kol khara(Palestinians slang) eat shit
Arabic coos okt al laglesh fuck all this shit
Arabic shakl il nahaan shit face
Arabic wald il dhuroot son of a shit
Arabic (lebanese) kol khara eat shit
Arabic (lebanese) Kharaye feek shit on you
Arabic (moroccan) Kol khara eat shit
Arabic (syrian) Kol Khara eat shit
Arabic - jordanian dewangee cool guy or full of shit
Arabic - jordanian khara Aleik shit on you
Arabic egyptian Khara shit
Arabic iraqi zmal shit
Arabic iraqi Baaroor camel shit
Arabic iraqi Ibn al khara son of shit
Arabic iraqi zrba abteezk shit on your ass
Arabic kuwait zeg / zega male shit / female shit
Arabic kuwait Ekil Zeg/Khara eat shit
Arabic kuwait kel khrak omak eat shit for your mom
Arabic syrian kool khara eat shit
Arabic syrian Kharay Alek my shit on you
Argentina spanish sorete peace of shit
Argentine Forro condom, meaning shitty person
Argentinian Chupame la mierda suck my shit
Argentinian estupido de mierda! idiot of shit!!
Armenian putads suinc caca eat my shit
Armenian kakes ger merakoun eat my shit mother fucker
Armenian Qaqem glkhid / Քաքեմ գլխիդ i will shit on your head
Armenian kakem beranit mech i'll shit in your mouth
Armenian peraned kaknem shit in your mouth
Armenian Kakeh geradzes you in deep shit
Asian accent OH SHI TE shit.
Assamese ekka she duuka you peice of shit
Assamese Gu shit
Assamese Gu Khuwa shit eater
Assamese guu kha eat shit
Assamese guu kha mokkel eat shit dumbass/dickhead/shithead
Assyrian Ekhree gawukh my shit in you
Assyrian Khol Ikhreh; khul kharah; khole ekhori eat shit
Asturian Cagon mi mantu; Cagon mi maquina shit
Australia Suck her shit to point and stab yourself to death with it she's a good sort
Australian It gives me the shits it annoys me
Australian A face like a kicked-in shitcan unattractive person
Australian Shitting like a big black dog panicking
Australian dumb as dog shit a stupid person
Australian Shit hot! very good
Australian Letting the Aboriginals swim in the pool. having a shit.
Australian Pushing shit uphill with a rubber fork on a hot day getting nowhere fast
Australian Dipshit idiot
Australian Fuck me side ways oh shit
Australian As boring as batshit dull
Australian DADS disease dumb as dog shit
Australian Dumb as dog shit stupid
Austrian Friss Schei�e und krepier eat shit and die
Azerbaijani Pokhuvu ye eat your shit
Azerbaijani Pokh shit
Babies Goo goo i've shit myself
Baby Goo Goo GaGa i just shit my diaper
Bahamian Go nanny shit
Bahamian Vel Mudda Sick holy shit
Balinese dakin teli shit of pussy
Bangla tumi bal hagu koro!! you shit pubic shit
Basque Kaka zaharra! shit!
Battlestar galactica Felgercarb shit
Bavarian Saupreiss! shit prussian!
Bavarian Kackbrazn shitface
Bavarian Du bisd doch z blaed zum scheissn! you are too stupid to shit.
Belarusan Sral'nia shithouse
Belgian-dutch fret mijne kak oep! eat my shit!
Bengali Kuttar gu dog shit
Bengali AAGA (or) GUUUUUUU shit
Bidayuh Man taki eating shit
Bird tweet eat shit
Bisaya Boyset bullshit
Bislama Sitsit kok shit penis
Bislama Sitsit shit
Bislama Sitsit fes shit face
Black metal Brutal! that is the coolest shit ever!
Bolivian cua fea balla al mearda bitch go to shit
Bosnian Ne seri! dont shit
Brazil canavial de rola em teu cu a shitload of cock up your ass
Brazil Mentira bullshit
Brazilian portuguese PORRA! shit / jiss
Brazilian portuguese Puta que pariu! holy shit
Breton Kac'h shit
Breton Karc'hat to shit
British gob shite a loud person who doesn't shut up
British built like a brick shit-house large and muscular man
British fucking cunt useless piece of shit
British shite shit
British shitfaced drunk
Bulgarian lizhi ciganska sperma govnarche lick gypsy sperm you shithead
Bulgarian da ti sera vuv ustata i shit in your mouth
Bulgarian Lainyano magare shitty donkey
Bulgarian Govno; Luyno; Podqvolite / 'laino / Mamka mu' shit
Bulgarian lainar; Lainar shithead
Bulgarian Da te eba v ushite! fuck you in your ears!
Caddle S'jot! (jotz) shit!
Canadian shitpump useless idiot, waste of rations
Canadian dick fuck shit licker idiot
Canadian slapshit poop
Canadian wad or fuckwad. As in; he's a real wad/fuckwad/wad of shit, etc same meaning as as a fucktard
Canarian me suda tol pollon don't give a shit
Cantonese figh cai pathetic shit
Cantonese gau si gwai dog shit turtle
Cantonese Puk Gai shit
Cantonese sek sei; sek sii eat shit
Chaldean Ekhol Ukhre eat shit
Chamorro lania damn/shit
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Jodencha gat Vos shit! dumn it!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Torpe Vos; Torpe Vos dump! shit!
Chi kin sit an lok khe shit !! / oh fuck !!
Chinese sharbie stupid shit
Chinese go se shit
Chinese »ëÇò£m dumb bastard, stupid piece of shit
Chinese Sek si; sixi eat shit
Chinese ma la ge bi damn! shit! fuck!
Chipian me nha ngo shit
Cockney rhyming slang Tom Tit shit
Colombian esa gonorrea es una pecueca! tht piece of shit is a nobody
Colombian come mierda! eat shit
Corby taking a corby taking a shit
Costa rican Pura mierda full of shit
Creole kaka coq dick shit
Creole (cape verdean) pora; Posa shit
Creole (mauritian) Caca liki shit/idiot
Creole (mauritian) kaka kok cock shit
Creole (mauritian) tor ma ine kaka toi your mum shitted you
Creole (mauritian) caca dan couche shit in diapers
Creole (mauritian) Get sa liki mama la oh shit
Creole (mauritian) passe emba la roue avion shit face
Creole (mauritian) manze caca eat shit
Creole haitian suspan pale kaka! stop talking shit!
Croatian Govno jedno piece of shit
Croatian Sranje shit (when something go wrong)
Croatian Jedi govna! eat shit!
Croatian govno smrdljivo stinking shit
Croatian Jedi govna, pusi kurac eat shit, suck dick
Cuban mojaneta little piece of shit
Cuban Me cago en tu madre i shit on your mother
Cypriot skato kkelle shit head
Cypriot skato mavros shitty black person
Cypriot skato poutto shitty cunt or "pussy"
Cypriot skato villo shitty dick
Cypriot skato fai shitty food
Cypriot shesmene you are shiting on you
Cypriot skato moutsoune shit face
Cypriot na fais skata eat shit
Czech Sraèka (srachka) soft wet shit
Czech Hovno; sakra shit
Czech do prdele! oh shit!
Danish Lort shit
Danish Æd lort, fisse eat shit, pussy
Danish 'd lort eat shit
Danish Din lille lort you little piece of shit
Dari (farsi) Gholona shit hole
Dari (farsi) برين. shit
Dari (farsi) gooz b rishit you have shit in your mouth
Dari (farsi) Goh bokho eat shit
Dhivehi kalogeya oh shit
Dhivehi Bog shit
Dog woof woof howl fuckin let me out you shitbag
Dog Shits on your floor jokes on you, fucker
Dog Yipe (Frightened) holy shit!
Dog Shits in your bed fuck you and your mother
Dominican Sigue con tu vaina; sigue con tu viana keep with that shit (threat)
Dominican boca de trapo shit talker
Dominican Bajo a mierda you smell like shit
Dormanstown Taking a Dormanstown taking a massive shit
Duck Quack fuck off you shitty cunt
Dutch Kut! shit! (litterally, cunt)
Dutch Gelul bullshit
Dutch (holland/belgium) Praat geen poep don't talk shit
Dutch (holland/belgium) kak, stront shit
Ebonics I be ma fuckin pimpin an shit! i feel pretty good!
England shit for brains stupid
England Gobshite someone you strongly disagree with
England Bloody Hell shit, damn, etc.
English koal khara ( kh as J in Spanish ) eat shit , as shut up
English Shit flick aka any chick flick movie
English kaka liqui ass shit
English Shitfaced getting drunk
English shit feces
English shitfar wow; i'll be damned
English The bullshit cluber you are bullshit
English Shit faced completely drunk
English No shit sherlock this is self evident
English bovine feces bull shit
English you weedle you weak piece of shit!!!
English i want to fuck the shit out of you creole
English Shitfuck idiot, jerk
English dipshit idiot, moron, douchebag
English Ram my shitpipe; shit on my chest you filthy fucking whore!
English pissprat bullshit
Esperanto fek' shit
Estonian sitapea shit head
Estonian sittuma (v) to shit
Ewok beecha wawa wow, holy crap, damn, oh shit
Fanti (ghana) Aponchii bien goat shit
Faroese LORT shit
Farsi Lashy jurk, piece of shit
Farsi gohe sag dog shit
Farsi antikke piece of shit
Farsi Tu goh khordie go eat shit
Filipino Tanga ng piraso ng tae stupid piece of shit
Finnish Paskap�� shit head
Finnish Paska-aivo shitbrain
Finnish Ime paskaa! suck shit
Finnish Pasko kahvikuppiin take a shit in a coffee cup
Finnish Paskanaama shitface
Finnish Paskapää shithead
Finnish Paskaa syövä koiranraiskaaja shit eating dog rapist
Finnish Haista paska! fuck you! (lit. smell shit!)
Finnish Paska shit
Finnish Voi Paska oh, shit
Fish Pabpab you eat shit
Flemish (belgium) gie strontzak you shitbag
Francais (quebec) suce ma marde suck my shit
Francais (quebec) Hostie! shit!
Francais (quebec) Mangeux d'marde shit eater
Francais (quebec) osti d'kalisse de pourris rotten peice of fucking shit
Francais (quebec) Mange d'la marde; Mange de la marde eat shit
French Mange de la merde; manges la merde eat shit
French J'ai envie de chier i want to shit
French merde embulante walking piece of shit
French je chiee dans le chatte de ta mere i shit in your mothers vagina
French manger ma merde! eat my shit!
French Oh putain de merde ! holy fucking shit !
French Sac � merde ! shit bag !
French Je me fais chier. i'm bored shitless.
French fais chier; Merde; Merde (pronounced merd) shit
French Merde ! shit !
French "Oh, merde!" oh, shit!
French (C'est des) conneries! (this is) bullshit!
French (sex) cooper shit on earth
French-acadian(chiac) mange d'la marde; Mange la marde eat shit
French-acadian(chiac) va chier go shit
Ga Too fee bull shit
Gaelic Sasanach ithean cac english eat shit
Gaelic ceann cac shithead
Galician Vai cagar ostias becerro do carallo go shit yourself you bloody moron
Galician Me cago na cona que te botou i shit on the cunt that spewed you
Geek skata k'aposkata shit and of the shit's
Geek Smeg head. shit head.
Georgian dedis mutelze dagajvam i'll shit on your mother's vagina
Georgian ro movjva shecham? if i'll shit, will u eat it?
German Drecksau shit pig
German Ess Scheisse eat shit
German Scheiße shit/crap
German Deine Mutter schwitzt beim Kacken your mother sweats when she shits
German Ess Scheisse und stirb eat shit and die
German Shishkoff shitbird
German So ein Beschiß! what a crock (of shit)!
German shaisa shit!
German der teufel wird los sein the shit's going to hit the fan
German scheissekopf shithead
German Verdammte Scheiße! shit! dammit!
German Kackbratze shithead (lit. face full of shit)
German Scheissen to shit
German Scheißhaus shithouse
German Sheisse; die Scheiße; Schise shit
Goat Bb-ba-aa BBAAAE shit shit
Greek ayde hesou go shit on yourself
Greek skata na fas eat shit
Greek kotsiros (cyprus dialect) piece of shit
Greek na sou sheso sta moutra (cyprus dialect) i'll shit on your face
Greek Σκατά στα μουτρα σου (Skata sta moutra sou); skata sta moutra sou shit in your face
Greek Fae skata kai psofa re malaka eat shit and die you wanker
Greek skat� crap / shit
Greek Skatofatsa shit face
Greek Fae ena kouva skata eat a bucket full of shit
Greek skata shit
Gujarati Sandas shit
Gujarati Taari ma parasevo tya-reh e tuti kareh che! your mom sweats when she shits!
Gujarati Taree Ghaar Ma Doh Ladah you have two shits up your ass!
Gujarati harshit stuped dumb fuk
Gujarati Buckwass bullshit
Guyanese cats ah puss same shit
Gypsy Ka xile ma pe tute!!! (pronounced Kah- chzeelay mah pay too-tay!) i am going to shit on you.
Haitian creole Bouda kaka shitty ass
Haitian creole Poukisa ou pale kaka why are you talking shit
Haitian creole dwol kaka mouth full of shit
Halari lindu shit
Harry potter Bloody hell! wow/shit (depends on context)
Hawaiian muli pala kukae shit-smeared kid (or ass)
Hawaiian TU Kai shit
Hawaiian 'ai kukae a make eat shit and die
Hawaiian po'o 'opae shit head (lit. shrimp head)
Hawaiian pala naio worthless (lit. worm shit)
Hebrew Harah shit.
Hebrew Hatichat harah piece of shit
Hebrew hatichat hara mizdayen batachat assfucking piece of shit
Hebrew yeled kaka shity boy
Hebrew Hatichat Hara! piece of shit!
Hebrew ohel hara shit-eater
Hindi Tatti Ander Lele shove shit up your ass
Hmong quav dev dog shit
Hokkien Ciak Sai eat shit
Hokkien Ka na sai like shit
Hungarian Szar! shit!
Hungarian Szar az elet! this life is shit
Hungarian Szar napom van im having a shitty day
Icelandic 'Ettu skit eat shit
Icelandic dj�full svitnar mamma ��n �egar h�n sk�tur your mother sweats when she shits
Icelandic Drullu kunta shitty cunt
Icelandic H'oru drullan thin you shitty whore
Icelandic �ttu sk�t og dey�u go eat shit and die
Icelandic Frussdrullandi apa-eysta diarrhea shitting monkey ball
Indonesian jeber bau tai your dad smells like shit
Indonesian Tae; Tahi/Tai; Eek shit
Indonesian Jancuk shit/fuck
Indonesian Makan tai ku eat my shit
Indonesian otak udang prawn brain (shit in the brain)
Indonesian Makan tai! eat shit!
Indonesian Tai lo! you're shit!
Iraqi okul khara ya ibn el kalb eat shit son of a bitch
Iraqi Awlad il kara sons of shit
Ireland A wee faced jobe' shit
Irish Shite; cac shit
Irish Bloody Cunt stupid shit
Irish Gobshyte mouth of shit
Irish english gobshite really dumb person
Irish gaelic ith cac eat shit
Irish gaelic Damnú aír! shit!
Irish gaelic loc na mhuice pigs' shit
Italian cazzo di merda dickfaced piece of shit
Italian Tu piezza di merda! you piece if shit!
Italian sfacim e merde fucking shit
Italian Merda! shit
Italian mangia merda eat shit
Italian Mangia merde e morte eat shit and die
Italian Pezzo di merda; pezzo di merda piece of shit
Italian shit im a dickhead shit im a dickhead
Jamaican bumboclaat holy shit
Japanese gyuufun bullshit
Japanese kusoyarou shit-hole (lit. shit guy)
Japanese shakuhachi shite! suck it!
Japanese kuso heddo shit head
Japanese Shimata; Tawagoto; Tawagoto (たわごと); Chikusho shit
Japanese Kuso-tare yarou fucking shit bastard
Japanese Kusokurae eat shit
Japanese Kuso-Debu; futota kuso fat shit
Japanese kuso kurae no shin eat shit and die
Japanese ku-so (k-so); Kuso! shit!
Japanese Kusottare shit dip
Japanese Kuso kurae fuck off (lit. "eat shit")
Japanese Kuso fuck or shit
Japanese Kusogaki brat (lit. shit brat)
Japanese Kusot-tare shithead, you shithead.
Japanese chikusho shit, fuck
Javanese kopet shit
Javanese Taek! shit!
Javanese ojo nggedabrus su! dont say bullshit
Javanese telepong dung, shit, feces
Jiggumsmash "This shit stinky" hey, what time is it?
Kannada nanna helu tinnu baa my shit
Kaqchikel K'is shit
Karen Awh Ta aye eat shit
Kazakh "Bog zhep, ol" eat shit and die
Kazakh Auzinga bokh shit into your mouth
Kazakh "Bokti zhe, urgashi" eat shit, bitch
Khmer Eih (pronounced I-KUH) shit
Khmer Aang Eih Go! you're cow shit!
Kimberly Va chier sur ta plotte sale go take a shit on your dirty vagina
Klingon baktag garbage or shit
Korean jotbab weak piece of shit
Korean Sheeba shit
Kreole (seychelles) kaka shit
Kreole (seychelles) aret donn grenn cut the bullshit!!!
Kreyol (Haitian Creole) L'en mede in the shit
Kurdish (bahdini) Gee Bxu eat shit
Kurdish (feyli) Gy anaw demed shit in your mouth
Kurdish (sorani) guy sag dog shit
Kurdish (sorani) Go bxo; Goo Bxo; gu bxo eat shit
Kurdish (sorani) goo zil big shit
Kurdish (sorani) gu xor shit eater
Ladino Miethra shit
Laotian Bahk Minh kee breath smells like shit
Latin Stercus fit! shit happens!
Latin Stercus caput shit head
Latin Sterculus little shit
Latin Stercus Caput shithead
Latin bovine faecies bull shit
Latvian Sūdu rūķis shit gnome
Latvian s�d�gs shitty
Latvian p��t�zers a person who talks too much shit
Latvian S�du st�m�js faggot (literally - shit pusher)
Latvian Su'ds shit
Latvian Pis sūdu! [pis soodu] fuck shit!
Latvian p��t�t to have a runny ass, talk shit
Latvian dirs�! shit! (literally - in one's ass!)
Latvian Ble, Blje shit, damn
Latvian s�dcaurums shithole, asshole
Latvian beidz pljutit stop talking a shit
League of legends Shitty Team! im a shit player
Lebanese Kol Khara ! eat shit !
Lebanese Ya Khiryeh you shit (girl)
Lebanese Ya Khara you shit (guy)
Lebanese kele khara' wmoote ya ahbe eat shit and die you slut
Lebanese Kole Khara Yah Zub eat shit you dick
Lithuanian Sudzius (shoojyus) shitter
Lithuanian Apsishik stachias shit yourself upright
Lithuanian Shudas piece of shit
Lithuanian sudas (pron. sh-ooh duhs) shit
Lithuanian Sudus kalbi you speak shit
Lithuanian Nuopisa fucked up piece of shit
Lombard Strunz de merda piece of shit
Lowland scots kak or Keech shit
Lowland scots Bag 'O Shite not very good
Luxembourgish Schäiss! shit!
Macedonian Jadi gomna eat shit
Macedonian gomna; lajna shit
Macedonian Da ti se iznaseram u usta to shit a load in your mouth
Malagasy Masoso-tay embarassing shit
Malay shitta; Taik (pronounced 'tah-eek') shit
Malayalam theetta moran a man whose face like shit
Malayalam kandi theeni a person who eats shit
Malayalam patty theettam dog shit
Malayalam kandi; theettam shit
Malayalam theettathel ookki fuck with shit
Malaysian Mampus loe tai! die you shit!
Maltese Harra shit
Mandalorian Osik shit
Mandalorian Feir'Fek fuck, or shit
Mandarin hùnzh� ng bullshit
Mandarin Da Bien! shit
Mandoa osik shit
Maori teko; Tutae; tiko shit
Marshallese Koko liam (speaking to a male) Bi bi liam(to female) bullshit!
Massachusettian Go take a good soft shit for yourself. go away stop bothering me
Massachusettian I ain't shittin ya one ounce. i'm telling you the truth.
Mazandarani geeto bakhor eat your shit
Megrelian qugondzgua i will shit you up
Mexican Cabeza de mierda shit head
Mexican Come caca; Come mierda; Traga mierda eat shit
Mexican Cara de mierda shit face
Mexican me vale madre i don't give a shit
Mexican-spanish No me cages los huevos don't shit on my nuts
Mien ngongh gai cow shit
Mizo êktum lian big shit
Mizo êktum shit
Moldavian sa ma cac in gura ta imma shit in your mouth
Mongolian Suga shit, trash
Murmunian Voserem ti Madj i shit on your mother
Murmunian Voserem ti Dimir i shit on you
My little pony Oh, horseapples! damn! (literally: shit!)
Neapolitan Fiet' 'e mmerda you smell like shit
Nederlands (dutch) stronthoer (lit: shit whore) slut / worthless female person
Nepali Dhoti dog shit
Nepali goo khai-ra morr eat shit and die
Nepali Goo kha; goo kha eat shit
New zealand tutai shit
Nicaragua Boca de mierda your mouth is shit.
Nicaragua comemierda piece of shit
Norwegian Jeg driter i melka di i shit in your milk
Norwegian kukost cock's cheese (smegma-shit)
Norwegian Ditt eple you fucking shithead
Norwegian Pokker shit
Norwegian skitliv shitlife
Occitan vai t'en cagar go shit
Ojibwe Maajiidook fucking bullshit
Ojibwe Hegiinuk fucking dumbshit
Ojibwe Wiisinin Boonoo eat shit
Ojibwe Wiisinin Boonoowug eat alot of shit
Oromo Bashitaa sickness
Pakistan tutti (tattie) shit
Panjabi bakvas bullshit
Panjabi Tutti shit
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Kaka; Kaka shit
Papiamentu Bo ta papia kens. you're talking shit.
Paupa new guinea Kaikai pekpek eat shit
Persian (farsi) be roohe pedaret miridam i shit on your father's soul
Persian (farsi) ann ru sar et shit on your head
Peruvian mierda shit!
Pidgeon coo coo i'm going to shit on you.
Pig latin Hitsay shit
Pig latin Hitheadsay shithead
Pokemon You love voltorbs you love shit
Pokemon I just took a Graveler! i just took a shit!
Pokemon You ditto you shit face mother fucker ass bag
Pokemon I'll fireblast you with my Charizard i'll shit on your face
Pokemon you Voltorb geek shit face
Polish wpierdalaj gowno swojego psa eat your dog shit
Polish Gswno (pron. GOOVnoh) shit
Polish gówno prawda bullshit
Polish gówno shit , crap
Portuguese Merda shit
Portuguese Puta de merda! you shitty whore!
Portuguese Puta que o pariu holy shit
Portuguese Bebe merda! drink shit!
Portuguese Puta que pariu esta merda! fuck this shit!
Portuguese Monte de merda pile of shit
Portuguese Come merda! eat shit!
Portuguese Cagar to shit
Portuguese porra! (lit.) cum/ shit!
Portuguese caralho! (lit.) dick/ shit!
Portuguese (brazil) Puta que pareu!! oh/holy shit!! (said in amazement)
Portuguese (brazil) vai cagar! go shit!
Portuguese (brazil) Bosta; merda shit
Portuguese (brazil) Seu cara de merda! you shit face!
Portuguese (brazil) Puta merda holy shit
Portuguese (brazil) Coma merda eat shit
Portuguese (brazil) Cagar nas cal�as/Borrar as cal�as to shit one's pants
Portuguese (brazil) Borrar-se to shit oneself
Puerto rican pu�eta shit
Puerto rican me cago en tu madre i shit in your mothers name
Punjabi mango dirty little shit
Punjabi teri maa dee tutee swaad ya your mom's shit taste good
Punjabi Meri Tutti Kha eat my shit
Pushto ghawl lun ; ghwal-laan you shitter
Pushto ghwal ukhura eat shit
Quebec (sex) Gros criss de tas de marde. big piece of shit
Quebecois t'ant pis por toi tough shit for you
Quebecois Manges d'la marde eat shit
Red dwarf smeg head shithead
Redneck Yerr Dum Arse Piece of Dung you dumb ass piece of shit
Rhaeto-Romanic miarda shit
Rhaeto-Romanic Holli shittye fatte cuntbitch
Rhaeto-Romanic Mangez de la marde! eat shit!
Romana Rahat dipshit
Romana Cacam-as in gura ta! i will shit in your mouth
Romana Sac de rahat shit bag
Romanian Cacat cu ochi shit with eyes
Romanian Sa-mi lingi cacatu din cur lick my shit from my ass
Romanian Cãca m-as pe mormântul mãtii i'd shit on your mothers grave
Romanian Cacamas in gura ta i'll shit in your mouth
Romanian Băi căcat în ploaie! you, shit in the rain!
Romono Suta el hava eat shit
Russian ebat' kopat' oh, shit!
Russian govno shit (literally)
Russian Piz'duk bullshitter
Russian kooshi govno ee oomree eat shit and die
Russian Pizdet' to bullshit
Russian Chyort voz'mi! damn it!, oh shit!
Russian Chush' sobach'ya bull shit!
Samoa kefe Aikea fuck eat shit
Samoa aikae eat shit
Samoa laku po oe i e kio ill slap da shit out of you..
Samoan komo your a shit
Samoan ai kae alu ese shit get away
Samoan kae; ti'o shit
Samoan Alu Ki'o take a shit
Samoan ai kae lou alelo go eat shit u stupid.
Samoan Alu Ai So Kae go eat some shit
Samoan ai kae; aikae (ah ee ka eh) eat shit
Samoan ai kae! eat shit.
Sardinian Arrogh'e merda piece of shit
Sardo Tontu che sa melda dumb like shit
Scottish cludgie shitter, crapper, toilet
Scottish Yer arse and parsley you're talking shite
Scottish gaelic Ith mo chac! eat my shit!
Scrael Eat shit manjer scheis
Serbian Jedi govna muljava eat muddy shit
Serbian serem ti se u carapu i may shit in your sock
Serbian Sranje! ohhh, shit!
Serbian Серем ти се низ грло/Serem ti se niz grlo i shit down your throat
Serbian Serem ti se za vrat! i shit on your neck!
Serbian Govno yedno you piece of shit.
Serbian Poserem ti se u ruku. i shit in your hand
Serbian Serem ti se u usta i shit in your mouth
Serbian Jebo ti nos govno! may your nose fuck the shit!
Serbian Ne sviraj kurcu! don't talk shit!
Serbian seres seronjo you speak shit
Serbian pojedi govna seratoru eat shit
Serbian Seronjo !! you, shitter !!
Setswana O tla nnyela you'll shit youself
Shona (zimbabwe) Tsvina dirty shit
Shona (zimbabwe) Dhodhi; Duzvi; godzva shit
Shona (zimbabwe) gadadzva floating shit
Shona (zimbabwe) tsete small piece of shit
Siciliano Medda shit
Siciliano Pezzi i Medda piece of shit
Siciliano O Caca go shit
Sinhala kakki shite
Slovak srat to take a shit, to shite
Slovak Osral som ti picu ! i shit over your cunt !
Slovak podrbany; vydrbany shitty
Slovak Osral som ti kokot ! i shit over your prick !
Slovak jebovina; kokotina; picovina bullshit (extremely vulgar)
Slovak hovno shit
Slovak dristat to bullshit
Slovak do riti !; Slak to trafil ! oh shit !
Slovak hajzel shithouse (toilet)
Slovak Vyser si oko! shit out your eye!
Slovenian drek shit
Somoan Ki'o shit
Somoan Aitae eat shit
Sotho Masipa shit
Spanish come kuacha eat squishy shit
Spanish Me caro in le leche (may cah-ho in le laychey) i shit in the milk
Spanish Cago en tu leche i shit in your milk.
Spanish Cagaste y saltaste en la caca you shit and jumped in it
Spanish Gran mierda great shit or big shit.
Spanish Bull shit caca de toro
Spanish Su madre come mierda your mum eats shit
Spanish Me cago en tu raza i shit in your race
Spanish Yo cago en la leche de tu puta madre i shit in your whore mother's milk
Spanish come mierda y muerte eat shit and die
Spanish Mierda shit
Spanish Hueles a mierda you smell like shit
Spanish vales pura verga! you worth shit!
Spanish balurde something shitty
Spanish kaka deltaro bull shit
Spanish come mierda eat shit
Spanish Mecagüen tu puta madre i shit on your fucking mother
Spanish Carajo fuck! shit! damn it! (peru)
Spanish (chile) Me cago en la puta fucking shit
Spanish (cuban) Me cago en el coño de tu madre i shit on your mothers cunt
Spanish (cuban) Me cago en el corazón de tu madre i shit on your mother´s heart
Spanish (cuban) Comemierda shit eater
Spanish (cuban) Me cago en ti i shit on you
Spanish (mexico) Pedazo de mierda you piece of shit
Spanish (mexico) Pinche marica come mierda fucking pussy shit eater
Spanish (mexico) vales pura rriata your worth shit
Spanish (mexico) pedaso de mierda piece of shit
Spanish (puerto rico) CARAJO; CoÑo shit
Spanish (puerto rico) Cagate en tu puta madre i shit on your fucking mother
Spanish (spain) Me cago en tu leche i shit in your milk!
Spanish (spain) Cagon ass shiter
Spanish (spain) Me cago en dios i shit on god
Spanish (spain) shit! ¡coño!
Spanish (spain) caja de vaca cow shit
Spanish (spain) Me cago in tus muertos! i shit on your dead (relatives)!
Spanish (spain) Me cago en tu puta madre i shit on your fucking mother
Spanish (uruguay) Andáte a la mierda; Andá a cagar go to shit
Spanish (uruguay) Cara cagada shit face
Spanish (venezuela) Nojoda no shit!
Spanish(spain) Me cago en tus muelas i shit in your teeth
Spanish(spain) Bastardo de mierda bastard of shit
Spanish(spain) Me cago en tu Puta Madre i shit on your bitch mother
Spanish(spain) Me cago en tus Muertos i shit on your died members
Spongebob Tartar Sauce! shit!
Spongebob Holy shrimp! holy shit!
Sunda Waduk shit
Sundanese waduk; tai pedut bullshit
Sundanese kacrut failure/piece of shit
Sundanese busiat; ya-loo shit
Sundanese podolan i shit on you
Suriname(sranang) njang ka ! eat shit !
Suriname(sranang) njang mi mars !; njang mi ka ! eat my shit !
Suriname(sranang) Tap yu ka moffo shut your shit mouth
Suriname(sranang) Yu Ka ! go shit / damn !
Suriname(sranang) Ka Ka fesi shit face
Suriname(sranang) pangpang fé-si ! shit face !
Swedish Ät skit och dö din jävla fitta! eat shit and die you fucking cunt!
Swedish skit shit
Swedish skitstövel shithead
Swedish skit ner dig fuck you (literally shit down you)
Swiss german schiesdreck bullshit
Swiss german Scheisse shit
Swiss german Schisser coward / shitty
Swiss german gaggle; schiisse to take a shit
Tagalog TUBOL! shit!
Tagalog (philippine) pakshet fuckin' shit
Tagalog (philippine) Kainin mo tae ko! eat my shit!
Tagalog (philippine) TAE shit
Taiwanese Li Kee Ja Sai go eat shit
Tamil Rajeena dumb shit
Tamil pee thinnu eat shit
Te reo maori Tutaekuri dog shit
Texting ESAD eat shit and die
Texting HS! holy shit!
Thai kee sai p'bark pom shit in my mouth
Thai farang ke nok birdshit foreigner
Thai kee sai hum gu shit on my dick
Thai Gin Kii eat shit
Tibetan kyakpa shit
Tibetan kyakpa saa eat shit
Tigrigna Harae shiter
Tigrigna Haraet female shiter
Tintin Shuddering sheiks! holy fucking shit!
Tintin Crumbs! shit!
Tintin Ckrikey! holy shit!
Tobuscus shoop shit
Tobuscus Oh Biscuts!!! oh shit!!!!!
Toisanese (taishan) Or See take a shit
Toisanese (taishan) Hack See eat shit
Tongan kai' dahi eat shit
Tongan namu ta'e ! smell like shit
Tongan namu ta'e smelly shit
Tongan Ta'e; Kasele; tae shit
Tongan Vale kai ta'e dumbass eat shit
Tongan usi fale kai ta'e fuck you, eat shit
Tongan Matai Tae shit face
Tulu Pee-uh shit
Tulu Tarah du mittuh peeyuh i shit on your head.
Tunisian arabic ta7chi fih you are saying bullshit
Turkish Bok ye; bok ye eat shit
Turkish Agazina siciyim i will shit in your mouth
Turkish Bok shit
Ukrainian Peezdets' fucking shit!
Ukrainian Hivno; layno shit
United kingdom Shit Stabber homosexual gay male
Urdu tattee choad shithead
Us marine corps swearwords Shitbrick useless or ignorant person
Valley girl Spinach Between My Teeth! shit!
Vanilla hat Oh Krag! oh shit!
Venezuelan vergación pal coño! (maracucho) holy shit!
Venezuelan me cago en tu familia i shit on your family
Venician italian Magnamerda shit eater
Vietnamese Door An Nyu Cuit Cho-Or your food is like dog shit
Vietnamese đi ăn cứt go eat shit
Vlaams Klote shit
Welsh Cachwr shitter
Welsh Malu cachu mincing shit = talking crap
Welsh cachi; Cachu shit
Wenzhounese chi wu eat shit
West-vlams dju shit!
Yakutian saakh shit
Yiddish Alta cocker old shit
Yiddish Kacken zee ahf deh levanah go take a shit on the moon
Yiddish kafin kup shit head
Yiddish ess drek und shtarbn eat shit and die
Yiddish Shtik drek piece of shit
Yiddish Dee bist an alte kocker you're an old shitter
Yiddish Gai kukken afen yam; Ayin Kafin Yan go shit in the ocean
Yoda Take a shit, i must i gotta fucking shit
Zombie Uuuuuuugh shit!
Zomi Ek ne ve go eat shit!
Zomi ek tum shit
Zou ae lea pa shit licker
Zulu Masimbakho your shit
Zulu Tsa mor kaka an eefa go eat shit and die