How to say Bitch in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
70s black you jive turkey on a coldfront fake ass bitch
Afghan kusi bitch
Afrikaans Jou teef! you bitch!
Afrikaans jou fokken goffel you fucking ugly bitch
Albanian "Te qifsha, kurve" fuck you, bitch
Albanian buce; shkertate bitch
Algerian Kahhba bitch
Amazigh - riffan A Mis N Tkahbacht you son of bitch
Amazigh - riffan Takahbacht bitch
Ambonesse Lonte! bitch!
Ambonesse Loco puki e!, Lonte! pussy licker, bitch!
American (louisiana creole) L Tuggle lying stupid bitch
American english Bitch ass you bitch's ass
American english beoch bitch
American english fucking droopy ass bitch you have shit up your ass
American sign language Hold your right hand open, with your fingers together and your thumb folded into your palm ("B"). Hold it to your chin with the side of your index finger touching your chin. Quickly move your hand forward away from your face with a sharp movement.; Hold your right hand open, with your fingers together and your thumb folded into your palm ( bitch
Arabic Ya weld elgahba son of bitch(used in uae)
Arabic maalish lulu whts wrong bitch
Arabic wald il 16 son of 16 bitches
Arabic wald il hawyaa; wald il qahbaa son of a bitch
Arabic Ebn El Sharmoota! son of a bitch!
Arabic yelan abo taarees immak (Palestinian slang) damn the bitchiness of your mother
Arabic qah'ba; Qybah; Sharmotah bitch
Arabic yelan abo taareesak (Palestinian slang) damn your bitchiness
Arabic (lebanese) Ibn el sharmouta son of a bitch
Arabic (lebanese) Akhou El Sharmoota brother of a bitch
Arabic (moroccan) Sir t'hwi kahbat mok go fuck your mother the bitch
Arabic (moroccan) Kbirt lkhab the queen of all bitches
Arabic (sudanese) Shaksh bitch
Arabic (syrian) Ebn Al-Sharmoota; Ibn Al Aahra son of a bitch
Arabic (syrian) Ebn Al-manyooke son of a fucked bitch
Arabic (tunisian) gahaba bitch!
Arabic (tunisian) malhat bitch
Arabic (tunisian) arthali zebbi ya kahba suck my dick bitch
Arabic - palestinian Kos omak ebn sharmota fuck your mother son of a bitch
Arabic bahraini Wild El Gahba; Bin Gahba; Weld elgahba son of a bitch
Arabic egyptian Ibn El-Sharmoota; Ibn el caleb son of a bitch
Arabic egyptian Ebn El-mara; ya ebn el wskha son of bitch
Arabic egyptian Shoof kalba tneekak find yourself a bitch to fuck you
Arabic iraqi abn alkahba your mother is bitch
Arabic iraqi ibn al ghahba son of bitch
Arabic iraqi Barbook; hey Berboog; Shloomfuss bitch
Arabic kuwait duroot bitch
Arabic kuwait okhoo el gahbaa your sister is a bitch
Arabic libyan manyoka bitch
Arabic libyan Ala'abi / kakhba bitch player
Arabic libyan Wuled El Kakhbah son of a bitch
Arabic palestine abn elghbeh son of a bitch
Arabic palestine ya abn al shrmota son of bitch
Arabic syrian Sharmoot (m) / Sharmootta (f) bitch or slut
Arabic syrian ya ebn l mesealeh you son of wet pussy bitch
Arabic syrian Ibn il sharmoota son of a bitch
Arabic syrian Akho el Sharmootah brother of a bitch
Arabic syrian ya ibn il sharmoota you son of a bitch
Argentine Wacha bitch
Argentine mal parido son of a bitch
Armenian boz bitch/whore
Armenian Qatz/ Քած bitch
Armenian Bozi vastak / Բոզի վաստակ goddamn bitch
Armenian Bozi Txa; bozi tghah; shan tula son of a bitch
Asian accent Bi che bitch
Asian accent Yu de du ti bi che youre a dirty bitch
Asian accent yu be mai bi che youre my bitch
Asian accent hee/shi isu a bi che he/she is a bitch
Asian accent Washu mai ka yu Bi che wash my car you bitch
Assyrian Khahba bitch
Asturian Pinga bitch
Australian root the bitch to have sex with a female
Austrian Schlampn bitch
Austrian Huankind son of a bitch
Avatar: the legends of aang and korra MY CABBAGES! (explitive) son of a bitch!
Azerbaijani Qanchikh bitch
Azeri Ganjykh bitch
Baby Waaaaah!! bitches don't let me sleep
Bacon sizzle sizzle fuck off you bitch
Bahasa indonesia Sange lu ya? horny bitch
Bahasa melayu Chikaro; Jalang bitch
Balinese Bangke bitch
Balkanish-russian Yebeni Kutyin Sin! fucking son of a bitch!
Bangali kuttar bachcha; Kuttar Bachcha son of a bitch
Bangali chodnar po son of bitch
Bangla khankir pola son of a bitch
Basque putaseme son of a bitch
Bavarian Dreegmatz stray bitch / dirty bitch on heat
Bavarian Mexd a fozn? should i bitchslap you?
Belarusan Bliadz' whore, slut, bitch
Bemba mwana wambwa son of a bitch
Bengali Kuththar Baiccha (Baich-cha) son of a bitch/dog
Bengali Bandii bad bitch
Bengali "KUTH-TII" (or) "KUTTII" bitch
Bengali Kuttar Bhaccha son of a bitch!
Bengali Kuth-tar Bachcha son of a bitch
Bird twit twit fuck off you fucking son of a bitch
Bolivian cua fea balla al mearda bitch go to shit
Bosnian Kuja bitch
Brazil Filho(a) da Puta son of a bitch
Brazilian portuguese Porra bitch
Brazilian portuguese Sua mae e uma cadela! your mom is a bitch!
Brazilian portuguese Filha da puta son of a bitch
Brazilian portuguese Puta, Vadia, Piranha, Vagabunda, Cachorra, Cadela bitch, whore, slut
Breoon Kwatan de nur pissat moreono ta de son of bitch
Breton Mab ar c'hast you son of a bitch
Bulgarian mrusna koochka dirty bitch
Bulgarian Coochka; Kuchka bitch
Bulgarian Grozna kurva ugly bitch/whore
Bulgarian Koochi sin son of a bitch
Bulgarian Dolna kuchka! fuckin' bitch
Burmese Sou Ko Ma fucking bitch (female)
Burmese Sou Ko fucking bitch (male)
Burmese Qui Ma bitch (female)
Burmese Qui Kaung bitch (male)
Call of duty B Up A quit like a bitch
Call of duty Bitch get back in the kitchen i have never touched a human boob
Cantonese sei ham ga chan, sei puk gai fucking sons of a bitch
Cantonese Ba po; Bat po; sAY Baht Poh bitch
Cantonese mung hai crazy cunt = stupid bitch
Cantonese Bitch! sai bak po!
Cantonese Fai chaai useless (son of a bitch)
Cantonese Sie Gou Na damn bitch
Cantonese Sei ah nea dor puk gai! die you fuckin bitch/bastard!
Cat just looks at you in contempt bow down to me, bitches.
Cat Pisses on your stuff fuck you bitch!
Cat hiss claw piss off bitch
Cat Purr.. bend over you bitch
Catalan fill de puta son of a bitch
Chakma Huguro saw! son of a bitch!
Chaldean gahba bitch
Chaldean Brit khapaa son of a bitch
Chamorro sona ba bi tsi son of a bitch
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Que Razcon/a gat vos! what a bitche of you!
Chi kin sit ahwant tho de khuai eth leave me alone bitch !!!
Chicken Be be che!! bitch!!
Chilean Hijo de Perra; Hijo de Puta son of a bitch
Chilean Eri' entera maraca what a damn bitch
Chinese Tian Po crazy bitch
Chinese knee how kialan ; pootho bitch
Chinese ¥À©]¤e”V’n evil bitch
Chinese 王八蛋 (wang bai dan); go niang yang de son of a bitch
Colombian Zunga bitch
Colombian perro hijueputa cunt son of a bitch
Colombian Setenta hijueputa seventy times son of a bitch
Costa rican Hij'ue puta son of a bitch
Costa rican Perra female dog (bitch)
Counter strike Cyka bitch
Cow Moo moo moo fuck you bitch monkey whore
Cow Suck my udder bitch please leave me alone
Creole bouzin bouch santi bitch stinky mouth
Creole Salope chien lacou bitch dog from the street
Creole (cape verdean) fiju di puta son of a bitch
Creole (mauritian) Grand pitin whore, bitch, slut
Creole (mauritian) brinzele bitch guy
Creole (mauritian) bour sa pitin la fuck that bitch/whore
Creole (mauritian) Ti pitin little bitch
Creole (mauritian) to sousoute kouma dire patin frein you're a bitch!
Creole (mauritian) Tor ma pitin your mom's a bitch
Creole (mauritian) torma vanne liki zardin compagnie ur mums a bitch
Creole (mauritian) Jawaheer bitch
Creole (sierra leone) Kolonko bitch
Creole haitian besse mes fesse bouzin kiss my ass bitch
Creole haitian bouzin sal! dirty bitch!
Creole haitian mal pou di bouzin bitch without satisfaction
Creole haitian Bouzin! bitch!
Creole mauritian Pitin bitch
Croatian Kurvin sine! you son of a bitch!
Croatian Kurvo jedna izlizana. you attrited bitch,
Cypriot gie tis son of a bitch
Czech Zkurvysyn you son of a bitch!
Czech kraavo (literary cow) but can be used as bitch
Czech batich bitch
Danish Køter (lit.) dog/bitch
Danish klamme luderso disgusting bitchwhore
Danish Ludertæve bitch whore
Danish Dumme k'lling dumb bitch
Danish Grimme k'lling ugly bitch
Danish Din mor er en luder you mother is a bitch
Darija Kelb/Kelba dog/bitch
Darija Qehba bitch
Deptic Guq Oafagle Pi Fiq Duzla vegruo i pissed in your milk bitch
Destiny Jack Licks Your Dog bitch
Dick language Flop that bitch is ugly
Disney princess just keep swimming swim in that cum bitch
Dog howl i'm horny for a bitch
Dog ruff son of a bitch
Dog GROWL! back up bitch
Dog Woof bitch
Dominican Hijo de la gran puta son of a bitch
Dominican Perra; Cuero; Puta bitch
Donkey aaaahhhaoo hfoahf get lost fucking bitch
Donkey Heee Hooo bitch
Dutch kutwijf bitch
Dutch Krijg kanker en ga dood, hoer! get cancer en die, bitch!
Dutch Kutwijf! bitch (literally cunt bitch)
Dutch Hoer bitch (literally: prostitute)
Dutch (holland/belgium) Kutwijf; teef bitch
Dutch (holland/belgium) hoerenjong son of a bitch
Dutch (holland/belgium) Kankerwijf cancer bitch
El salvadorian A la gran puta son of a bitch
Emarati Gahba bitch
Emarati bin gahba son of a bitch
English turtle scuttler dirty bitch
English cus; douchebag; kunja; slag bitch
English sumbitch son of a bitch
English Thada make a Pekingese break a log n' chain! thats a hot bitch!
English teringteef tuberculosis bitch
English poesteef cunt bitch
Esperanto Fiulino bitch
Estonian Lits bitch
Estonian lita poeg son of a bitch
Estonian loll lits stupid bitch
Fag-tok Hlokona! (khloh.koh'.nah) busted out ass bitch!
Fag-tok Beneka/Vengona (bay.nay'.kah/ven.go'.nah) bitch!
Fag-tok Gagona! (gah.go'.nah) stupid bitch!
Farsi Harum zadeh son of a bitch, asshole
Farsi Madar Ghahbeh son of a bitch, slut mom
Farsi ghoromsagh your wife is a bitch
Farsi Madar Sag son of a bitch
Farsi nane kose your mother is a bitch
Farsi Madar Gjende or Madar Ghende your mother is a bitch/hore
Farsi Jendeh slut, whore, bitch
Farso Son of a Bitch dokhtare kossi
Fijian Kalavo bitch
Fijian baku levu son of a bitch
Fijian kalavo fucken bitch
Fijian Epeli Natoko bitch ass
Filipino Putang ina mo! you son of a bitch!
Filipino hayop bitch
Filipino Anak ka ng puta; anak ng puta son of a bitch
Filipino putaragis ka your bitch and idiot
Filipino Putang ina your mother is a whore,bitch,slut
Finnish sait minut itkem��n narttu you made me cry you bitch
Firefly Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng frog-humping son of a bitch
Firefly Tah mah duh hwoon dahn mother humping son of a bitch
Fish Gwagwap imma slap a bitch
Fish Gurgle gurgle bitch i'm gurgleing on your sperm
Fish Bubble bubble bubble pop bubble bubble pop pop twerk for me bitch
Fish Swswsw you fucking son of a bitch fuck you
Flemish (belgium) Trut; Kalle bitch
Francais (quebec) vas te faire cuire un eouf fils de pute go get an egg u son of a bitch
Francais (quebec) osti fils de putte; Enfant de chienne son of a bitch
French Avale mes couilles grosse pute swallow my balls big bitch
French Une salope a bitch
French maudite vache asshole/bitch/etc
French pute; Salope; garce bitch
French Fils de pute son of a bitch
French Fils de salope son of bitch
French ferme ta putain de gueule, connard shut the fuck up, bitch
Galician fillo de puta son of a bitch
Gamer Nerd Rage bitch fit
Georgian Nabozvaro son of a bitch
Georgian bozo bitch!
German Du Hurensohn; Du Hurensohn you son of a bitch
German Zickig bitchy
German Zicke; die hure ; die Schlampe; Huan; Luder bitch
German blutige Sau bloody pig ; bloody bitch
German Du arschgefickter Hurensohn! you ass-fucked son of a bitch!
German Hurensohn sonuvabitch
German Huan son son of a bitch
German Zimtzicke quarrelsome and bitchy woman
German Miststück bitch / bastard
German Dumme Schlampe. stupid bitch.
German verdammt du hurensohn dammit you son of a bitch
German Die Fregatte fat old bitch (lit: frigate)
Goat (deep) Mmaaaaaeeaaaaaa fuck off bitch before i kill you
Greek sixameni dirty bitch
Greek Πουτάνας γιέ! son of the bitch!
Greek tsa-tsa the chief of the bitches
Greek poutana bitch
Greek γαμώτι πουτάνα σου (gamoti poutana sou) fuck your bitch
Greek poutanas gie! or bastarde! son of a bitch!
Greek bouxhesa fat bitch
Greek kariola fucking bitch
Greek Tha sou gamiso to skylaki sou poutana! i will screw your dog, bitch!
Greek Glipse Tin Poutsamou Skila suck my dick bitch
Greenlandic Arnapalaaq bitch / whore
Gujarati sali fukin bitch
Gujarati kutari; bosrina bitch
Gujarati pikina son of a bitch
Gujarati bhosrini bitch face
Hairless cat MEORWWWLLL you fucking stole my hair bitch!
Haitian creole bouzin bitch
Haitian creole guiet manmanw salope chien ou fuck your mom bitch ass dog
Halari vaisya bitch
Hawaiian 'a'aka bitchy or cranky
Hawaiian Kanapapiki son of a bitch
Hawaiian Lolo Kanapapiki stupid son of a bitch
Hawaiian ilio wahine female dog/bitch
Hebrew ya ben shel zona you son of a bitch
Hebrew ben sharmuta like son of a bitch
Hebrew Ben Zonah son of a bitch/whore
Hebrew ben elef zonot son of a thousand bitches
Hebrew benzona; Ben kalbah son of a bitch
Hebrew Kalba bitch (when addressing a woman)
Hiligaynon bigaon bitch
Hiligaynon yudipota son of a bitch
Hindi Tharki bitchy
Hindi kaali kutti black bitch
Hindi bhosdi k son of a randi ( bitch )
Hindi kuthri; sala/sale bitch
Hindi kutte ki olad son of a bitch
Hmong txiv dev bitch (guy
Hmong Mau Dev bitch
Horse neaigh on of a bitch
Hungarian Szuka bitch
Hungarian szopos kurva cocksucker bitch
Hungarian a tetves kurva anyad! your lousy bitch mother!
Hungarian Te geci szurospics�ju kurva you fucking haired-pussy bitch
Hungarian szetbaszott kurva fucked bitch
Icelandic David oddson lying son of a bitch
Icelandic Tussa/Tik bitch
Icelandic t�karsonur son of a bitch
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) begatot bitch
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Yo de puter! euphemised "son of a bitch"
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) 'Yo de puta son of a bitch!
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Yudiputa (Iho de Puta) son of a bitch
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Yo Ga! very mild "son of a bitch!"
Indian Kutiya bitch
Indian , kannada Rande bitch
Indonesian Jancok Tak berguna sun of my bitch
Indonesian lonte mother of bitches
Indonesian dasar cabe lo you're a bitch
Indonesian pelacur; Jablay / Pecun/ Pelacur bitch
Iraqi okul khara ya ibn el kalb eat shit son of a bitch
Iraqi Barboog bitch
Iraqi ibn gahba son of a bitch
Irish bitseach bitch
Irish gaelic Soith bitch
Irish gaelic mac soith son of a bitch
Isindebele Ingwadla slut/bitch
Island wa a bich what a bitch
Italian Brutto figlio di puttana bastardo ugly son of a bitch bastard
Italian Zuia bitch
Italian Figlio di Troia; figlio di puttana; Figlio un cane son of a bitch
Japanese chan ba fuck off bitch
Japanese stupid bitch baka mesu
Japanese Jiguko e ike kono ama! go to hell you bitch!
Japanese Kono ama! you bitch!
Japanese Ama bitch
Jinan SiHaiZi; Ni Ge Si Hai Zi son of a bitch!
Jinan Si Hai Zi son of a bitch
Kabuli Foysha; Foysha (e bitch
Kannada Neenu Namitha you are bitch, slut, or whore
Kannada GT obba kall sooley maga gt is a bloody son of a bitch
Kannada halkat soolimagane useless son of a bitch
Kannada SuleMaga son of bitch
Kannada Yeno Mindri wassup bitch (male prostitute)
Kannada chinalike; raandike son of a bitch
Kannada Dagaar; Dingri bitch
Kapampangan (pampanga) anac puta son of a bitch/ whore
Kapampangan (pampanga) Anak ng Teteng son of a bitch
Karen Weah Twtich fuck bitch
Karen twih Moh bitch
Kashmiri sa here tok mi haijla stupid bitch
Kazakh Zhalep or Zhalap whore, bitch, prostitute,
Kazakh Itting gana balasy son of a bitch (dog bitch)
Kazakh Koyanshyk bastard, sun of a bitch
Kazakh "Bokti zhe, urgashi" eat shit, bitch
Kazakh Am (Um) pussy, twat, cunt, bitch wrinkle
Kazakh "Kugan, suka" crazy bitch
Kazakh (shymkent) Zhalep bitch
Kazakh (shymkent) Khoyanshyk bastard, sun of a bitch
Khmer are kon ch'kea son of a bitch
Kinyarwanda Wa ndaya we! you bitch!
Konkani Chedyecho; Randecho son of a bitch
Korean Shang nyun; Shibalnyun bitch
Korean gae saeki son of a bitch
Kurdish (bahdini) dehl bitch
Kurdish (kurmanci) d�llik; orispi bitch
Kurdish (kurmanci) lawe kunda son of bitch
Kurdish (sorani) Kerim bimzha, heez suck my dick, bitch
Kurdish (sorani) Dayk heez son of a bitch
Kurdish (sorani) qahpa bitch , slut , whore
Kurdish (sorani) quzy arab bitch arabs pussy
Kyrgyz Kanchyk bitch
Laotian E ha kee khan lazy bitch
Laotian E haanee bitch
Latin Lupae filius. son of a bitch
Latvian Mammas kuce! mommas bitch!
Latvian kuces dÄ“ls; Kuces Dçls son of a bitch
Latvian Kuce bitch
Latvian Maita bitch (literally: dead-carcass)
Latvian palaistuve bitch, whore
League of legends huam bitch
League of legends Fiora, Master Yi, noob unskilled bitch motherfucker.
Lebanese Masmiss Bzeizik ya charmouta suck on your tits bitch
Lebanese sharmoet; shlikkeh bitch
Lebanese Airi bi immak ya ibn el sharmouta fuck your mom you son of a bitch
Lebanese Ahbeh slut - bitch - whore
Lithuanian Kurvos vaikas (kurvavaikis) son of a bitch
Lithuanian Kale; kale (kaleae) bitch
Lombard Sguangia bitch
Macedonian kuchka bitch
Malay anak botak Perrbaharan son of a bald head bitch
Malay gampang son of a bitch
Malay Anak Haram son of bitch
Malay sial freaking/bad omen/son of a bitch
Malayalam Nayinte Mone son of a bitch
Malayalam pundachi mone sone of a bitch
Malayalam Koothichi bitch
Malayalam Ettukali Patti Pooran spider pussy bitch
Malayalam Ninte ammakku vettu nayinte mone fuck your mother you son of a bitch
Malayalam Veppatti bitch / personal prostiute
Malayalam "Ninde ama, pati!" your mom, bitch!
Malaysian bo dai mou lou brainless bitch with big breast
Malaysian bohsia young horny bitch
Maldivian nagoobalhu bitch
Mandarin Byao Zhi Yang Duh (easier to prounce) son of a bitch
Mandarin Cho san ba; biao zi (beeow zii) bitch
Mandoa chakaar bitch/bastard; lit: grave-robber
Marathi chinal bitch
Mazandarani kaassede mar mother bitch
Mexican Hijo de la chingada; Hijo de perra; Hijo De Tu Puta Madre son of a bitch
Mexican putso bitch
Mexican hijo de tu puta madre son of bitch
Mexican-spanish hijo/a de tu puta madre!! son/daughter of a bitch
Mine Deamo bitch
Mine craft Creeper fucking bitch
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri Kutthi bitch
Mizo uichonu bitch
Mizo záwnga!; záwngsen!; záwngtar! son of a bitch!
Moldavian amuz itz zapizdesk suka i will slap you bitch
Mongolian gulig miin my bitch - (lit. my puppy)
Mongolian Gechii; Gii Chii Pizda; gichii bitch
Montenegrin Kucka; Bizi bitch
Myanmar Khwe ma daa son of a bitch
Navajo £eechaa'itsa'ii biyaazh son of a bitch (lit.)
Neapolitan Mammeta � 'na zoccola your mother's a bitch
Nederlands (dutch) hoerejong son of a whore/bitch
Nepali randiko choro son of a bitch
Nepali beshya bitch
Nepali Gula chus randi suck my balls, bitch
Nepali randi ko choro son of bitch
Nepali Morr Sali Morr! die bitch die!
New zealand kurī uwha bitch (female dog)
Nicaragua culo de tentacion y cara de pena butterface bitch
Nicaragua araña peluda hairy pussy (old bitch)
Nicaragua Cara de puta face like a bitch
Nicaragua Hijueputa son of bitch
Nigeria, igbo mother fucken bitch english
Nigeria,igbo mother fucken bitch english
Norwegian Helvetes hore fucking bitch (lit. hells bitch)
Norwegian Sjettsjur bitch
Norwegian J'vla hore fucking bitch
Octor who english Allons-y! hurry the fuck up, bitch!
Oriya Pelei Puo son of bitch
Pacman Wada wada wada i'm coming for you, bitch!
Pakistan Kuti bitch/dog
Palau Mekekad bitch
Palestinian slang Ya akho el sharmouta! you brother of a whore/bitch!
Panama pootha bitch
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Puta shushi; Puta shushi dirty bitch
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Ju ku di puta shushi; Ju ku di puta shushi dirty son of a bitch
Paupa new guinea Pamuk bitch
Persian (farsi) avazi ashghale bishoore kesafat mother fuckin bitch
Persian (farsi) Pedarsag son of a bitch
Persian (farsi) Valade zenaa bastard, son of a bitch
Persian (farsi) jende bitch
Peruvian hijo de perra son of a bitch
Peruvian Bixona bitch
Pewdish Barrel!! bitch
Philipino Anak ng puta son of a bitch.
Philipino Putang Ina mo son of a bitch (equivalent)
Piemontese Picia bitch
Pig latin ouryay umsmay aay itchbay your mum's a bitch
Pig latin uckfay ouyay itchbay ! fuck you bitch
Pig latin Upidstay itchbay stupid bitch
Piglatin Itchbay bitch
Pikachu Chu bitch
Pikachu pikachu fucking bitches like a pro
Pikachu Pika-chu to fuck a bitch
Plains cree scunagoose slutty bitch
Pokemon You magikarp you usless bitch/dick
Pokemon gotta catch`em all time to fuck all the bitches
Pokemon You jiggleypuff you bitch
Pokemon Son of a bidoof son of a bitch
Pokemon Your a Jynx Trainer ugly ass bitch
Pokemon You Pokerus trainer you cheating bitch
Pokemon Hey Officer Jenny hot bitch
Polish Ssij suko! suck my dick, bitch!
Polish Suka; suka bitch
Polish kurwa (coorvah), ty kurwo! bitch (hard), you bitch!
Polish Sukinsyn son of a bitch
Polish Skurwysyn son of a bitch / motherfucker
Portuguese puta, cabra bitch
Portuguese Filho da puta; filha da puta son of a bitch
Portuguese Mama aqui oh puta suck here you bitch
Portuguese (brazil) Fi de rapariga!!; Fi duma égua!! son of a bitch!!
Portuguese (brazil) Cadela; Rapariga; Vagabunda bitch
Portuguese (brazil) Rapariga velha old bitch
Portuguese (brazil) Sua mãe é uma puta your mother is a bitch
Portuguese (brazil) Filho da puta! son of a bitch!
Preppy bitches Go Clean Shoes bitch
Puerto rican Hijo e puta son of a bitch (whore)
Punanis PumPlow bitch
Punjabi harami saale son of bitch
Punjabi kissey kuti ma da puttar some bitch mothers son
Punjabi ghashti bitch
Punjabi kuti female dog, bitch
Pushto Spay Bachai / Spee Bachee son of a bitch/ sons of bitches
Pushto spi zoe son of a bitch
Pushto spi lurr daughter of a bitch
Putonghua Biao tsz fucking bitch
Quebec (sex) P'tite criss d'agace pissette. young bitch teaser
Quebec (sex) Crisse to� a 4 pattes ptite salope. bend over in doggystyle bitch.
Quebec (sex) Grosse charrogne. big ugly bitch.
Quebecois Enfant d'chienne! son of a bitch
Quebecois "Penche-toi, chienne" bend over, bitch!
Redneck Sumbitch son of a bitch
Rhaeto-Romanic Holli shittye fatte cuntbitch
Robot Buzz zz suck my rod you teeny bop bitch
Russian Sooka bitch/traitor/whore
Russian suka (сука) bitch
Russian Yob tebye suka fuck you bitch
Russian suka poshel nakhuy uyebok fuck you bitch motherfucker
Russian "Na kaleni, suka" on your knees, bitch
Russian sookin syn son of a bitch
Russian sosi moi hui sooka! suck my cock bitch
Samarkand Haromi son of bitch
Samoa komo mai tainga dumb bitch!
Samoan Kefe bitch
Samoan Ufa Kefe fuck you bitch!
Sardinian Su cunnu 'e mama rua bagassa "the cunt of your bitch mother"
Sardinian Su Cunnu ki ti nd'at bogau son of a bitch
Serbian Yebeni kuchkin sin!!! fucking son of a bitch!
Serbian kurvo bitch
Serbian kurvo jedna! you bitch/whore!
Serbian Jebem ti majku kurvu prostitutku i fuck your mother bitch prostitute
Serbian Kurva! whore! slut! bitch!
Setswana Seaka; Sefebe bitch
Shanghai be ci bitch
Shanghai bi yang bastard, son of a bitch
Shona (zimbabwe) Hure bitch
Siciliano Buttana; Bajascia bitch
Siciliano Figghi i buttana son of a bitch
Sims 2 castaway jumbly bitch
Sinhala hutthi gay putha son of a bitch/son of a pussy
Sinhala balli; hooththi bitch
Sinhala ballige putha son of a bitch
Sinhalese belli ge puthaa sont of a bitch
Sinhalese Balli bitch
Slovak ochechula bitch
Slovak Ty suka vyjebana! you fucked bitch!
Slovak bzdocha cunt, bitch
Slovenian Prekleta prasica you damned bitch
Slovenian Kurbin sin!; Prasec! son of a bitch!
Somali sharmuutaa ku dhashay son of bitch
Somali Dhilo; sharmoto; sharmutoo; Sharmuuto bitch
Somalian shamoto (sha mo toe); shamoto (sha mo toe) bitch
Sotho Mmaho ke sefebe!! your mother is a bitch
Spanish Pinche puta fucking bitch
Spanish punta pincha bitch fuck
Spanish Voy a follar tus tetas, perra i'm gonna fuck your tits bitch
Spanish Hijo de puta cabron mother fucking bitch
Spanish Besa mi culo, puto kiss my ass, bitch
Spanish Hijo de puta! you son of a bitch!
Spanish Comer un penis, punta! eat a dick, bitch!
Spanish chinga tu madre puta fuck your mom bitch
Spanish Hijo de mil putas son of a thousand bitches
Spanish pongalo en su boca, puta! put it in your mouth, bitch!
Spanish chinga tu madre y muerte puto/puta! fuck your mother and die bitch!
Spanish perra; Vendejo bitch
Spanish Tu madre es un puta. your mom's a whore/bitch.
Spanish hijo de puta; Hijo de su pinche madre; Hijo de tu puta madre son of a bitch
Spanish ghiata puto shutup bitch
Spanish hijo de la verga! son of a bitch!
Spanish Tu madre es una puta fea your mother is an ugly bitch
Spanish (chile) Hijo de la gran Punta son of a great bitch
Spanish (chile) Perra! bitch!
Spanish (chile) Gueona bitch
Spanish (cuban) hijo de la gran puta son of a whore/bitch
Spanish (mexico) Hijo de la chingada madre son of a fucken bitch
Spanish (mexico) pendeja stupid bitch
Spanish (puerto rico) Hijo de la gran puta! son of a bitch
Spanish (spain) Hijo de la grandísima puta son of the greatest bitch
Spanish (spain) 'jo de puta sonva bitch
Spanish (uruguay) La puta que te parió the bitch that gave you birth
Spanish (uruguay) Chango bitch (literally monkey)
Spanish (uruguay) Brisca bitch
Spanish (venezuela) EStupito puta stupid bitch
Spanish (venezuela) Hijo e' puta son of a bitch
Spanish - all Chupas mi pene puta suck my dick bitch
Spanish(spain) Hijo de la gran Puta son of the big bitch
Spanish(spain) Eres una puta you are a bitch/whore
Spanish(spain) Me cago en tu Puta Madre i shit on your bitch mother
Spongebob Barnacles bitch
Stoner Fuck you bitches! i love you guys!
Stoner Gimme cake bitch! i think i'm hungry!
Sundanese bondon; Jablay bitch
Sundanese alay son of a bitch
Suriname(sranang) Dagoe ! / Agoe ! dog ,bitch / pig
Swahili Mbwajike! bitch!
Swedish Horunge! son of a bitch!
Swedish Br�stv�rtesugande horunge nipple sucking son of a bitch
Swedish Saab rusty ass bitch
Swedish Slampa bitch
Swedish Horunge son of a bitch
Swedish Jävel son of a bitch!
Swiss german Schlampe, Nutte, Fotze bitch, whore, slut
Swiss german Hueresohn; Huuresohn; hueresohn; Nuttesohn; sohn vonere huere son of a bitch
Tagalog (philippine) anak ka nang puta son of a bitch
Tagalog (philippine) puta ka you're a bitch
Taiwanese biao gia'n (±D¥J) son of a bitch
Tajik (persian cyrillic) Man kunteh you are bitch
Tamil Thevadiya mavan; Thevidiya Paiya son of a bitch
Tamil oor thevidya bitch of the city
Tamil thaanoombi thevidiya paiyan auto fellatio son of a bitch
Tamil Poolu aruntha punda mavan penins detached son of bitch
Tamil pareh theyvidiya bitch
Telugu Lanjakodka son of a bitch!
Telugu Lanja munda dirty bitch
Telugu kukka -pooka bitch's cunt
Telugu Bosudi bitch
Texan sun bitch you son of a notch
Texan sunnnn bitch youre a son
Texting FDB fuck dumb bitches
Texting FUB fuck u bitch
Thai e - dawg bitch/whore
Thai Ei Sut bitch!
Thai e - heah bitch
Tigrigna Kelbi; Sharmuuta bitch
Tigrigna wedi sebeyti; wedi sharmuta; wedi sebaiti son of a bitch
Timpire Aussie bitch
Timpire Templis bitch of mandalore
Timpire Tim skinny white bitch
Tobuscus Son Of A Biscuit! son of a bitch!
Toisanese (taishan) Kai Ai son of a bitch
Toisanese (taishan) Cheel Baht Pour stinky bitch
Triestino Va in mona de tu mare son a of a bitch
Tulu Rannde Magge son of a bitch
Tunisian arabic kahba; attaya; malhet bitch
Tunisian arabic Wel el kahba son of a bitch
Turkish Kaltak; Orospu bitch
Turkish Cimbom; o.ç.; orospu cocugu; Orospu cocugu; Orospu �ocu�u; oruspu cucugu son of a bitch
Turkish Besiktas motherfucker bitch
Turkish tam bir surtuksun,kaltaksin you are such a bitch
Twi Beyfu bitch
Ukrainian Kurva (êóðâ bitch
Ukrainian vybliadok son of a bitch
Ukrainian Bitch sooka
Ukrainian blyat bitch, fucking bitch
Unicorn Neeiiighhh!! NEEIGHHHH you are a bitch and an idiot.
Urdu kute liche ho chublo bitch get down and suck
Urdu deli mali guti your mum is a bitch
Urdu Kutti bitch
Urdu kutti ka bacha; Ghasti Kay Bachay son of a bitch
Urdu kaala bandar black bitch
Urdu Haraamzadi son of a bitch (female)
Urdu Haraamzada son of a bitch (male)
Urdu meli mali guta i am a bitch
Urdu haram salla bitch dog
Urdu teri ma khuti you mom ia a bitch
Venezuelan hijoeputa son of a bitch
Venician italian To mare sboldra your mum's a bitch
Verlan Sale Tepu de ta reum! dirty bitch of your mother
Vietnamese dee chaw bitch
Vietnamese cái tháng chó đẻ son of a bitch/dog
Vietnamese đĩ mẹ m your mom is a bitch
Welsh Ast bitch
West-vlams teeve bitch
White girl Your hair looks great! back the fuck off my man, bitch.
Wolof thiaga bitch, prostitute
Yakutian tyhy bitch
Yapese original Fake Kus; Fake diginom son of a bitch
Yoda A bitch, you are you're a bitch
Zou su ui nu smelly pussy bitch
Zou ui su bitch pussy
Zou mi hu nu horny bitch
Zulu sfebhe; febeh; Zulinghu bitch