Top 10 Creole (mauritian) Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Bobok Cheated man (20%)        (80%)
Boire pissar Drink pee (75%)        (25%)
Bousse impe to gran liki shut the fuck up (67%)        (33%)
Bousse imper liki ar moi tone tander! Close your pussy you understand! (38%)        (62%)
Bousse to la gueule Shut up your big mouth (86%)        (14%)
Caca liki shit/idiot (0%)        (100%)
Cock nation smallest dick (29%)        (71%)
Coq Lascar Circumcised dick (67%)        (33%)
Coq Sinois/ Coq malbar Small asian dick (0%)        (100%)
Coq nation Big black dick (100%)        (0%)
Defalouté kaput / fucked up (90%)        (10%)
Faloo mama Your mom's pussy (58%)        (42%)
Falour tor ma Mother fucker (100%)        (0%)
Fer Bour twa (FBT) Fuck yourself! (80%)        (20%)
Fer bour toi Go get yourself fucked (94%)        (6%)
Get sa liki mama la oh shit (0%)        (100%)
Gogot malbar/ Gogot laskar small asian dick (96%)        (4%)
Gogot nation Small foul smelling dick (50%)        (50%)
Gogoterie Rubbish (100%)        (0%)
Graine Idiot (50%)        (50%)
Grand pitin Whore, bitch, slut (75%)        (25%)
Jawaheer Bitch (26%)        (74%)
Jevin Animal fucker (50%)        (50%)
Kok depaille Hairless dick (67%)        (33%)
Kokolochio Dog escrement (5%)        (95%)
Langetliki torma The clit of your mother's pussy (38%)        (62%)
Languet torma your mom's clitoris (33%)        (67%)
Lave sopinne, Poli badinne wanking (0%)        (100%)
Lavra fart hole (25%)        (75%)
Liki tor ma Your mom's pussy (70%)        (30%)
PD-pedale douce gay (100%)        (0%)
Pascal Whore (17%)        (83%)
Pilon Homosexual (55%)        (45%)
Sousoute pussy (81%)        (19%)
Sousoute mazambik Pussy with curly hairs (64%)        (36%)
Sousoute pedos Bad Pussy (18%)        (82%)
Tale liki la mem Rest your pussy here and stay (100%)        (0%)
Tete Boobs (93%)        (7%)
Ti gogot Little prick (74%)        (26%)
Ti pitin Little bitch (100%)        (0%)
To laguel senti pi Your mouth stinks (100%)        (0%)
To seve kuma lake sat! You look like Rama       
Tor ma pitin Your mom's a bitch (97%)        (3%)
Trou fesse Asshole (94%)        (6%)
al suce cok go suck a dick (100%)        (0%)
bibit cock (100%)        (0%)
bour sa pitin la fuck that bitch/whore (96%)        (4%)
bourik reyer idiot (100%)        (0%)
bousse to liki shut the fuck up (91%)        (9%)
brinzele bitch guy       
caca dan couche shit in diapers (100%)        (0%)
capote defoncer banged (100%)        (0%)
cock malbar/ cock laskar small dick (96%)        (4%)
demicok gay (63%)        (38%)
falkoneti torti tortoise pussy       
gagne clak slap       
gagne coute hayabuza dans la guele ur face is a wreck       
gogote penis       
gogote laskar/malbar small dick (97%)        (3%)
gros sousoute big pussy (95%)        (5%)
guet liki trouve trou fess twisted eyes (24%)        (76%)
guette di riz tire carri twisted eyes       
kaka kok cock shit (71%)        (29%)
kaka liki asshole (100%)        (0%)
ki languet mama what the fuck (95%)        (5%)
la guel coq penis face       
la tete coq penis head       
lagrain feletri withered balls       
langet tor ma ur mums pussy       
liki pe tiede pussy wants cock (100%)        (0%)
likitorma (you) ur mother's pussy (100%)        (0%)
macro dumbass (51%)        (49%)
manze caca eat shit       
mo ena 1 Coc malbar I have a big dick (26%)        (74%)
mo frakk twa!!! i fuck you violently       
mo pou zigeler toi I will fuck you       
mo pu bour toi i will fuck you (94%)        (6%)
mone defoncer im absolutely fucked       
mone envi bour toi i love you so so much! (30%)        (70%)
papuk pi pennis which stincks badly       
passe emba la roue avion shit face       
pi sousoute foul smell of pussy       
piti 2 papa son of two fathers       
pitin Prostitute / fuck (0%)        (100%)
ratte caca crase lisien drunk mother fucker       
risse liki go away       
risser aller fuck off       
rode la gratelle dan liki looking for troubles       
sounepapi your father's balls       
sous ma gogot suck my dick (80%)        (20%)
sous tiolo so trou fesse suck soz's ass       
souse kok suck dick (79%)        (21%)
sousoute fletri deflowered pussy       
sousoute zoignon Foul onion smell of pussy       
sousse likisorma la suck the motherfucker       
susute degorgoter wrecked pussy       
ta sounouk!!! dumb person       
tete boobs (92%)        (8%)
teterkelo ass sucker       
ti liki pi lil smelly pussy (88%)        (13%)
to fer fit dan baja you spoil everything! (89%)        (11%)
to gogot gras you got nothing to do (40%)        (60%)
to gogot senti pi your dick smells       
to liki batte fran your pussy's on fire       
to liki en saler your pussy is in heat (71%)        (29%)
to liki p kimmer your pussy is wet       
to sousoute kouma dire patin frein you're a bitch! (63%)        (38%)
tor ma ine kaka toi your mum shitted you       
torma koumadir 1 cigarette I suck your mom's pussy! (42%)        (58%)
torma piss diboute your mum has a cock       
torma vanne liki zardin compagnie ur mums a bitch       
tounane sans comprend mad pussy       
trap mo baja hold my balls (75%)        (25%)
trape kok hold my penis (80%)        (20%)
trou du pete fart hole (0%)        (100%)
trou fess ass hole       
trou fess lichien dog anus       
trou maille ass hole       
votez globe you suck at politics (0%)        (100%)