How to say your pussy in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans Gaan kak in jou poes go shit in your pussy
Albanian ta qifsha pidhin to fuck your pussy
American english Pussy Cream Pie cum in your pussy
Arabic bedi nik kesik i wanna fuck your pussy
Arabic badi aneek kosik i want to fuck your pussy
Arabic (moroccan) Tabonek Wassee your pussy is too large
Arabic palestine Kussik emaffin your pussy is rotten
Assamese Sudi Gida Falidim will fuck and tear your pussy
Azerbaijani Amcyghyna goyum fuck your pussy
Bahasa melayu burit enkau your pussy
Bengali thor hetta laythum i want to lick your pussy
Chamorro Mutong i bebe mu' your pussy stinks.
Chamorro I bebe mu ni la lamas your pussy, thats rotting
Chinese sho tao i want to eat your pussy
Chuukese Machen Niwitum your pussy stinks
Creole (mauritian) Bousse imper liki ar moi tone tander! close your pussy you understand!
Creole (mauritian) Tale liki la mem rest your pussy here and stay
Creole (mauritian) to liki en saler your pussy is in heat
Creole (mauritian) to liki p kimmer your pussy is wet
Creole (mauritian) to liki batte fran your pussy's on fire
Danish Tag min pik i din fisse nu take my dick in your pussy now
Dari (farsi) Keeram tu cossit my dick in your pussy
Dutch (street slang) Je poenie stinkt your pussy stinks
English ek wil jou soos n hond naai en in jou poes kom i want to fuck you like a dog and cum inside your pussy
Farsi kiram too koset fuck your pussy
German Zeig mir deine Pflaume! show me your pussy!
Guyanese Hall yuh scunt to get lost (move your pussy)
Hindi Teri Chute Mai Chuglee there's an itch in your pussy
Ilocano (philippines) naglawa ta ukim your pussy is wide
Ilocano (philippines) nag ampep ta pipit mo your pussy stinks
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) dilappon ko ang munay mo i'm going to lick your pussy
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) tamis ang putay mo your pussy tastes sweet
Iraqi arabic koosich simeen your pussy is fat
Iraqi arabic Koosich Jayef your pussy stinks
Italian Posso leccare il tua figa? can i lick your pussy
Italian Mi piace ciucciarti la figa i like to suck your pussy
Kaeshir Andar Thavai i will put my dick in your pussy
Kannada Ninna tullige bett ikka finger your pussy
Kannada Nin Tullna keiya! fuck your pussy!
Kashmiri lazmai goudis fuck your pussy
Kashmiri liyath chani goodis put my dick in your pussy
Kurdish (sorani) quzit dakhom i want to eat your pussy
Malaysian Diu nia hai fuck your pussy
Malaysian Burit kamu hitam your pussy is black
Maya Bix a aak' how's your pussy
Mexican te pesta el burro your pussy smells
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri May thara pudha marsah; May thara pudha marsah i'm gonna fuck your pussy
Mizo I chehbehna; I hawlhna your pussy
Nicaraguan creole YUH COCOH FONKIH your pussy stink
Quebec french manger ta noun eat your pussy
Romagnolo A voj la tu pataca i want your pussy
Romanian Mancata-si pizda! i'd eat your pussy!
Romanian Te ling in pizda! i'll lick you in your pussy!
Serbian majku picku,picku majku yours mums pussy,your pussy's mum
Spanish ta mamo la panocha i suck your pussy (mex)
Spanish te quiero comer el toto i want to eat your pussy
Spanish Tu cono huele a mierda your pussy smells like shot
Spanish (mexico) quiero comerte la panocha i want to eat your pussy
Spanish (mexico) quiero cojer tu panocha i want to fuck your pussy
Tagalog baho ang pek pek mo your pussy stinks
Tagalog puke mo mabaho! your pussy stinks!
Tagalog Masarap ong kee kee mo your pussy tastes good
Tagalog (philippine) Amuy kubeta pepe! your pussy smells like a toilet!!
Tamil Thoronthu kami di open and show your pussy
Tamil Avuthu kami remove and show your pussy
Tamil kuthi mudiya thadavi kami di rub your pussy hair and show
Telugu Ne pookula na sulli my dick in your pussy
Telugu nee pooku chekutha suck your pussy
Tunisian arabic namm fi sormek dick in your pussy
Turkish amina osuray?m fart to your pussy
Turkish a.q fuck your pussy
Turkish Amýný götünden sikerim. fuck your pussy from your ass.
Turkish Amina Yumruk Attigim punching your pussy
Zombie Mmmmmmmm i'm gong to eat your pussy
Zulu msun wakho ophuma umdoko your pussy excretes porrige
Zulu Ingquza yakho inuka njengo fishi your pussy smells like fish

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