How to say your dick in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Adi Nok might !; Nok might de hol ! your dick
Armenian kilirit kunem fuck your dick
Bahasa indonesia Isap Konek suck your dick
Baluchi Tay kera dapa kana i suck your dick
Bengali Tur booga sooto your dick is small.
Bidayuh Turoi-mu! your dick!
Cat meow MEOW hiss get your dick off here
Chamorro Mutong i chili-mu! your dick stinks!
Creole (mauritian) to gogot senti pi your dick smells
Disney princess you are a toy your dick is small
Dusun Toli nu your dick
Halari mari pikima taro lodo ghaal put your dick in my pussy
Hawaiian Li'ili'i kou laho; li'ili'i kena ule your dick is small
Hiligaynon lagari-on ko karon pitoy mo i'll chop off your dick
Hokkien (chinese) lam pa, pa lan bollocks, go scratch your dick
Hungarian huzd bele a faszod anyadba stick your dick in your mother
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) butang ang bootot mo sa sulid sa putay ko put your dick inside my pussy
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Daw pasayan ka dako ang tarugo mo! your dick is as big as a shrimp!
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) hangud ang pitoy mo your dick is big
Kannada Mole madhya thunne kaisa fuck your dick between boobs
Kannada Nin thunne nine nekku you lick your dick yourself
Korean Jot ka circumcise your dick
Lowland scots Yer boabey your dick.
Malay Lancau hang your dick
Malay Kote engkau hitam your dick is black
Malayalam poyi ninte kunna oombadaa go suck your dick
Malayalam ninde andi maire your dick hair
Malaysian ale uto your dick
Pikachu pik pika pika !!! your dick has stipneck!!!
Portuguese (brazil) Vai chupar teu pau go suck your dick
Rungus your dick toli nu
Serbian Jebote u kurac fuck into your dick
Spanish Te mamo la vierga! i want to suck your dick!
Spanish Yo quiero tu peto. i want to suck your dick.
Spanish - all Voy a chupar tu pollo ahora i'm going to suck your dick now
Tamil nayee soothile un kunji your dick in dogs ass
Thai Chuck Wow play with your dick!
Turkish Yarrağın içeriye uzamış your dick is ingrown
Urdu apna lun cuti shur cut your dick off
Zambia (nyanja) Mbolo yako your dick!
Zopau Na zangbaal. your dick is stink.
Zou Na Jang your penis,your dick

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