How to say verga in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Colombian Masca Verga cock muncher
Colombian Careverga dick face
Costa rican Chupeme la verga suck my dick
Mexican come mi verga eat my dick
Mexican vete a la verga fuck you
Mexican Vete A La Verga go fuck yourself
Mexican Vete a la verga! go fuck yourself!
Mexican vete a la verga guey go fuck youself man
Mexican vete ala verga go get fucked
Mexican Chupa verga un burro! go suck a donkey's dick!
Mexican Chupa verga un caballo! go suck off a horse!
Mexican Chupame la verga; mamame la verga!! suck my dick
Mexican Chupa Mi Verga suck my dick!
Mexican Toca mi verga touch my dick
Mexican-spanish Mama vergas cocksucker
Nicaragua A mi me vale verga i don't give a fuck
Perto rico Chuppa Verga cocksucker
Spanish sopletiamela la verga blow my dick
Spanish Verga dick
Spanish verga dick (mex)
Spanish cara de verga dick face
Spanish vete para la verga fuck off
Spanish Vete a la verga ruco/ruca fuck you senor/senorita
Spanish Vete a la verga go eat dick.
Spanish vete ala puta verga! go fuck yourself!
Spanish ¡Traga una verga! go swallow a dick!
Spanish me valle verga i dont give a fuck
Spanish hijo de la verga! son of a bitch!
Spanish chupa mi verga; Chupa mi verga suck my dick
Spanish mamame la verga suck my penis/dick
Spanish vales pura verga! you worth shit!
Spanish (ecuador) mama verga cock sucker
Spanish (honduras) Pellejo de pija/verga cock skin
Spanish (mexico) Me vale verga. i don't give a fuck.
Spanish (mexico) chupa me la verga; Mamame La Verga suck my dick
Spanish (mexico) Chupa mi verga! suck my dick!
Spanish (mexico) Vales verga you're worthless
Spanish (uruguay) Chupa verga cock sucker
Venezuelan careverga dickface
Venezuelan vergación pal coño! (maracucho) holy shit!
Venezuelan relambe verga super cock sucker

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