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How to say usel in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
American english Your a magikarp your a useless piece of shit
Aussie slang As useful as taste buds in an asshole useless
Australian Basket Case crazy, useless
Australian As useless as tits on a bull it's no good, won't work
Australian tool really useless person
Australian as good as a hatfull of arseholes; Meataxe; Scratching your arse with a bowl full of spaghetti useless
British As useful as tits on a bull; Penguin totally useless
British wankstain useless person
British fucking cunt useless piece of shit
Canadian That guy is a waste of skin. describing a useless idiot.
Canadian shitpump useless idiot, waste of rations
Canadian wasteyute useless, waste
Cantonese Fai chaai useless (son of a bitch)
Croatian kurac od ovce dick of a sheep (useless, worthless)
English Oh, fuck cunt. totally useless
English As much use as a chocolate teapot useless
Firefly jing-tzahng mei yong-duh consistently useless
Kannada halkat soolimagane useless son of a bitch
Kapampangan (pampanga) alang cuenta! you are useless/ douchebag
Malaysian Indon bangang, Otak Indon useless person, idiot, nincompoop
Mexican vete a la verga guey go fuck youself man
New zealand Fucktard really useless person
Polish sierota orphan or useless
Setswana O tla nnyela you'll shit youself
Shona (zimbabwe) Dambe useless dick
Swiss german Du huerre Hoschi! you're a useless idiot
Tagalog Inutil! useless!
Tamil somba koodhi useless cunt
Tedim Mi songbong! never do well! you useless cunt!
Us marine corps swearwords Shitbrick useless or ignorant person
Western lombard usel dick
Zou khai thon un-use dick, useless dick

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