How to say pik in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Bulgarian Da ti pikam v ustata! i'm gonna piss in your mouth!
Danish Pikansjos (lit) dick anchovy
Danish Pik cock
Danish Pik slikker cock sucker
Danish pik dick
Danish Pikhoved! dickhead!
Danish Slik omkring mit pikhovede lick around my dickhead
Danish Sut røv, pikhoved. suck ass, dickhead.
Danish Sut Min Pik; Sut min pik suck my dick
Danish Sut min pik! suck my dick!
Danish Tag min pik i din fisse nu take my dick in your pussy now
Danish Pikspiller wanker
English Piki pussy
Firefly niao se duh doo-gway piss-soaked pikers
Gujarati bhosdo piki, pussy
Gujarati pikina son of a bitch
Gujarati Pikina you male cunt
Halari mari pikima taro lodo ghaal put your dick in my pussy
Hawaiian pikanini runt (from eng. "pickaninny")
Hawaiian Kanapapiki son of a bitch
Hawaiian Lolo Kanapapiki stupid son of a bitch
Javanese tempik pussy
Louisiana creole Piké twa fuck you
Malayalam appikunna dirty penis
Norwegian pikk cock
Norwegian Pikk dick
Norwegian pikkantilope og firkant raev dick-antelope and square-ass
Norwegian pikkhue dickhead
Norwegian jævla pikkhue fucking dickhead
Norwegian Manndige pikk med mye hår man dick with a lots of pubic hair
Pikachu pika pika ka pika francesco sucks dick
Pikachu pikachu fucking bitches like a pro
Pikachu Pika Pi fucking fuck
Pikachu Pi Pika Pi go fuck your pokéball
Pikachu Pika Pika Pika! i'm cumming!
Pikachu pika pika pi pika nathan sucks dick
Pikachu Pika-chu to fuck a bitch
Pikachu Pika to fuck hard
Pikachu Pika Pika to fuck violently
Pikachu pik pika pika !!! your dick has stipneck!!!
Pokemon Pikachu, I choose you! i want to have sex with your mom
Pokemon You pikachu you have a small dick
Serbian Jebo siljat kolac fuck spiky pole
Tottenham Arsenal fucking pikey wanker

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