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How to say nam in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afghan Shakhh Shakhh Kosset mekonam ill fuck ur pussy hard hard
American english Ass Pirate; Ass ranger; Ass rover; Cocksucker; Dick licker; Donut hole puncher; Pole dancer; Rump rider; Shit licker derogatory name for a homosexual
Arabic (tunisian) nam dick
Arabic (tunisian) yaatik namm get a penis
Arabic syrian ya abo somar name for a pimp
Azeri Petreddin gay(as a name)
Batak Bujang inam your mom's cunt !
English Rump ranger another name for a gay persom
English Cocklump someone of no use or ornament.
Ilocano (philippines) Ukininam fuck you
Ilocano (philippines) yot ni inam mother fucker
Japanese Nameruna don't fuck with me
Japanese Chinpo name-name suck dick
Japanese nampa suru to hit on, pick up a girl [or boy]
Japanese namename to lick, oral sex
Kannada Namitha worst swear word ever
Kannada Neenu Namitha you are bitch, slut, or whore
Korean nam chang homo slut(ew)
Kurdish (kurmanci) Kurre Be namusa son of the dishonest
Latgalian U'ksts / C'u'ksts / Diersnamais ass
League of legends Report [Insert Summoner Name] he/she is being a nuisance to you
Macedonian Ke ti frknam edna i'm going to slap you one
Malaysian Neraka jahannam! bloody hell!
Manipuri Namai mathu your mother's pussy
Ms-dos Bad command or file name you fucked up
Newfoundland Piss-a-bed local name for dandelion.
Pangalatok Bauninam fuck you
Persian (farsi) bezar dahanam put [ ur dick ] im my mouth
Puerto rican me cago en tu madre i shit in your mothers name
Scottish gaelic taigh nam gasta ort! fuck off
Tagalog (philippine) Kainin mo bayag ni [name] eat [name]'s balls!
Tagalog (philippine) Putanginamo fuck you
Tedim Namsia cei! you are so smelly!
Telugu modda, lavada, daddu, magatanam dick
Telugu Konamodda front ball of the dick
Tongan namu ta'e ! smell like shit
Tongan namu ta'e smelly shit
Tunisian arabic namm fi sormek dick in your pussy
Turkish anam avradým olsun ki upon my mum
Venician italian Magnamerda shit eater
Ybanag, northern philippines kinenam fuck you
Ybanag, northern philippines fukinenam your mom's pussy
Zomi kataw namh oh kiss my ass

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