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How to say motherfuck in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
American english Candyass Motherfucker gay or homosexual
American english Motherfucker suck on my hairy balls suck balls
Arabic libyan Ya A'andeen zak omek you motherfucker
Asian accent Ma da pak ing ass horl motherfucking asshole
Assamese Maaeror Boos, maksudai your mother's cunt, motherfucker
Azerbaijani gijdillaq dickhead, motherfucker, bustard
Cantonese Hoe sei ah nea gor bak chee! go die you motherfucker!
Cat Meow. fuck you motherfucker!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Chinga vos nana motherfucker/fuck your mother
Chilean Pico Conchetumadre! dick motherfucker!
Creole (mauritian) sousse likisorma la suck the motherfucker
German Mutterficker motherfucker
German Wichser wanker (motherfucker)
Haitian creole malpwopte u dirty motherfucker
Hindi Madarchod ke Aulaad son of a motherfucker
Jersey shore Meatball little motherfucker
Kashmiri Ha kole madarchoda hey you motherfucker
Khmer Ah Choi Mai you motherfucker
Konkani Zonyachea motherfucker
Korean Ni (Nee) Mi (Mee) Sibal (cee bal) you motherfucker
League of legends Fiora, Master Yi, noob unskilled bitch motherfucker.
Malayalam Poda Thayoli fuck you motherfucker
Malayalam Pacha tayolli green motherfucker
Malayalam katta thayoli motherfucking asshple
Malayalam Kunna thayoli motherfucking dick
Malayalam Odu myre run pubic motherfucker
Malayalam vouvalinu undaya thayoli son of a bat , motherfucker
Malayalam thayoli idli tamil motherfucker
Malaysian Pukimak Kau motherfucker
Mandarin gun ni mar fuck your mum/ motherfucker
Nepali maa chikney! motherfucker
Nicaragua la tuya hijoeputa fuck you motherfucker
Nicaragua cara de bicho pussy face motherfucker
Nicaragua cara de mis huevos ugly motherfucker
Oriya Muuthi mara magia masturbating motherfucker
Polish matkojebca motherfucker
Polish Skurwysyn son of a bitch / motherfucker
Punjabi maa-jhouda motherfucker
Russian suka poshel nakhuy uyebok fuck you bitch motherfucker
Russian ebanatyi pidaraz fucking motherfucker
Slovak kokotko little motherfucker (strong insult)
Slovak ty kokot nakazeny you infected motherfucker
Spanish Puta Madre motherfuck
Spanish conchetumare motherfucker
Spanish Maldito puto cono! you motherfucking cunt!
Spanish (mexico) chinga tu madre fuck you motherfucker
Spanish (mexico) C�llate a tu pinch� madre shut the fuck up motherfucker
Swedish mammaknullare motherfucker
Tamil Thayoli Machbhaat motherfucker bengali
Tamil sandhana thaayoli sandalwood motherfucker
Thai Yet Mae motherfucker
Turkish Besiktas motherfucker bitch
Urdu Mather chot motherfucker
Vietnamese địt mẹ motherfucker/fuck your mother
Vietnamese du má, già vịt your motherfucking old duck

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