How to say moo in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Arabic sharmoota slut
Arabic Ebn El Sharmoota! son of a bitch!
Arabic (lebanese) Akhou El Sharmoota brother of a bitch
Arabic (moroccan) Shaarat mook your mother's pubic hair
Arabic (syrian) Ebn Al-Sharmoota son of a bitch
Arabic egyptian Sharmoota slut
Arabic egyptian Ibn El-Sharmoota son of a bitch
Arabic kuwait Sharmootah slut
Arabic syrian Sharmoot (m) / Sharmootta (f) bitch or slut
Arabic syrian Akho el Sharmootah brother of a bitch
Arabic syrian Ibn il sharmoota son of a bitch
Arabic syrian ya ibn il sharmoota you son of a bitch
Assyrian moos eri suck my dick
Assyrian Moos qotet babookh suck your dads dick
Australian Moooo fuck right off
Cow moo fuck off
Cow Moo moo moo fuck you bitch monkey whore
Cow Mooo Moo MOOO get your ass off my food
Cow Moother Milker mother fucker
Cow Moo moo slut
Guyanese koona moona a stupid scared person
Guyanese koo nu moo nu stupid
Hawaiian omoomo ule cock sucker
Hebrew ben Sharmoota son of a slut
Hindi rand ki moot piss of call girl
Hindi mera gota moo may lay suck my balls
Hindi moo may lay mera suck my dick
Jail house mook one who is gay
Jersey shore Smoosh have sex
Klingon hab sosli' Quch your mother has a smooth forehead
Lebanese kele khara' wmoote ya ahbe eat shit and die you slut
Malayalam moonchikko do suck
Malayalam kazhappu perutha mairan hairy dick in a wild mood
Nepali moot piss
Nepali mootday piss-it
Ojibwe Moosh Koosh dumbass
Pushto moor de ghayema fuck your mom
Pushto Moor Kwas mother focker
Russian Mudak (pronounced MOOdak) bastard
Sexting MOOS member of the opposite sex
Slavic languages Krehsnem tee mahmoo! i fucking your mom
United states marine corp. Milk Smoothie military soldiers cum
United states marine corp. Vanilla Smoothie military soldiers semen
Urdu moomeh boobs
Yiddish Kacken zee ahf deh levanah go take a shit on the moon
Zambia (nyanja) Munyello (Moon is yellow) anus

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