How to say jebo in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Bosnian Jebo te tikva fuck your pumpkin
Bosnian Jebo te otac usta have dad fuck you in your mouth
Bosnian Jebo te Allah may allah fuck you
Bosnian Jebo te Bog may god fuck you
Creole haitian jebo te onaj ko te napravio may the one who made you fuck you
Croatian Jebo ti vrag mater devil fucked your mother.
Croatian Jebo ti pas mater. dog fucked your mother.
Croatian Jebo ti pas mater! dog will fuck your mother!
Croatian Jebo te patak. duck fucked you.
Croatian jebo majku svoju u ćaćinom grobu fuck your mother in father's grave
Croatian Jebo sliku svoju! fuck your own picture!
Croatian Jebo ti ja mater glupu i fuck your stupid mother
Croatian jebo te ja i fucked you
Croatian Jebote led ice fuck you
Croatian Jebote onaj koji te napravio. let fuck you who has make you.
Croatian Jebo ti bog mater may the god fucks your mother
Croatian jebote oh fuck! (literally: fucked you!)
Croatian jebo te očinski otac your fatherly father has fucked you
Croatian jebo te dedo your grandaddy fucked you
Serbian Jebote u kurac fuck into your dick
Serbian Jebo siljat kolac fuck spiky pole
Serbian Jebo te onaj sto te gleda fuck you that one who looks you
Serbian jebo ti svoga mali fuck yuor wholle familly kid
Serbian Grob te jebo! grave fucked you!
Serbian Jebo ti ja pas mater! i fuck your mother as a dog!
Serbian jebo te konj may a horse screw you
Serbian Bog te jebo! may god fuck you!
Serbian Jebo mater svoju may he fuck his mother
Serbian Jebo te ko te poslo may the one who sent you fuck you
Serbian jebo te otac ludi may your crazy father fuck you
Serbian Jebo te otac may your father fuck you
Serbian Jebo ti nos govno! may your nose fuck the shit!
Serbian jebo si jeza u ledja you fucked a hamster into his back
Serbian Jebo si jeza u ledja! you fucked hedgehod in his back!
Serbian Najebo si ! you're fucked ! (threat)
Serbian Jebo te onaj ko te napravio your father fucks you
Slovak jebovina bullshit (extremely vulgar)
Slovak nedojebok extremely strong insult
Slovak jebo fucking moron (offensive)
Slovenian Jebo ti pas mater a dog fucked your mother
Slovenian jebote, jebi se fuck u

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