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How to say jeba in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Bosnian Jebaću ti Boga i will fuck your god
Croatian sjebano fucked up
Croatian Jebal te bik the bull will fuck you
Croatian, bosnian Jebao ga/te japanac! may a japanese man fuck him/you!
Polish jebak fucker
Polish jebany chuj fucking dick
Polish najebaæ siê/napierdoliæ siê get totally drunk
Polish Jebałem twoja matka; Jebałem twoja matke i fucked your mother
Polish Chce cie jebac analnie i want to fuck you analy
Polish przejebaæ, przepierdoliæ loose, waste money, fail
Polish Jebac to fuck
Polish mamy przejebane/przekurwione we are fucked
Serbian Jebacu ti sunce iz neba i will fuck the sun out of your sky
Serbian Jebaću ti milosnu mater! i'll fuck ur dear mom!
Serbian Jebacu te loshe i'll fuck you bad
Slovak jebacka hot stuff (vulgar)
Slovak Jebal to pes ! a dog fucked it (strong oath)
Slovak Jebal ta pes ! a dog fucked you !
Slovak Jebal ti pes mater ! a dog fucked your mother
Slovak Jebal ta potkan ! a rat fucked you ! (insult)
Slovak Jebal potkan tvoju mater a rat fucked your mother
Slovak prijebanec crazy person (very offensive)
Slovak prejebany cunning, sly (very vulgar)
Slovak najebany cunted (drunk)
Slovak zajebany dirty (very vulgar)
Slovak objebavac fuck, male sexual partner
Slovak vyjebanec fucker
Slovak pojebany; vyjebany fucking (adjective)
Slovak uplna jeba fucking brilliant
Slovak prijebany fucking crazy (extremely offensive)
Slovak Boha vyjebaneho ! fucking god ! (oath)
Slovak zajebana kurva fucking whore
Slovak do pice vyjebanej skurvenej ! into the cunting fucking cunt !
Slovak jak najebanych lots of ( very vulgar)
Slovak ujebat niecomu to add something (coarse)
Slovak odjebat sa to commit suicide (very vulgar)
Slovak zjebat sa to fall down (vulgar)
Slovak jebat to fuck (extremely offensive)
Slovak prejebat to fuck away (to waste)
Slovak dojebat to fuck up
Slovak jebat sa niekam to go somewhere (vulgar)
Slovak prijebat niekomu to hit somebody (very vulgar term)
Slovak odjebat to kill (very vulgar)
Slovak ujebavat sa to laugh (vulgar)
Slovak ojebavat to lie, deceive ( very coarse)
Slovak podjebavat to provoke (very rude)
Slovak ujebat to steal (vulgar)
Slovak Ty suka vyjebana! you fucked bitch!
Slovak Ty kurva skurvena pojebana ! you fucking cunting slut!
Slovak Ty pica vyjebana ! you fucking cunt !
Slovenian jeba fucker

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