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How to say go fuck in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans gaan fok 'n bok go fuck a buck
Afrikaans Gaan naai 'n koei go fuck a cow
Afrikaans gaan naai 'n boom go fuck a tree
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou hand go fuck your hand
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou Ma go fuck your mother
Afrikaans Lap naai; Loop naai go fuck yourself
Afrikaans Loop naai! go fuck! (yourself is implied)
Albanian Shko n'kar go fuck you
Arabic Kis em ick go fuck your mom
Arabic kes en neck eighty go fuck your mother
Arabic Neek Hallak go fuck yourself
Arabic (moroccan) Sir thawa go fuck
Arabic (moroccan) Sir t'hwi kahbat mok go fuck your mother the bitch
Arabic (moroccan) Khchi sebaak f tremtek; Sir taawad go fuck yourself
Arabic (tunisian) baranek go fuck (yourself)
Arabic (tunisian) rouh nik omek go fuck your mom
Aussie slang Go fuck your self with ur hairy bushed grandmothers g-string u anal rapping butt monkey how's ya family bro
Australian get a dog up ya go fuck yourself
Balzanian Cac Cectji bjoclina go fuck yourself
Bislama / vanuatu Yu fakem yu wan! go fuck yourself
Bosnian Jebi se go fuck yourself
Brazilian portuguese Vai te fuder go fuck yourself
Brazilian portuguese vai tomar no cu go fuck yourself in the ass
Bulgarian Q hodi se ebi, be! go fuck yourself!
Calabrese va piglalo in culo go fuck yourself
Canadian get stuffed; take off eh! go fuck yourself
Canadian go fuck your hat. you are a cluster fuck of stupidity
Cantonese Dieu Lei Lo Mo go fuck your mother
Cantonese Do lei lo mo chau hai go fuck your mother's smelly cunt
Catalan que et fotin; Que et follin go fuck yourself
Chaldean Si Masil go fuck your self
Chamorro ben lania hao go fuck yourself
Chilean ándate a la conchatumadre go fuck yourself
Chinese gun ni ma de dan go fuck yourself!
Costa rican Metase el dedo go fuck yourself
Creole (cape verdean) ba fude bu ma go fuck your mother
Creole haitian al konyen! go fuck yourself!
Croatian jebi se go fuck yourself
Croatian jebi se pitcka go fuck yourself cunt
Croatian Jebi se! go fuck yourself!
Czech vyser si voko; Di do hajzlu go fuck yourself
Donkey Wee Saaw go fuck you self
Donkey hooo heee hoooo ahhhhh go fuck yourself
Dutch Ga je hondje neuken. go fuck your doggy.
Francais (quebec) va te faire enculer go fuck yourself up the ass
French vas faire foutre a la vache go fuck a cow.
French Enculer une mouche go fuck a fly
French Va t'empaler encule; va te faire foutre; Va te faire mettre go fuck yourself
French Va te faire foutre go fuck yourself!
Georgian Cadi Sheni go fuck yourself
German Fick dich ins Knie. go fuck yourself (knee).
Greek Ay gamisou go fuck off
Greek Ante gamisou; pa na gamy-thees; pana gamethie; pane gamisou go fuck yourself
Greek ante gamisou paliopousta go fuck yourself you fucking gay
Hebrew Lekh Tee'Zedayen; Lekh tezdayen go fuck yourself
Hebrew lekh tiz'da'yen go fuck yourself (for men)
Hebrew lekh'i tiz'da'yni go fuck yourself (for women)
Hebrew Lech Tizdayen! go fuck!
Hiligaynon itota nanay mo go fuck your mom
Hindi bhen ke lode maa chuda sister's dick go fuck ur mom
Icelandic Fokkadu ther go fuck yourself
Irish téigh transa ort féin go fuck yourself
Irish gaelic Téigh trasna ort féin go fuck your self
Irish gaelic Téigh trasna ort féin go fuck yourself
Italian Ma' va te ne a fanculo; Va fan Culo; Vaffan'; vai a farti fottere go fuck yourself
Italian Vai a farti fottere, puttana! go fuck yourself, whore!
Japanese Moka-moka Su-su "go fuck yourself!"
Kabyle Ruh atsefkedh go fuck
Kazakh "Bar, sheshendi sik" go fuck your mom
Kazakh (shymkent) sheshessss or sheshen sigiyin go fuck your mother
Khmer Choi Ch'kai Anh go fuck a dog
Latin Futue te ipsum! go fuck yourself!
Lebanese Ruh neek halak go fuck yourself
Lithuanian eik pist fuck off (lit. go fuck something)
Lithuanian uzsipisk go fuck yourself
Macedonian Idi ebi se go fuck off
Maltese Mur inhexa; Mur tnejjek go fuck yourself
Mandarin tsaow nee shoo shoo go fuck your uncle!
Mexican Chinga tu madre go fuck your mother
Mexican Vete A La Verga go fuck yourself
Mexican Jodete!; Vete a la verga! go fuck yourself!
Mexican vete a la verga guey go fuck youself man
Mongolian yavj boovoo saa; Hol ochij xuts go fuck yourself
Montenegrin Jebi se u guzicu go fuck yourself in the ass
Montenegrin Jebi se u šupak go fuck yourself in the asshole
Moroccan Roh t'koed go fuck with whores
Moroccan Seer Thwa ! go fuck yourself !
Neapolitan fa fancul' a mamat' go fuck your mother
Norwegian Gå å knull morra de go fuck your mother
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai chinga bo mama!!! go fuck your mother! (very dirty)
Persian (farsi) Khodeto Bokun go fuck yourself
Piemontese Vatlu pie' ant'el cul go fuck yourself
Pikachu Pi Pika Pi go fuck your pokéball
Pokemon hey mr. oak go fuck yourself
Polish pierdol sie go fuck yourself
Portuguese Vai de fudder teu mai go fuck your mother
Portuguese Vai po caralho; Vai te foder go fuck yourself
Portuguese Va' se foder!; Vai por os colhoes de molho! go fuck yourself!
Portuguese (brazil) Vá se foder go fuck yourself
Punjabi Jaa apne braah nu chod laa go fuck your brother
Romanian go fuck yourself futa-te
Russian yob tuvoyu mat; yob tvou mat' go fuck your mother
Russian poshol ti nahoo go fuck yourself
Sinhala hukahan go fuck / fuck you
Sinhala Ammata hukapan go fuck your mother
Slang go fuck yer dug go and have sex with your dog
Slovak Pojeb si mater ! go fuck your mother!
Slovak Pojeb sa!; pal do riti go fuck yourself
Slovak Pojeb sa do huby; Pojeb sa do papule go fuck yourself into your gob
Spanish cono' su' madre; Vete a chingar a tu madre go fuck your mother
Spanish que te jodas; Vete a la chingada go fuck yourself
Spanish va chingate!; vete ala puta verga! go fuck yourself!
Spanish (mexico) Cogete un burro go fuck a donkey
Spanish (spain) Que te jodas; vete a chingarte go fuck yourself
Spanish - all Coño su madre go fuck your mother!
Swahili Nenda kajitombe go fuck yourself
Tongan alu o fai ho tamai go fuck your dad
Tunisian arabic Bara nik ommek go fuck your mom
Tunisian arabic Barra nikk okhtek go fuck your sister
Vaiphei Lisan tang! go fuck yourself!
Venician italian Va in mona to mare go fuck your mother in her pussy
Venician italian Va in cuo a to mare go fuck your mum's ass
Vietnamese du ma nhieu go fuck yourself
Vietnamese mà y chết đi go fucking die
Vulcan Ditsla comal datsunan go fuck yourself
Zombie ROGGG BLESSSGG! go fuck a tree

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