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How to say go in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afghan go khor poop eater (bullshit talker)
Afghan Go khor shiteater
Afrikaans Gaan Pluk jou riem! go and jerk off!
Afrikaans gaan klim terug in jou ma se poes go climb back in your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Gaan kak in die kaap go crap in the cape
Afrikaans gaan fok 'n bok go fuck a buck
Afrikaans Gaan naai 'n koei go fuck a cow
Afrikaans gaan naai 'n boom go fuck a tree
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou hand go fuck your hand
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou Ma go fuck your mother
Afrikaans Lap naai; Loop naai go fuck yourself
Afrikaans Loop naai! go fuck! (yourself is implied)
Afrikaans Gaan vat 'n skommel go jerk off
Afrikaans gaan kak; LOOP KAK go shit
Afrikaans Gaan kak in Gauteng go shit in gauteng
Afrikaans Gaan kak in jou poes go shit in your pussy
Afrikaans Gaan kak op jou ma se poes! go shit on your mother's pussy
Albanian Shko n'kar go fuck you
Algerian roh tnayyek go get fucked
Algerian roh tqawwed go give your wife
American english Fuck you asshole, Go lick a dick. fuck you asshole, go lick a dick.
American english go to tartarus scram
American military Whiskey Tango Foxtrot what the fuck
Arabic Kis em ick go fuck your mom
Arabic kes en neck eighty go fuck your mother
Arabic Neek Hallak go fuck yourself
Arabic sir tkaoud go get fucked
Arabic (moroccan) Sir thawa go fuck
Arabic (moroccan) Sir t'hwi kahbat mok go fuck your mother the bitch
Arabic (moroccan) Sir taawad; Khchi sebaak f tremtek go fuck yourself
Arabic (moroccan) Seer Tkaffat go masturbate/screw yourself
Arabic (tunisian) baranek go fuck (yourself)
Arabic (tunisian) rouh nik omek go fuck your mom
Arabic algerian ruh tqawwad go get fucked in the ass
Arabic kuwait rou7 wa nek 7alek go and fuck yourself
Arabic palestine Rouh Wa Sittin Erd Ma'ak go and take with you 60 demons!
Arabic palestine Kh-osh fi teezi go inside my ass
Argentine anda a la concha de tu madre go back to your mother's vagina
Argentinian Andá a hacerte coger go get fucked
Asian accent Ba Sta Go Wei bastard go away
Asian accent dong mei kme goh kung fu on yuo as dont make me go kung fu on your ass
Assamise jahhanaame ja go to hell
Assyrian Era go mokhokh fuck your brain/mind
Assyrian Khoosh Proot go suffer
Assyrian Eri go kotet yimmokh my dick in ur mothers pussy
Assyrian ere go pimokh my dick in your mouth
Aussie slang Go get ya guts fucked! fuck off!
Aussie slang Go fuck your self with ur hairy bushed grandmothers g-string u anal rapping butt monkey how's ya family bro
Australian Fuck off! go away/ you're kidding/ wow!
Australian get a dog up ya go fuck yourself
Austrian Geh scheissn! fuck off! (lit. go take a dump)
Bahamian Go nanny shit
Bahasa melayu Pegi Mampos ("pay-Ghee" "Mump-poss") go & die / go to hell
Balzanian Cac Cectji bjoclina go fuck yourself
Baseball I Gotta Take A Time Out i gotta go take a piss
Baseball I Need To Take A Time Out i need to go take a piss
Bavarian geh ma auf'd bluadwiesn? should we go fighting?
Belarusan Idzi da duoy go to the ass
Bislama / vanuatu Yu fakem yu wan! go fuck yourself
Bolivian cua fea balla al mearda bitch go to shit
Bosnian i di u picku maternu go back in you moms pussy
Bosnian Jebi se go fuck yourself
Bosnian Mrš u pizdu materinu go into pussy mom
Bosnian Idi u pičku materinu go to your mom's vagina
Brazil Vai pro Inferno; vai pro inferno go to hell
Brazilian portuguese Vai te fuder go fuck yourself
Brazilian portuguese vai tomar no cu go fuck yourself in the ass
Breton Da go lapash na magare suck a donkey dick
British Bugger off; Piss off go away
Bulgarian Q hodi se ebi, be! go fuck yourself!
Bulgarian dushi kur go to blow
Bulgarian Da ti go nachookam v ustichkata i'll fuck you in your mouth
Bulgarian Da ti go nachukam otpred i otzad i'll fuck you on both sides
Bulgarian shte ti go nabutam v slivicite i'll shove it in your tonsils
Bulgarian shte ti go tura na babati im going to fuck your grandmother
Bulgarian Dulgo probna kurva long trial whore
Burmese Nea nga yea lee thwa sout liet you can go suck my dick
Calabrese va piglalo in culo go fuck yourself
Canadian get stuffed; take off eh! go fuck yourself
Canadian go fuck your hat. you are a cluster fuck of stupidity
Cantonese mun huw lay go ma!!! fuck your mother!!!
Cantonese hui sei go die
Cantonese Nei go hai yan ho se ah go die you fucking cunt
Cantonese Hoe sei ah nea gor bak chee! go die you motherfucker!
Cantonese Dieu Lei Lo Mo go fuck your mother
Cantonese Do lei lo mo chau hai go fuck your mother's smelly cunt
Catalan que et fotin; Que et follin go fuck yourself
Catalan Ves a la merda go to hell
Chakma Ler ha/ ler hech; Ler ha/ ler hech go eat nasty stuff
Chaldean Si Masil go fuck your self
Chamorro ben lania hao go fuck yourself
Chilean ándate a la conchatumadre go fuck yourself
Chinese yum tong la go drink soup (cum)
Chinese gun ni ma de dan go fuck yourself!
Chinese qu si go to hell
Chinese go se shit
Chinese go niang yang de son of a bitch
Costa rican Vaya lavese el culo go and wash your ass
Costa rican Metase el dedo go fuck yourself
Costa rican Vayase al demonio go to hell
Counter strike 3 go A 2 go B rush middle
Creole ale boire difout!!!! go drink cum
Creole al fair bour toi!!! go get fucked!!!
Creole (cape verdean) ba fude bu ma go fuck your mother
Creole (cape verdean) ba pa madra go to hell
Creole (mauritian) risse liki go away
Creole (mauritian) Fer bour toi go get yourself fucked
Creole (mauritian) al suce cok go suck a dick
Creole haitian al konyen! go fuck yourself!
Croatian jebi se go fuck yourself
Croatian jebi se pitcka go fuck yourself cunt
Croatian Jebi se! go fuck yourself!
Croatian Marš u kurac! go to my dick!
Croatian Idi do (100) ðavola!!! go to the (100) devil!!!
Croatian MrÅ¡ u pičku materinu! go to your mother's pussy!
Croatian Sranje shit (when something go wrong)
Cuban Me cago en tu madre i shit on your mother
Czech vyser si voko; Di do hajzlu go fuck yourself
Czech biezh do haaye! go to hell
Danish Gå hjem og knep din mor go home and fuck your mom
Donkey Wee Saaw go fuck you self
Donkey hooo heee hoooo ahhhhh go fuck yourself
Dutch ga naar je moer! fuck off (lit. go to your mother)
Dutch Ga je hondje neuken. go fuck your doggy.
El salvadorian tu mama gringo culero yo mama you gay american
English Fuck off go away (vulgar)
English Dute-n sloboz go into sperm
English Gaan skommel jou hond go masturbate your dog
Engrish Gain death inside hole go die in a hole
Erman Gehts du fegle ein easel go & fuck a donkey
Esperanto iru inferen go to hell
Estonian mine persse! (lit. go into ass)
Estonian Mine putsi fuck you (lit. go to pussy)
Estonian Mine ja keppi ennast go and fuck yourself
Estonian minge põrgu go to hell
Estonian mine p�rgu! go to hell!
Fag-tok a Bezhal ! go to hell! fuck off!
Faroese Fleyga tær go masturbate
Faroese fer nú og mogga ein get go now and fuck one goat
Faroese Far til helvitis go to hell
Farsi Tu goh khordie go eat shit
Fiji hindi teri maichod go fuk you're mother
Finnish Mee hervantaan go to hell
Finnish Painu Helvettin! go to hell!
Firefly go tsao de dog humping
Firefly Kwai chur hun-rien duh di fahng go far away very fast
Francais (quebec) va te faire enculer go fuck yourself up the ass
Francais (quebec) vas te faire cuire un eouf fils de pute go get an egg u son of a bitch
French Pédale va !; Tarlouse va ! faggot ! (lit. faggot go !)
French vas faire foutre a la vache go fuck a cow.
French Enculer une mouche go fuck a fly
French Va te faire mettre; Va t'empaler encule; va te faire foutre go fuck yourself
French Va te faire foutre go fuck yourself!
French va te faire enculer par un ourse go get ass raped by a bear
French Va te faire enculer chez les Grecs go get fucked in the ass by greeks
French Va te pendre ! go hang yourself !
French Va te pendre avec ma bite ! go hang yourself with my dick !
French-acadian(chiac) va chier go shit
French-acadian(chiac) va su le djabe go to hell
Fujianese nu kok ccc go to hell
Gago, gaga Gago ka you're stupid
Galician me cago na cona cunt dammit
Galician Anda que che den pelo cu go get fucked in the ass
Galician Vai cagar ostias becerro do carallo go shit yourself you bloody moron
Galician Me cago na cona que te botou i shit on the cunt that spewed you
Georgian Cadi Sheni go fuck yourself
Georgian cadi yleebi mocove go suck dicks
German Geh Staub fressen go eat dust
German Fick dich ins Knie. go fuck yourself (knee).
German Geh' 'ne Kuh melken go milk a cow
German Fich dich Der arschfotze go sit on a pine cone
German Geh ein schwanz lutschen go suck a dick
German Geh' kacken! go take a dump!
German fahr zur holle go to hell
German Geh zum Teufel go to hell (lit. go to the devil)
Greek Ay gamisou go fuck off
Greek Ante gamisou; pa na gamy-thees; pana gamethie; pane gamisou go fuck yourself
Greek ante gamisou paliopousta go fuck yourself you fucking gay
Greek ayde hesou go shit on yourself
Greek Sto Thialo; As to thialo; ade sto diaolo go to hell
Greek erre es korakas go to the cows!
Guaraní ejapiro tuna ari go jerk off on a cactus
Gujarati nago choido naked fuker
Guyanese hall yuh muda skunt go away
Gypsy kaa mogo cod eat my dick
Gypsy Pi mugo car suck my dick
Hakka sit jiao LA! go and eat banana
Hebrew leh tezayen et aba shelha go and fuck your dad
Hebrew lech hapes et haverim shelcha basivuv go and look for friends
Hebrew Lekh Tee'Zedayen; Lekh tezdayen go fuck yourself
Hebrew lekh tiz'da'yen go fuck yourself (for men)
Hebrew lekh'i tiz'da'yni go fuck yourself (for women)
Hebrew Lech Tizdayen! go fuck!
Hebrew lech hape's me yena'ana otcha ; לך חפש מי ינענע אותך go look for someone to fuck you
Hebrew Lech timkor kerach go sell ice!
Hebrew Leh Timzoz La'Apiphior go suck the pope's dick
Hiligaynon itota nanay mo go fuck your mom
Hindi bhen ke lode maa chuda sister's dick go fuck ur mom
Hmong ntsej muag tuag! face die! (meaning go to hell)
Hokkien khee hor lang kan go get fucked
Hokkien (chinese) lam pa, pa lan bollocks, go scratch your dick
Icelandic �ttu sk�t og dey�u go eat shit and die
Icelandic Fokkadu ther go fuck yourself
Icelandic Hoppadu upp i rassgatid a ther! go jump up your ass
Icelandic far�u a� mj�lka k� go milk a cow
Icelandic Farðu til Helvítis go to hell
Icelandic Farðu til Anskotans go to the devil
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Daw pasayan ka dako ang tarugo mo! your dick is as big as a shrimp!
Indonesian isep kontol lo sendiri; lu isup lu punya tolo sediri go suck your own dick
Indonesian Bego lu! you stupid!
Irish téigh transa ort féin go fuck yourself
Irish Go hifreann leat! go to hell!
Irish gaelic Téigh trasna ort féin go fuck your self
Irish gaelic Téigh trasna ort féin go fuck yourself
Irish gaelic Go h-ifreann leat (singular; to more than one person: Go h-ifreann libh) go to hell
Irish gaelic Go hIfreann leat! go to hell!
Italian Ma' va te ne a fanculo; Va fan Culo; Vaffan'; vai a farti fottere go fuck yourself
Italian Vai a farti fottere, puttana! go fuck yourself, whore!
Italian Vai al inferno ; Vai all'inferno go to hell
Italian A fanabla! go to hell!
Jamaican gwey fuck off/go away
Jamaican go suck yuh mada go and suck your mom
Japanese Moka-moka Su-su "go fuck yourself!"
Japanese Jiguko e ike kono ama! go to hell you bitch!
Japanese Jigoku e ike! go to hell!
Javanese mlebuo neroko wae go to hell
Kabyle Ruh atsefkedh go fuck
Kapampangan (pampanga) misdan/ tanga/ gago or gaga stupid/ dumb/ moron
Kazakh "Bar, sheshendi sik" go fuck your mom
Kazakh (shymkent) sheshessss or sheshen sigiyin go fuck your mother
Kazakh(center) Ketshe Kotak go away, you prick!
Khmer Dtoh Yam Kadaw go eat dick!
Khmer Choi Ch'kai Anh go fuck a dog
Kimberly Va chier sur ta plotte sale go take a shit on your dirty vagina
Kosrae mongo ato eat dick
Kosrae mongo mwala eat pussy
Kurdish (sorani) Go bxo eat shit
Latin Futue te ipsum! go fuck yourself!
Latvian Ej ellē! go to hell
Latvian Ej bekot! literally: "go pick mushrooms"
Lebanese Ruh neek halak go fuck yourself
Lithuanian eik pist fuck off (lit. go fuck something)
Lithuanian Eik smaugti tavo kobra go choke ur cobra
Lithuanian uzsipisk go fuck yourself
Lithuanian eik paciulpk arkliui go suck off a horse
Lombard Va a d� via ol cu; Va a d� via ol cu go sell your ass
Lowland scots Get ti fuk yi baw bag go away you scrotom
Macedonian da mi go yadish gazot eat my ass
Macedonian Plemeto da ti go ebam fuck your race
Macedonian Da ti go ebam plemeto fuck your tribe
Macedonian Idi ebi se go fuck off
Macedonian Odi u picku mater! go in your mother's pussy!
Macedonian pushi kuratz go suck a dick
Macedonian Idi u picku majcinu go to mothers pussy
Macedonian Da i go nak`kam na majcinaati vo takvijata i want to put it in your mothers...
Macedonian Suck mine dick pushi mi go kurov
Macedonian da mi go lapnesh suck my cock
Macedonian Da mi go pusis , Pusi kur; pusi mi go kurot; Da mi go pusis kurov! suck my dick
Malay pergi mampus go die
Malayalam poyi oombada go suck a dick man
Malayalam poyi ninte kunna oombadaa go suck your dick
Maltese Mur inhexa; Mur tnejjek go fuck yourself
Mandarin tsaow nee shoo shoo go fuck your uncle!
Massachusettian Go take a good soft shit for yourself. go away stop bothering me
Mexican Chinga tu madre go fuck your mother
Mexican Vete A La Verga go fuck yourself
Mexican Jodete!; Vete a la verga! go fuck yourself!
Mexican vete a la verga guey go fuck youself man
Mexican vete ala verga go get fucked
Mexican Chupa verga un burro! go suck a donkey's dick!
Mexican Chupa verga un caballo! go suck off a horse!
Mine craft TycerX go die you cunt
Mine craft Go to the Nether go to hell.
Mongolian yavj boovoo saa; Hol ochij xuts go fuck yourself
Montenegrin Jebi se u guzicu go fuck yourself in the ass
Montenegrin Jebi se u šupak go fuck yourself in the asshole
Moroccan Roh t'koed go fuck with whores
Moroccan Seer Thwa ! go fuck yourself !
Neapolitan Va' a ffa mmocca go do a blowjob
Neapolitan fa fancul' a mamat' go fuck your mother
Nicaragua Andate a la mierdad go to hell
Niuean Fikogo (fee-ko-ngo) bag of piss
Niuean Fuli Laho wanker/ go have a wank
North norwegain et en kuk go eat a dick
Norwegian Dra å ri på ei Hestkuk! go and ride on a horse cock!
Norwegian Gå å knull morra de go fuck your mother
Norwegian dra til helvete go to hell
Occitan vai t'en cagar go shit
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai chinga bo mama!!! go fuck your mother! (very dirty)
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai hunga pakul go get assfucked
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai den tonto di bo mama go into your mama's cunt
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai bati puñete go jackoff
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai chupa patin/ dollo!! go suck some dick!
Papiamentu Bai den conjo di bo mama go inside the cunt of your mother
Paripi4 da mi go jlqmburka6 suck my dick
Persian (farsi) Khodeto Bokun go fuck yourself
Peruvian ¡Ándate a la mierda! fuck off! (go away)
Philipino Gago (male)/ gaga (female) moron/ stupid
Piemontese Vatlu pie' ant'el cul go fuck yourself
Pig latin Ogay ivegay ouryay adday an ustyray ombonetray go give your dad a rusty trombone.
Pikachu Pi Pika Pi go fuck your pokéball
Pokemon hey mr. oak go fuck yourself
Polish wpierdalaj gowno swojego psa eat your dog shit
Polish Idz pierdol matke twojego kumpla go and fuck your friends mother
Polish Pochowaj sie w pokrzywach go and hide in nettles
Polish pierdol sie go fuck yourself
Portuguese Rego do cu ass crack
Portuguese Vai pa puta! fuck off! (lit.: go to the whore)
Portuguese Vai comer na peida! go eat up the ass!
Portuguese Vai de fudder teu mai go fuck your mother
Portuguese Vai po caralho; Vai te foder go fuck yourself
Portuguese Va' se foder!; Vai por os colhoes de molho! go fuck yourself!
Portuguese Vai bater punhetas! go jerk off!
Portuguese Vai para o Caralho go to cock
Portuguese va ao inferno go to hell
Portuguese (brazil) Vá mamar no jegue!! go do a blowjob in a donkey!!
Portuguese (brazil) vai peidar! go fart!
Portuguese (brazil) Vá se foder go fuck yourself
Portuguese (brazil) Vai toma no cu! go get dick up your ass
Portuguese (brazil) Vai pra puta que te pariu! go see your whore mother!
Portuguese (brazil) vai cagar! go shit!
Portuguese (brazil) Vai chupar uma rola bem grossa! go suck a thick cock!
Portuguese (brazil) Vai chupar teu pau go suck your dick
Portuguese (brazil) Vá tomar na buceta!! go take (a penis) in the cunt!!
Portuguese (brazil) Vai pro inferno go to hell
Portuguese (brazil) V� pro quinto dos Infernos!!! go to the worse hells corner
Preppy bitches Go To Work Slave average joe
Preppy bitches Go Clean Shoes bitch
Preppy bitches Ugh go away
Puerto rican vete pal carajo; mamame el bixh go to hell
Puerto rican me cago en tu madre i shit in your mothers name
Punjabi Jaa apne braah nu chod laa go fuck your brother
Punjabi lula bahonder tup go suck monkey dick
Quebecois Va chier go take a crap
Redneck Go back to [location that isn't in the South] fuck off
Romagnolo Vat a f� incul� go to fuck off
Romana Date-n sange go in blood (gipsy swearing)
Romana du-te-n pula mea go in my dick
Romana, moldavian Du-te in pizda matii go to the pussy of your mother
Romanian Du-te frate si impusca-te! bro' , go shoot yourself!
Romanian go fuck yourself futa-te
Romanian du-te-n pizda ma-tii! go back in your mother's cunt!
Romanian dute-n mortii ma-tii go into your mama's dead relatives
Romanian sa sugi pula lu' ma-ta go suck your mom's cock
Romanian Du te Dracu go to hell
Romanian Dute dracu! go to hell!
Romanian Dute-n pula mea go to my cock
Romanian duten pula calului go to the horse dick
Romulan urru Areinnye go to hell
Russian Poshol Na Hui fuck off! (go to the dick!)
Russian yob tuvoyu mat; yob tvou mat' go fuck your mother
Russian poshol ti nahoo go fuck yourself
Russian Pashla na hui. go on a dick.
Sami mana fal helvehii go to hell
Samoa Alu fufu lou kiga go wank your mom
Samoan ai kae lou alelo go eat shit u stupid.
Samoan Alu Ai So Kae go eat some shit
Sardo Bae e iscolladi go and throw your self off a cliff
Scottish own yi go ride thu brron floom go have sex with bumhole
Scottish Go take a running fuck at a rolling doughnut i'm not persuaded of your argument
Scottish gaelic Rach thu agus a' sgaoil am leathar de bhur paithar go and fuck your sister
Scrael Gyen tae Hellte go to hell
Serbian Da ides u kurac go inside the dick
Serbian idi u kurac go to dick
Serbian idi do djavola go to hell
Serbian Mrsh u pichku materinu go to your mothers pussy
Serbian romani (gipsy) Jando pele go to balls
Setswana Marete a ga rrago a bobowa your dad's hairy balls
Setswana Mmago nyo your mother's vagina
Shanghai qi xi go die
Sichuanese (chinese) ri ni ma le go pi fuck your mom's cunt
Sichuanese (chinese) ngo ri fuck!
Siciliano O Caca go shit
Sindarin elvish Auta miqula orqu go kiss an orc
Sinhala ammage huththa kaapang go eat your mother's pussy
Sinhala hukahan go fuck / fuck you
Sinhala Ammata hukapan go fuck your mother
Sinhalese Gahapan Athey go and masturbate
Skyrim I will banish you to oblivion! go to hell
Slang go fuck yer dug go and have sex with your dog
Slang get it up ye ya bas go away
Slang fuck aff ya smelly cunt go away you smell
Slovak Pojeb si mater ! go fuck your mother!
Slovak pal do riti; Pojeb sa! go fuck yourself
Slovak Pojeb sa do huby; Pojeb sa do papule go fuck yourself into your gob
Slovak jebat sa niekam to go somewhere (vulgar)
Slovenian pejt u rt go to ass
Somali war bax u leef sharmuutada go lick her pussy
Somalian lef dhillo; lef dhillo go lick a slut
Sonic the hedgehog Gotta go fast gotta fuck fast
Southern italy v 'a fa tua madre go do your mom
Spanish hacete cojer go and get fucked
Spanish Vete a la verga go eat dick.
Spanish Vete a chingar a tu madre; cono' su' madre go fuck your mother
Spanish Vete a la chingada; que te jodas go fuck yourself
Spanish vete ala puta verga!; va chingate! go fuck yourself!
Spanish Anda que te coja un burro go get fucked by a donkey
Spanish mama si higa go suck dick if u find
Spanish ¡Traga una verga! go swallow a dick!
Spanish vete al infierno; véte al infierno; Vete al infierno go to hell
Spanish ¡Vete al infierno! go to hell!
Spanish Lavate ese culo go wash your ass
Spanish Tengo ganas i am horny
Spanish Cago en tu leche i shit in your milk.
Spanish Me cago en tu raza i shit in your race
Spanish Yo cago en la leche de tu puta madre i shit in your whore mother's milk
Spanish Ahua way to go
Spanish (chile) Me cago en la puta fucking shit
Spanish (cuban) vete pa casa'e la pinga go to hell
Spanish (cuban) Me cago en ti i shit on you
Spanish (cuban) Me cago en el coño de tu madre i shit on your mothers cunt
Spanish (cuban) Me cago en el corazón de tu madre i shit on your mother´s heart
Spanish (mexico) Cogete un burro go fuck a donkey
Spanish (peru) Vete a la mierda go to hell
Spanish (spain) Que te jodas; vete a chingarte go fuck yourself
Spanish (spain) Vete a tomar por el culo! go take it up your ass!
Spanish (spain) Me cago en tu leche i shit in your milk!
Spanish (spain) Me cago en dios i shit on god
Spanish (spain) Me cago in tus muertos! i shit on your dead (relatives)!
Spanish (spain) Me cago en tu puta madre i shit on your fucking mother
Spanish (uruguay) Andáte a la mierda; Andá a cagar go to shit
Spanish - all Coño su madre go fuck your mother!
Spanish(spain) Que te den por culo! go get your ass fucked!
Spanish(spain) Me cago en tus muelas i shit in your teeth
Spanish(spain) Me cago en tu Puta Madre i shit on your bitch mother
Spanish(spain) Me cago en tus Muertos i shit on your died members
Suriname(sranang) Yu Ka ! go shit / damn !
Swahili Nenda kajitombe go fuck yourself
Swahili Chomeka vidole kwenye kuma yako go stick fingers up ur vigina
Swahili nada ka chyi the ja the doko go stick fingers up your vagaina
Swedish Dra åt helvete go to hell
Swedish dra åt helvete! go to hell!
Swiss german Fahr zur Höll go to hell
Tagalog Mamatay ka na! die / go die/ die already!
Taiwanese Li Kee Ja Sai go eat shit
Tamil Yermai poolu poite chhapeda, naye! go suck a buffalo's dick, you dog!
Telugu vongo petti dengutha lanja will fuck you bending
Toisanese (taishan) ew niek ma go hie fuck your mother's cunt
Tongan alu o fai ho tamai go fuck your dad
Trailer park boys frig off go a way,get lost,fuck off,shut up
Tumbuka matongo yako your balls
Tunisian arabic Bara nik ommek go fuck your mom
Tunisian arabic Barra nikk okhtek go fuck your sister
Turkish Git kendini parmakla go finger yourself
Turkish Eðer oraya gelirsem seni sikerim if i go there, i'll fuck you
Vaiphei Lisan tang! go fuck yourself!
Venezuelan me cago en tu familia i shit on your family
Venezuelan tengo el machete parao my dick is ready
Venician italian Va in mona to mare go fuck your mother in her pussy
Venician italian Va in cuo a to mare go fuck your mum's ass
Vietnamese đi ăn cứt go eat shit
Vietnamese du ma nhieu go fuck yourself
Vietnamese mà y chết đi go fucking die
Vulcan Ditsla comal datsunan go fuck yourself
Welsh mynd i ffwcio chi eich hun go and fuck yourself
Welsh Cer i grafu! go and scratch!
Welsh Dos i chwara dy Nain go finger your granny
Western lombard va a ciapala in d'ul cu go get fucked up the arse
Wookiee Vhuouurraaouiohuuaa maauounuuuoao. go suck off a nerf.
Xhosa Hamba uyo bepha inja go and fuck a dog!
Yiddish Gai kukken afen yam; Ayin Kafin Yan go shit in the ocean
Yiddish Kacken zee ahf deh levanah go take a shit on the moon
Yiddish Gai in drerde; Vayrga hargit go to hell
Zambia (nyanja) Fuseki go away!
Zombie ROGGG BLESSSGG! go fuck a tree
Zomi Ek ne ve go eat shit!
Zulu Tsa mor kaka an eefa go eat shit and die
Zulu Ingquza yakho inuka njengo fishi your pussy smells like fish

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