How to say fuck me in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Hoe get on the D and suck! fuck me
Afrikaans Fok my soos n porn stere fuck me like a porn star
American english Fuck me food i am hungry
Arabic neekni fuck me
Arabic äíßäí ÍÈíÈí fuck me baby
Arabic neekni wlaa tneek hargeti fuck me but dont fuck my words
Arabic Nekni ana sharyaana fuck me i'm horny
Arabic neekni sahrawi fuck me in the ass
Arabic (moroccan) Hwini fuck me
Australian Fuck me running exhausted
Australian Fuck me dead! oh my! ( exclamation)
Australian Fuck me side ways oh shit
British Fuck me sideways! i am surprised!
Car Revving engine fuck me
Croatian jebeš me u zdrav mozak you fuck me in my healthy brain
Disney princess oh brother fuck me harder
Dog humping your leg fuck me
English fuck me hard; Fuck me hard...hurt me; Fuck me like a porn star
English fuck me gently with a chainsaw exclamation of surprise
English jebi me fuck me
English stuff all my holes fuck me in every hole
English Let your ding dong dangle deep down in my dookie dugout fuck me in the ass
Fijian caiti au fuck me
French baise moi mor "fuck me dead!"
French Viens m'enculer; Baise moi fuck me
German Fick mich hart fuck me hard
German Fick mich wie ein Pornostar fuck me like a porn star
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) itot ta ako fuck me
Kabyle Quyi fuck me
Latin Pedica me fuck me in the ass
Mexican Me lleva la chingada well, fuck me!
Omani Nekni ana hafyana fuck me i'm horney
Paupa new guinea kuapim mi fuck me
Paupa new guinea kuapim mi strong fuck me hard
Persian (farsi) bia mano bokon come fuck me
Porn Shut the fuck up thomas fuck me harder
Portuguese (brazil) Enraba-me/ Me enraba fuck me in the ass
Portuguese (brazil) me come! fuck me!
Punjabi Menu zor nal lan mar fuck me hard
Quebec (sex) Criss moi �a dans l'cul pas d'bave ! fuck me in the ass, not even wet !
Romanian Sa-mi fut una fuck me one
Spanish A Que chirlo fuck men!!!
Spanish (mexico) Cojeme duro fuck me hard
Swedish Knulla mig fuck me
Tongan ha'u kai'i au ! come fuck me !
Turkabic Nekni ana şaryağana fuck me i'm horny
Turkish sik beni fuck me
Yoruba Do mi fuck me

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