How to say fis in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
American english Brown Eye or Chocolate Starfish anus
American english Rooster Fish cock sucker
American english Fist fucker male masturbation
American sign language Make your right hand into a fist with your thumb sticking out and pointing upwards (as if giving someone a "thumbs up") Grab your thumb with your left hand, wraping your entire hand around it. Holding your left hand still, pull your right thumb down and o shit
Bangla Thor heta muka ath boridimu i will fist your cunt
Bengali hetta muka ath bori dimo i will fist you (pussy)
Bodo Bimani fishai mother's husband
Danish Ølfisse beer pussy
Danish Æd lort, fisse eat shit, pussy
Danish Fisse pussy
Danish Tag min pik i din fisse nu take my dick in your pussy now
Dutch (street slang) Je moeder haar poenie stink naar vis your moms pussy stinks like fish
English peach fish a smelly pussy.
Faroese Fisa cunt
German Ich ficke Katzen your mom stinks like fish
Jamaican ah fish dat he's gay (gay man/gayboy)
Kashmiri fis small dick
Konkani Tu Zovlo Khubyakarnicha chedvak you fucked fisher woman's daughter
Konkani Tu Zovlo Khubyakarnik you fucked fisherwoman
Kurdish (bahdini) Behna masiya je qoze khishka te diheten your sisters pussy smells like fish
Malayalam poottile mathycurry fish curry inside pussy
Omani Ifssom (boy) fissmi (girl) fuck you doggy style
Pewdish Hake fish!
Portuguese peixota little fish(lit.) - prick (slang)
Spanish punetero (punyetero) fister, masturbater, faggot
Spanish Que te folle un pez may a fish fuck you
Yorkshire Chocolate starfish asshole
Yorkshire Starfish Trooper homo!
Zulu Ingquza yakho inuka njengo fishi your pussy smells like fish

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