How to say airy in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afghan Koss Shaftal hairy grass looking vagina
American english Motherfucker suck on my hairy balls suck balls
Apache chi wat hairy ass
Arabic Airy Fic fuck off
Arabic airy qalbak fuck your heart
Arabic iraqi airy my dick
Arabic iraqi Airy bteezk my dick in your ass
Arabic iraqi mus airy suck my dick
Arabic kuwait A'airy Eb Gathek my dick in your asshole
Arabic kuwait Airy fi rasak my dick on your head
Aussie bush I'm gonna fuck you sideways with your hairy bush pig i've got a bush pig to lend
Aussie slang She's about and sweet as a cat pissing down ur mums cunt have u seen my hairy pussy
Aussie slang Go fuck your self with ur hairy bushed grandmothers g-string u anal rapping butt monkey how's ya family bro
Australian eat my hairy onions eat my testicals
English Fairy a homosexual male
English Hairy armed Froggy cunt french (woman)
Farsi kir tu sooraakh por pashmo pinat dick in your fucking hairy hole
Fijian cici vuchi hairy anal
Hebrew Tim-tsots Li Et Habeitsim Ha-seyrot suck my hairy balls
Icelandic �� ert lo�in g�rilla hairy gorilla
Kashmiri zokke poan hairy asshole
Kashmiri zoake goodh hairy passy
Lebanese airy fike my dick in you
Macedonian bicshlunga big fat hairy dick
Malayalam kazhappu perutha mairan hairy dick in a wild mood
Manish rumnek cos man desso suck your mums hairy cock
Mizo Chhu hmul buk hairy cunt
New zealand Hairy Fern Hole anus
Nicaragua araña peluda hairy pussy (old bitch)
Pamiri ciwin pash hairy pussy
Pokemon Dan Wu i am a hairy gorilla
Serbian Jedi muda ciganska dlakava eat hairy gipsy balls
Serbian Picko rutava you cunt with hairy pussy
Setswana Marete a ga rrago a bobowa your dad's hairy balls
Spanish(spain) Chocho Peludo hairy pussy
Welsh Anws blewog hairy anus
Welsh pwsi meri mew hairy pussy

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