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How to say a dick in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
American english Fuck you asshole, Go lick a dick. fuck you asshole, go lick a dick.
American english bent banana suck a dick and a pussy
Amharic kula teba eat a dick
Arabic (lebanese) Malla ras eyr yaleh 3alek what a dick head you have
Assyrian Era Qo Qotet Ymoukh a dick in your mom's pussy
Chaldean Era Gou Qootid Yumouh a dick in your moms pussy
Chuukese Anomw Tang suck a dick
Creole (mauritian) al suce cok go suck a dick
Cypriot o jiris su en villos your dad is a dick
English Don't be a Richard don't be a dick
English Eat a Richard eat a dick
English He is a Richard he is a dick
English He's a Richard he's a dick
English Pull a Richard pull a dick
English She is a Richard she is a dick
English She's a Richard she's a dick
English kir baba you father is a dickhead
English You look like a Richard you look like a dick
German Geh ein schwanz lutschen go suck a dick
Gujarati Taree gaar ma lowroh you got a dick up ass!
Hebrew zai'n ba'ain a dick in the eye
Hebrew Ein Lecha Zyn you don't have a dick
Indonesian Mamakmu berkontol your mom has a dick
Italian shit im a dickhead shit im a dickhead
Lithuanian Va Beebee here, a dick.
Macedonian yadi kuratz eat a dick
Macedonian pushi kuratz go suck a dick
Malayalam panchavarna kunna a dick with 5 colors
Malayalam poyi oombada go suck a dick man
Montenegrin Nabijem Mila Djukanovica na kurac. he is a dickhead.
North norwegain et en kuk go eat a dick
Ojibwe Wiisinin Kiinuk eat a dick
Pamiri Jushbuts son of a dick
Persian (farsi) jendeh, keer bokhor whore, eat a dick
Pidgin kaikai kok suck a dick
Polish Chuj/Kutas a dick
Polish Ssij kutasa suck a dick
Portuguese (brazil) Chupa que é de uva! suck a dick!
Romanian Sugi pula! suck a dick!
Russian Хуй тебе в роть! [Khuy tebee v rod] a dick in your mouth
Russian Pashla na hui. go on a dick.
Russian Sosi Hui suck a dick (meaning, suck my dick)
Sardo Minciale dumb like a dick
Sindhi Chud Budhi jo son of a dick and pussy
Slovenian pu�i kurac suck a dick
Spanish Comer un penis, punta! eat a dick, bitch!
Spanish ¡Traga una verga! go swallow a dick!
Ukrainian Sosi xyu pider suck a dick faggot
Urdu Lun Chuse suck a dick
Valley girl Such a Todd! what a dick!

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