Learn to say Sex in every language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans Gat gabba homosexual
Amazonian Snu-snu sex
American english MANWHORE a man who uses women only for sex
American english Sturring the fudge anal sex
American english Ass Pirate; Ass ranger; Ass rover; Cocksucker; Dick licker; Donut hole puncher; Pole dancer; Rump rider; Shit licker derogatory name for a homosexual
American english Candyass Motherfucker gay or homosexual
American english cock block keep someone from getting sex
American english Carpet kitten lesbian that engages in oral sex
American english giving head oral sex
American english Eating out performing oral sex on a woman
American english Butt plug sex toy
American english sexican sexy mexican
American english Back door, basement butt slut someone who engages in anal sex
American english lets dock the clock to have sex
Arabic kuwait mishtaheek i'm sexually craving you (male)
Arabic syrian nekah sahraoe anal sex
Arabic syrian firshaeh oral sex
Australia My face leaves in 5 minutes, be on it! let's have sex
Australian barrack for the other team be a homosexual.
Australian roots like watt on holidays has a lot of sex
Australian get ya end wet have sex
Australian Bury the bishop have sex.
Australian up to my nuts in guts having sex
Australian poo jabber homosexual
Australian Chocolate driller; Poo-pusher; Vagina Decliner; Bowling from the pavilion end homosexual man
Australian How about a root? lets have sex
Australian Bangs like a dunny door someone extremely sexual
Australian Root to have sex
Australian root the bitch to have sex with a female
Australian Bangs like a dunny door in a Force 9 Gale very sexually active
Australian Ya fuckin' poofter! you fucking homosexual.
Bahasa melayu Najib Razak homosexual man
Bahasa melayu Amput sex
Barbadian Bulla homosexual man
Barbadian to foop to have sex
Baseball In the dirt anal sex
Baseball Struck out; Striking out being turned down for sex
Baseball Switch Hitter bi-sexual
Baseball Bat boy male homosexual
Baseball Homerun sex
Baseball Inside the park homerun sex with a kissing cousin
Baseball Died on base to lose ones erection during sex
Bengali fungi sex in smelly pussy
Bisaya Iyot sex
British cock jockey a homosexual
British hobknocker ppl whou have sex with animals
Bulgarian Tzepenyak tight pussy (sexy chick)
Calabrese richione fag / homosexual male
Creole (mauritian) Pilon homosexual
Cypriot Vromo pushtis stinky homosexual
Dhivehi sodu homosexual
Disney princess faith, trust and pixie dust sex,sex and more sex
Dominican Le cuelan el paquete do sex (act)
Dominican Yo quiero rapar; Yo quiero singar i want to do sex
Dominican te aruno malvado sexual grasping
Dutch (holland/belgium) Flikker homosexual
England shirt lifter homosexual male
England nob jocky homosexual man
England fuck slang for sex
England shag to have sex
English You look really sexy when you do that
English Breeder a heterosexual person
English arse bandit a homosexual
English Fairy a homosexual male
English bumfucka; chutney ferret a homosexual man
English you wanna play hottie do you do want to have sex
English grup seks group sex, gang bang
English balls slapping against her chin hard oral sex
English playing hide the bologna having sex
English He likes Richard he likes dick; homosexual
English He loves Richard he loves dick; homosexual
English Pillow Bighter; Shirt Lifter; Takes a walk down chocolate boulevard homesexual male
English Fudge packer homosexual (male)
English Rug Eater homosexual female
English turd burgular; Up Hill Gardener; butt pirate; faggot; fruitcake homosexual male
English seks sex
English nob rot sexually transmitted disease
English Shag to have sexual intercourse
Ew zealand Slay sexual intercourse
Fijian Vutu Sona anal sex
Fijian Veicai sexual intercourse
Firefly Sly homosexual
Fish Grool buttsex
Flemish (belgium) Bisexuele geitenneuker bisexual goat fucker
Football (american) Halftime Show gay athlete sex
Football (american) Halftime Entertainment gay group sex
Football (american) Hitting The Locker Room; Male On Male Personal Training; Man On Man Personal Training; Men On Men Training gay sex with gay athlete
Football (american) Lawn Tackle; Lawn Tackling; Field Tackle; Field Tackling gay public sex with male athlete
Football (american) Side Line Entertainment; Sideline Entertainment; Bench Time Entertainment; Bench Time Show; Bleacher Side Entertainment gay sex with football player
Football (american) Team Play group gay sex
Football (american) Males On Males Training group gay sex with athletes
Football (american) Hit The Locker Room let's have gay sex
Football (american) Touchdown sexual intercourse
Football (american) Hit The Shower Room wash your gay ass for gay sex
Francais (quebec) Fourrer have sex
French Je veux faire l'amour avec toi. i want to have sex with you.
Fudd Asscwown homosexual
Fudd Swut sexually popular woman
German Du siehst so sexy aus wenn du das tust. you look really sexy when you do that
German homofuerst duke of homosexuality
Greek gamisi sex
Gujarati chodkanya sex maniac
Guyanese bugga battie anal sex
Guyanese bugga/man anal sex man
Hawaiian komo laho homosexual intercourse
Hawaiian kola over-sexed person
Hawaiian Launa'ana sexual intercourse
Hebrew Kussit sexy girl
Hondurian(spanish) kumbo homosexual
Ilocano (philippines) inta agiyot lets have sex
Indian ghanta male sex organs
Inuktitut Pakik sex
Jamaican tif tif boy gay boy or fag or homosexual
Jamaican Marma homosexual
Jamaican Batty Gal homosexual female
Jamaican Batty Boy homosexual male
Japanese Seikō (seikou)「性交」 fuck/sexual intercourse
Japanese Etchi lit. "h" but means "sex."
Japanese shakuhachi oral sex
Japanese Ecchi other word for sex or pervet
Japanese namename to lick, oral sex
Javanese kentu fuck, sexing
Jersey shore Smoosh have sex
Kashmiri Gooid prah thirsty for sex
Klingon nga'chuq sex
Kreole (seychelles) pilon (pronounced "pilo" with a nasal effect at the end) homosexual (gay)
Libyan arabic ya zamel you homosexual
Lombard Oregiatt homosexual
Lowland scots Poger sex
Malay Najib Kongkek Anwar fucking a homosexual
Malay Anwar Ibrahim homosexual man
Malayalam Ajoli ka Thajoli transexual
Mobile phone apps sex toys
Navajo 'Ak'eed fuck/sex
New zealand Ringlord; Bum bandit homosexual male
New zealand Mac sex
Nicaragua sort out yu girl have sex with your girl
Northern irish Turd Packer a male homosexual
Northern irish cock knocker; fudge nudger; nugget hunter homosexual
Oriya Thoola phata maada sex till balls are swollen
Pamiri Gavizak sex
Persian (farsi) man o bokon have sex with me
Persian (farsi) ahai duffy-ie sexy hey sexy chick [hottie]
Philipino bakla ka/ bading you're a gay/ homosexual
Pokemon Pikachu, I choose you! i want to have sex with your mom
Polish paruwa homosexual
Polish Cwel homosexual person in prison
Portuguese minete swear word for oral sex on a woman
Portuguese (brazil) Arrombado break into (ass - oral sex)
Portuguese (brazil) Vinte e quatro [24] homo, homosexual (as insult)
Punjabi bondu homosexual
Romanian balconar cock sucking homosexual
Russian Trajat'sya to have sex
Sami cinna female sexual organ
Scottish Am ah gettin' ma hole? are we going to have sex?
Scottish own yi go ride thu brron floom go have sex with bumhole
Sexting IWSN i want sex now
Sexting MOOS member of the opposite sex
Sexting MOSS member of the same sex
Shona (zimbabwe) svira have sex/fuck
Shrek Shrek's Swamp sex domain
Slang go fuck yer dug go and have sex with your dog
Slang geeza shag doll wants to have sex with woman
Slovak zasun shag (sexual intercourse)
Slovak objebavac fuck, male sexual partner
Slovak drbacka fucking (sexual intercourse)
Slovak krysa rat (strong insult for both sexes)
Slovak jebivo women desired for sex (offensive)
Slovenian peder zafukan fucking homosexual
Somali sne khiy kissing sexual bed sex to men
Spanish Maricon de playa. beach homosexual.
Spanish Maricón venezuelan gay man, homosexual
Spanish (cuban) Maricona homosexual - female
Spanish (cuban) Maricon homosexual - male
St.lucian Boola a homosexual
St.lucian Zummi lesbian sex
Sundanese Ngebol anal sex
Swiss german Homochind homosexual child/kid
Tagalog (philippine) bak'la gay, homosexual
Taiwanese mei hsiu gan mo wanna have sex?
Thai ma dow tood gun can we have bumsex?
Thai douw toodt lets have bum sex
Tunisian arabic zabbour; zabour sexy
Tunisian arabic mala zokk what a sexy girl !
United kingdom Poof!; Bummer; Chutney Ferret; Pillow Biter; Shirt lifter; Shit Stabber; Arse Bandit; Bender homosexual gay male
United kingdom Tunnel Tester homosexual male
United kingdom Sausage Jockey male homosexual
Vanilla hat Frick fuck (usually in sexual context)
Vietnamese Trich khong? you wanna fuck/have sex?
Yiddish Fagala homosexual (gay)
Yiddish Shtoop screw, have sex
Yoda Your mother, I had sexy time i fucked your mother!!!
Zulu hlaba fuck (have sex)

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