How to say Prostitute in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
American english Call girl; Lady of the evening prostitute
American english Slut; Whore prostitute or promiscuous women
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thumb out). Your hand passes below and to the side of your chin twice (Second version since i did the first one wrong xD) whore, slut or prostitute
Arabic qahbi prostitute
Arabic egyptian ibn el ahba son of a prostitute
Armenian Pornik/ Պոռնիկ prostitute
Asian accent dat dam fa king ho that woman is a prostitute
Assamese boithali prostitute
Assamese billa suda prostitute fucker
Australian Cum dumpster prostitute or promiscuous female
Austrian Nuttn prostitute
Bangla Khanki prostitute
Bangla Beissha Magir Pola son of a prostitute
Bengali Baba choda rendi prostitute who fucks her father
Bengali maggir putt prostitutes child
Bodo Bazari prostitute
Bulgarian prostitutka prostitute
Cantonese Gai prostitute
Creole (mauritian) pitin prostitute / fuck
Dominican mahmaw? (When said to a prostitute) can i get a blowjob?
Dutch Hoer bitch (literally: prostitute)
English orospu prostitute, whore, harlot.
Farsi koon kesh pimp of gay prostitutes
German Mieser Stricher bad male prostitute
Gujarati raand prostitute
Gujarati Halki Raand na son of a cheap prostitute
Gujarati Maa ne ghat bhosdina son of a prostitute/whore
Hawaiian Wahine ho'okamakama prostitute
Hindi Maggi prostitute
Hindi dalli prostitute dealer
Hindi randi ke beej son of a prostitute
Hindi miye ki khala whore / prostitute
Hindi Teri ma randi your mom is a prostitute
Hokkien lok kong kia son of a prostitute
Indian Rand / Randi prostitute
Indonesian gigolo male prostitute
Japanese Baishunfu prostitute
Kannada soole maga bastard or son of a prostitute
Kannada Sule prostitute
Kannada kusalya prostitute dealer
Kannada MinDana maagne son of male prostitute
Kannada Yeno Mindri wassup bitch (male prostitute)
Kazakh Zhalep or Zhalap whore, bitch, prostitute,
Konkani Chedi prostitute
Kutchi Randh whore/prostitute
Latvian mačka slut, prostitute
Lowland scots hoormister male prostitute
Luxembourgish Stricher male prostitute
Malayalam kara vedi local area prostitute
Malayalam Pela vedi most prostitute
Malayalam veshya / veshi; Masa; Thevadichi; vedi prostitute
Manipuri Kasubi prostitute
Marathi Foknicha son of prostitute
Marathi tuza baap dhandewala your father prostitute
Moroccan Salgota prostitute
Motu pumuku prostitute
Neapolitan 'stu ricuttaro 'e mmerda fucking (male) prostitute
Nepali Randi ko baan son of the prostitute
Oriya bedhei a prostitute
Oriya Ghoda Ghein Bedha Toke horse fucking prostitute girl
Oriya randa (Pronounce Ra as robbery not as rabbit; randa (Pronounce Ra as robbery not as rabbit prostitute
Oriya Randi puo prostitute's son
Oriya Bedha toka son of prostitute
Oriya Bedhei pua son of prostitute.
Patois chi chi bwoy gigolo/male prostitute
Persian (farsi) jende khiabooni prostitute
Sambalpuri Gondhra Chona a swear word used by prostitute's
Serbian Jebem ti majku kurvu prostitutku i fuck your mother bitch prostitute
Sinhala Patta wesi bloody prostitute
Sinhala Vesi prostitute
Slovak courvar prostitute
Sotho Likoena lesotho prostitute
Spanish pupila; Puta prostitute
St.lucian Jamette a prostitute
Swahili Malaya mzee the old prostitute
Swahili Malaya mbovu wrotten prostitute
Swahili wewe malaya you prostitute
Swedish horunge prostitute's offspring
Tamil Thevdiya kuthile utta poolu dick that entered prostitute pussy
Tamil Thevdiya kuthile thenu paru da honey in prostitute pussy
Tamil Thatuvani Munda; thevidiya prostitute
Tamil thatuvani kuthi prostitute cunt
Tamil Suthu kolutha thatuvani prostitute having a big ass
Tamil Kuthia virikira thevdia prostitute who opens her pussy
Tamil Thanga Thevdia prostitute who wears gold
Tamil Kuthi kolutha Thevdia prostitute whose pussy is big
Tamil thevidiya punda; auvusaari koodi prostitute's cunt
Tamil thevdiya prostitute; whore
Tamil Sunniya uruvudi thevdia pull the dick you prostitute
Telugu lanja prostitute
Telugu lanja pooka prostitute`s vagina
Telugu lanja - kodka son of a prostitute
Thai ga-rii ¡ÐËÃÕè prostitute (slang)
Trinidadian Jagabat prostitute
Urdu kanjeri kay bachay prostitute child
Vietnamese Du ma may con di ngua fuck you prostitute
Vietnamese con b�n hoa prostitute
Welsh Hwran prostitute
Wolof thiaga bitch, prostitute
Yoruba Ashewo prostitute

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