How to say Pi in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
(pashto) Lewanai stupid/crazy - female
(pashto) Lewanaya stupid/crazy - male
Afghan Koss Gargy expired vagina
Afghan Morda Gaow pimp/whore
Afrikaans Piel cock
Afrikaans piel kop dick head
Afrikaans Pielkop! dickhead!
Afrikaans ek gan jou klap men ñ nat piel im gonna smack u with a wet dick
Afrikaans masapiel mom's penis
Afrikaans onosel fokken etter stupid fucking cunt
Afrikaans Suig my piel. suck my dick.
Afrikaans Mal vark! you crazy pig!
Afrikaans Jou dom stuk kak! you stupid piece of shit!
Afrikaans Jou suster se piel your sister's dick
Albanian ta qifsha nanen ne pidh kari fuck your mother you dick
Albanian ta qifsha pidhin to fuck your pussy
Albanian Pidhi; picka vagina
Amazigh - riffan Akawad pimp
American (louisiana creole) L Tuggle lying stupid bitch
American english Durfee a person who is prone to epic fails
American english Dumb Shit a stupid person
American english fucken dickhead an extremly,stuuuuuuupiid person
American english Pussy Cream Pie cum in your pussy
American english Ass Pirate derogatory name for a homosexual
American english Don't give a piss i do not care / i could care less
American english Taking a piss; Pissing male or female urination
American english pie hole mouth
American english pizza face person with acne
American english Muff pie pussy
American english Asshole stupid/the hole in your bum
American english Piss Cutter vagina
American english Piss fenders vagina lips
American english Your a magikarp your a useless piece of shit
American sign language Form a D handshape tapping your nose dick
American sign language Make your right hand into a fist with your thumb sticking out and pointing upwards (as if giving someone a "thumbs up") Grab your thumb with your left hand, wraping your entire hand around it. Holding your left hand still, pull your right thumb down and o shit
Amharic Assama pig
Amharic dedeb stupid
Amharic dedabe stuppid
Anish Dumme luder ko stupid whore cow
Arabic adreb pipa blow job for me
Arabic bashokh aleek(Palestinians slang) i piss on you
Arabic bashokh alaa imak(Palestinians slang) i piss on your mom
Arabic Ya Bint El-Khinzir! o thy daughter of pig!
Arabic qawad pimp
Arabic wald il qawad son of pimp
Arabic Majdoube stupid
Arabic gewad stupid lowlife pimp (iraqi slang)
Arabic ya aars you pimp
Arabic koos akhotkha hatsola'at your limping sister's pussy
Arabic (lebanese) KISIK D'ARDA i piss on your sister
Arabic (moroccan) Kowwad (a) pimp
Arabic (moroccan) hmar (a) stupid
Arabic (sudanese) ma'aras pimp
Arabic (syrian) yelaan abook arsa damn your pimp dad
Arabic - jordanian Gawwad pimp
Arabic bahraini Haqeer despicable
Arabic bahraini Dayoos you pimp out your own family
Arabic egyptian rozsomack jumping on your mums pussey
Arabic egyptian A'ers; Khorong pimp
Arabic egyptian ya zebala you pile of garbadge!
Arabic iraqi tfo ala kos omak a spit to your mothers pussy
Arabic iraqi Doonie stupid
Arabic kuwait Gawad pimp
Arabic kuwait ya walden kabah son of a pimp
Arabic kuwait ent khanzeer; enta khanzeer you are a pig
Arabic palestine A'akrout; Qawad pimp
Arabic syrian nayket bat arm pit fucking
Arabic syrian ya batroneh female pimp
Arabic syrian ya abo somar name for a pimp
Arabic syrian khalil aire wa kloo pickle my dick and eat it
Arabic syrian dayoth; ya gawad pimp
Arabic syrian emak dlale your mom is a pimp
Aragonese ababol stupid
Argentine chupa pija dick sucker
Argentine Cabeza de pija dickhead
Argentinian estupido de mierda! idiot of shit!!
Asian accent pi ne su penis
Assamese Naliya despicable
Assamese Rendi Dallal pimp
Assyrian qota spista dirty cunt (pussy)
Assyrian spista dirty in girl form
Assyrian ere go pimokh my dick in your mouth
Assyrian Sawa speesa(man) Sota spista(woman) rotten old man/woman
Asturian Pinga bitch
Aussie bush I'm gonna fuck you sideways with your hairy bush pig i've got a bush pig to lend
Aussie slang She's about and sweet as a cat pissing down ur mums cunt have u seen my hairy pussy
Aussie slang Go fuck your self with ur hairy bushed grandmothers g-string u anal rapping butt monkey how's ya family bro
Australia You are a flipping Munch! you are a fucking moron!
Australian dumb as dog shit a stupid person
Australian a few sangas short of a picnic brainless / moron
Australian Fuckstick dick, stupid
Australian Pissed drunk
Australian Pig's arse! i don't care/ i don't believe you
Australian fuck off piss off/fuck off
Australian Dumb as a box of rocks really stupid
Australian dickhead someone who is stupid
Australian Dumb as dog shit stupid
Australian Fuck Wit stupid nasty idiot
Australian Fuck Tard stupid person
Australian gunna shake hands with me best mate take a piss
Australian A face like a dropped pie unattractive person
Australian Lick my salty piss vagina and cock head
Australian ya bluming bafoon! you stupid idiot!
Austrian spü di ned don't do something stupid
Austrian schau ned so deppad don't look so stupid
Austrian Friss Schei�e und krepier eat shit and die
Austrian blade sau fat pig
Austrian Sautrottl fucking idiot (lit. pig-idiot)
Austrian i hau di wia an tanzbärn i'll beat you stupid
Austrian Sauschädl pighead
Avatar: the legends of aang and korra Momo fucking peeping tom
Avatar: the legends of aang and korra just left the spirit world i really have to piss
Azerbaijani pox yeme stop crapping
Azerbaijani Mongol; Axmaq; Gic; Safeh stupid
Azeri ustuve ishiyerem i will piss on your all body
Azeri ushag olarsan u will be achild(silly)stupid
Bahasa melayu Babi pig
Bahasa melayu kayu refers to a stupid person
Bahasa melayu Bodoh stupid
Balkanish-russian Koya mala pichkitsa! what a little pussy!
Baluchi eibrew dirty pig
Bangla Bokachoda stupid fucker
Barbadian Dumpsy stupid
Baseball Draft Beer; Light Beer gay male piss
Baseball I Gotta Take A Time Out i gotta go take a piss
Baseball I Need To Take A Time Out i need to go take a piss
Baseball Umpire large ugly person
Bavarian Saubeidl penis of a pig
Bavarian Saubua son of a pig!
Bavarian blaeda depp stupid idiot
Bavarian Sie Brunzkache, sie obislde you (are a) pissed toilettile
Bavarian Du bisd doch z blaed zum scheissn! you are too stupid to shit.
Belarusan Kurva piardolanaja fucking whore
Belarusan Pizdabol' idiot
Belgian-dutch Truttemie stupid woman
Bengali boka choda stupid fucker
Betawinese Memek merah jambu pinky pussy
Betawinese Dasar babi loe! you damn pig!
Bisaya Pisti Ka screw you
Bisaya Pisti kang yawa'a ka screw you, you fuckhead devil!
Bisaya Bogo stupid
Bosnian i di u picku maternu go back in you moms pussy
Bosnian Mrš u pizdu materinu go into pussy mom
Bosnian Idi u pičku materinu go to your mom's vagina
Bosnian Mami ti krajnike ispitam i inspect your mothers tonsils
Bosnian Slovenska picka slovenian pussy
Bosnian Pička ti materina; pitcku maternu your mom's vagina
Bosnian Picka ti materina your mother is a kilt
Brazil Piranha whore
Brazilian portuguese Puta, Vadia, Piranha, Vagabunda, Cachorra, Cadela bitch, whore, slut
Brazilian portuguese Cafet�o pimp
Brazilian portuguese Chupa miro piro suck my dick
Breaking baddish Stay out of my territory best get to steppin' and fuck off.
Breoon Kwatan de nur pissat moreono ta de son of bitch
Breoon Jeca-Jeca stupid whore mother fucker
British Piss off go away
British Piss-Flaps lips of the vagina
British fucking cunt useless piece of shit
Bruneian Taloo; palui; buduh stupid
Bulgarian Umri ot spin die from aids
Bulgarian Da ti pikam v ustata! i'm gonna piss in your mouth!
Bulgarian Nedugava Tupa Putka lame stupid cunt
Bulgarian putka zaspala sleeping cunt
Bulgarian Pitchka ti lelina your aunt's cunt
Bulgarian Pichka ti lelina! your aunt's pussy!
Calabrese va piglalo in culo go fuck yourself
Calabrese sminchiato idiot / stupid
Canadian pissfuck poohead
Canadian go fuck your hat. you are a cluster fuck of stupidity
Canarian sarpica! get the fuck off!!
Canarian te piso la cabeza i'll kick you big time
Cantonese mung hai crazy cunt = stupid bitch
Cantonese Ngong Kau fucking stupid
Cat Pisses on your stuff fuck you bitch!
Cat hiss claw piss off bitch
Chilean Saco de weas (literally ball sack) stupid/idiot
Chilean Chupa pico cock sucker!
Chilean Pico dick
Chilean Pico Conchetumadre! dick motherfucker!
Chilean pico con la wea fuck it
Chinese »ëÇò£m dumb bastard, stupid piece of shit
Chinese Ping ying: Chao Ni ma de Gi ba fuck your moms dick
Chinese 干你娘的屁眼(gan ni niang de pi yan) fuck your mother's asshole
Chinese wo cao ni ma de pi guo i fucked your moms ass
Chinese Sha bi stupid cunt
Chinese sharbie stupid shit
Chinese 你妈卖批 ni ma mai pi your mum sells her pussy
Colombian Piro bad person, bully
Colombian aguevado; atembado stupid
Colombian güevón stupid, idiot, asshole
Colombian esa gonorrea es una pecueca! tht piece of shit is a nobody
Colombian spanish Pirobo/a bad person, asshole
Cook islands maori piapia smelly cock
Costa rican Car'e picha dick face
Creole pilon gay
Creole (cape verdean) pichoti penis
Creole (cape verdean) Rostu ma pitada pussy face
Creole (mauritian) Boire pissar drink pee
Creole (mauritian) pi sousoute foul smell of pussy
Creole (mauritian) bour sa pitin la fuck that bitch/whore
Creole (mauritian) Pilon homosexual
Creole (mauritian) ti liki pi lil smelly pussy
Creole (mauritian) Ti pitin little bitch
Creole (mauritian) papuk pi pennis which stincks badly
Creole (mauritian) pitin prostitute / fuck
Creole (mauritian) piti 2 papa son of two fathers
Creole (mauritian) Lave sopinne, Poli badinne wanking
Creole (mauritian) Grand pitin whore, bitch, slut
Creole (mauritian) to gogot senti pi your dick smells
Creole (mauritian) sounepapi your father's balls
Creole (mauritian) Tor ma pitin your mom's a bitch
Creole (mauritian) To laguel senti pi your mouth stinks
Creole (mauritian) torma piss diboute your mum has a cock
Creole mauritian Pitin bitch
Creole mauritian to p piss difer you are revolting
Croatian (Idi) u trie pičke materine! (go) to three of your mother's cunts!
Croatian (Idi) u pičku materinu! (go) to your mother's cunt!
Croatian pičkin dim cunt's smoke (something easy or worthless)
Croatian Jebem ti sve po spisku! fuck everything on your list!
Croatian Jebo sliku svoju! fuck your own picture!
Croatian jebi se pitcka go fuck yourself cunt
Croatian MrÅ¡ u pičku materinu! go to your mother's pussy!
Croatian dobra picka good pussy
Croatian Jebem te glupa. i fuck you stupid.
Croatian Jebo ti ja mater glupu i fuck your stupid mother
Croatian Navući ću ti pičku preko glave. i'll stretch your cunt over your head.
Croatian U pičku strininu! in your aunts cunt
Croatian Liži pičku! lick a cunt!
Croatian Mars u picku materinu march to your mother's c**t
Croatian pièka ti se zgadila! may you find pussy repulsive
Croatian Govno jedno piece of shit
Croatian Pizdolizac pussy licker
Croatian Ko te jebe glupane! who fuck you so stupid!
Croatian Ko te napravija tako glupa! who made you so stupid?
Croatian Pičko jedna šugava! you gross cunt!
Croatian Glupi majmune! you stupid monkey!
Croatian, serbian Picka cunt
Croatian, serbian smrdljiva picka smelly cunt
Croatian, serbian Popusi mi ga pizdo suck my dick you cunt
Cuban Mama pinga cocksucker
Cuban cabeza de pinga dickhead
Cuban Vete pa casa de la pinga fuck off
Cuban pinguero hustler
Cuban Come pinga idiot
Cuban mojaneta little piece of shit
Cuban mama la pinga suck my dick
Cypriot pippa blow job
Cypriot pittako moutsoune face is being flat
Cypriot gamo tin pisti mou fuck my religion
Cypriot Gamo ton shisto pou se pitise i fuck the pussy that squirted you
Cypriot Piso glentis party from behind
Czech Piča; piicha cunt
Czech Di do piči! fuck off
Dalian Biao stupid
Danish Pikansjos (lit) dick anchovy
Danish Pik cock
Danish Pik slikker cock sucker
Danish klamme so desgusting girl pig
Danish pik dick
Danish Pikhoved! dickhead!
Danish Slik omkring mit pikhovede lick around my dickhead
Danish Dumme svin! stupid pig!
Danish Sut røv, pikhoved. suck ass, dickhead.
Danish Sut Min Pik; Sut min pik suck my dick
Danish Sut min pik! suck my dick!
Danish Tag min pik i din fisse nu take my dick in your pussy now
Danish Pikspiller wanker
Danish Din lille lort you little piece of shit
Danish Din dumme idiot you stupid idiot
Dari (farsi) Morda gow pimp
Deptic Guq Oafagle Pi Fiq Duzla vegruo i pissed in your milk bitch
Dhivehi goruboe drink piss
Dhivehi Nagookendi pig (very offensive)
Disney princess faith, trust and pixie dust sex,sex and more sex
Dog humping your leg fuck me
Dog Pisses on your bed fuck you.
Dog BARK BARK i piss on you at night
Dominican Mama Pinga cock sucker
Dominican te aruno malvado sexual grasping
Dota 2 OpieOP xboct
Dutch Pisvlek piss stain
Dutch pislul pissdick
Dutch Stomme klootzak! stupid asshole!
Dutch Domme Kutslet stupid slut
Dutch Dombo stupidhead
Dutch (brabants) koek wous pimp cake
Dutch (brabants) leipe zeverzak stupid dipstick
Dutch (holland/belgium) Stuk verdriet; Stuk verdriet piece of sadness
Dutch (street slang) Ben je kaulo dom? are you fucking stupid?
Dutch(limburgs) stomme vloai stupid pie
Dutch, belgian dialect Dwoazen stupid
Ebonics I be ma fuckin pimpin an shit! i feel pretty good!
El salvadorian Cara de pija! penis face!
England Peter Piss piss on your mom
England Piss Pot someone who talks bull
England shit for brains stupid
England wank stain very stupid and horrible person
English Ram my shitpipe
English total tool absolutely 100% stupid
English pissprat bullshit
English piizda cunt
English pipele dick
English gobble the helmet spit eats ejaculation
English spin one off her chin ejaculate in a girls face
English Creampie ejaculate into a vagina
English spiceny fucking (adjective)
English Butt pirate gay man
English balls slapping against her chin hard oral sex
English Pillow Bighter homesexual male
English butt pirate homosexual male
English bopping the bologna; snapping the carrot male masturbation
English Piki pussy
English Cock eyed Cunt. stupid ugly person
English you weedle you weak piece of shit!!!
English you fucking pisstaker your annoying
Esperanto piĉo pussy
Estonian Mine ja keppi ennast! cunt sucker
Estonian Kepi oma ema fuck your mother
Estonian Mine ja keppi ennast go and fuck yourself
Estonian piss/kusi piss
Estonian peksa pihku piss off
Estonian loll lits stupid bitch
Estonian kusema/pissima (v) to piss
Fag-tok Gagona! (gah.go'.nah) stupid bitch!
Faroese Heitasta hulasta helviti! hottest deepest pits of hell!
Faroese Pápi tín er pedofil your dad is a pedophile
Farsi arabe dayus arabs pimp their wives
Farsi kir tu sooraakh por pashmo pinat dick in your fucking hairy hole
Farsi olagh donkey (stupid)
Farsi Gooreto Gom Kon fuck off, piss off, beat it
Farsi Lashy jurk, piece of shit
Farsi antikke piece of shit
Farsi Kosskesh; kos kesh pimp
Farsi koon kesh pimp of gay prostitutes
Farsi tofkar spits on ass when he fucks
Farsi kos khol; kos maghz; kos mokh; Lawda stupid
Filipino Tanga ng piraso ng tae stupid piece of shit
Filipino Sipsipin mo ang titi ko suck my dick
Filipino Ang bobo mo! you're stupid!
Finnish Persläpi asshole
Finnish Kusipää asshole (lit. pisshead)
Finnish Perseraiskattu pirihuora assraped crackwhore
Finnish Pillu cunt
Finnish vitun kusimulkku fucking pissdick
Finnish vitun kusipää fucking pisshead
Finnish nuolla pillua puhdistaa lick my pussy clean
Finnish Nuole mutsis likaista pillua. lick your mothers dirty cunt.
Finnish kusipaeae pisshead
Finnish Paskaa syövä koiranraiskaaja shit eating dog rapist
Finnish pieni kyrpä small penis
Finnish Pasko kahvikuppiin take a shit in a coffee cup
Firefly go tsao de dog humping
Firefly Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng frog-humping son of a bitch
Firefly Chiang-bao hoe-tze duh monkey raping
Firefly Tah mah duh hwoon dahn mother humping son of a bitch
Firefly niao se duh doo-gway piss-soaked pikers
Firefly jung chi duh go-se dway steaming crap pile
Firefly Bun tyen-shung duh ee-dway-Ro stupid inbred stack of meat
Fish Pineapple i will eat your fucking sponges!
Football (american) Lemonade; Clear Water Cider athlete piss
Football (american) Squeezing Out My Grapefruit; Squeezing Out My Lemon; Squeezing Out The Grapefruit Juice; Squeezing Out The Grapefruitade; Squeezing Out The Lemon Juice; Squeezing Out The Lemonade athlete pissing
Football (american) Hot Ginger Ale ; Hot Apple Cider gay male piss
Football (american) Tackle groping
French Il est stupide he is stupid
French je pis dans ta bouche i pis in your mouth
French Casse toi!; allez, va t'en piss off
French Casse-toi, idiot(e)! piss off, idiot!
French Imbecile stupid, asshole
French merde embulante walking piece of shit
French Vous êtes stupide you are stupid
French tu mangeras le tas you can eat the pile
French Tu commence � m'enmerder ! you're starting to piss me off !
French-acadian(chiac) Estie de conne(for female) or Estie de con(for male) fuckin stupid
French-acadian(chiac) Mon maudit innocent you stupid fool
Fujianese ba lei stupid
Ga Olu you stupid
Gago, gaga Gago ka you're stupid
Galician tata yeezda pizda, mama yeezda hoy father eats pussy, mamma sucks dick
Gamer Epic awesome
German blutige Sau bloody pig ; bloody bitch
German verpiss dich fuck off
German Varpiss dich! fuck off!
German Pisser fucker
German Fich dich Der arschfotze go sit on a pine cone
German Schweinepriester pigpriest
German Lude pimp
German Verpiss dich! piss off / fuck off
German Drecksau shit pig
German Trottel stupid
German Blvdes Arschloch stupid asshole
German Dumme Schlampe. stupid bitch.
German Dummes Huhn stupid chicken
German Bloede Kuh stupid cow
German Blvde Fotze stupid cunt
German Dummkopf stupid head
German Du Schweinehund! you pig-dog!
German du dumme kuh you stupid cow
German du blöde stinkfotze you stupid stinking cunt
Ghana Kwasia (kwa-se-ya) stupid
Gorani ti jebem dada vo picka fuck your mother's pussy
Greek pare mou pipa (take my 'pipe')= suck my dick
Greek pipa blowjob
Greek Olympiacos club of wankers
Greek Skopianos dickhead
Greek Pidiksu fuck you
Greek Yamo to spiti su fuck your house
Greek gamoto mouni tis laspis fucking dirty cunt
Greek kotsiros (cyprus dialect) piece of shit
Greek Vlima stupid (head is an empty shell)
Greek βλακας vlakas - stupid
Greek nupidio tis kinonias wanker of the world
Greenlandic Sianiik so stupid
Guaraní Terehó na ejapiró túnare. fuck you!
Guaraní Yapiro fuckyou
Guaraní ejapiro tuna ari go jerk off on a cactus
Gujarati tari bosri kaapi karwa i will cut your vagina
Gujarati pim pim little fart
Gujarati bhosdo piki, pussy
Gujarati Bhadvo pimp
Gujarati pikina son of a bitch
Gujarati Pikina you male cunt
Guyanese koona moona a stupid scared person
Guyanese paglee; koo nu moo nu stupid
Guyanese stupidy bill stupid person
Gypsy Pi mugo car suck my dick
Gypsy Transpirate Mish sweaty vagina
Haitian creole Kochon pig
Hakka Si Chun stupid
Halari mari pikima taro lodo ghaal put your dick in my pussy
Hawaiian pikanini runt (from eng. "pickaninny")
Hawaiian Kanapapiki son of a bitch
Hawaiian Lolo stupid
Hawaiian Lolo Kanapapiki stupid son of a bitch
Hebrew hatichat hara mizdayen batachat assfucking piece of shit
Hebrew noshech kariot bites pillows( takes it up the ass)
Hebrew Arab; Aravi dirty pig
Hebrew Al ta'atzben otti! don't piss me off
Hebrew Leh Timzoz La'Apiphior go suck the pope's dick
Hebrew ani ekraa ot-haa!; ani ekraa othaa! i will tear you to pieces
Hebrew Hatichat harah piece of shit
Hebrew Hatichat Hara! piece of shit!
Hebrew tipesh kmo naal stupid like a shoe
Hebrew ma ata mefager what are you stupid
Hebrew Yah pin noteph ziva you gonorrhea dripping penis
Hebrew Koos akhotkha hatsola'at your limping sister's pussy
Hiligaynon dako pitoy huge dick
Hiligaynon lagari-on ko karon pitoy mo i'll chop off your dick
Hiligaynon angsudon stinky armpit
Hindi suvar chod pig fucker
Hindi rand ki moot piss of call girl
Hindi choot ka pissu pussy tick
Hmong pim loj big pussy
Hmong mob pim cunt
Hmong khau pim itch pussy
Hmong txiag pim (chia pee) pussy fucker
Hmong npua lwj rotten pig
Hobo can cuping pissing in can
Hobo pig alert police alert
Hokkien Tu bin pig face
Hokkien Tu Lan pig's dick
Hokkien Su ku stupid
Hokkien Gong Lan stupid dick
Hondurian(spanish) la gran pija conceited
Hungarian Picsa cunt
Hungarian Picsába damn
Hungarian Ici pici fasz itty bitty dick
Hungarian Te geci szurospics�ju kurva you fucking haired-pussy bitch
Hungarian Anyád picsája! your mother's cunt!
Ibo Onye Nzuzu stupid person
Icelandic vesalings sv�ni� �itt miserable pig
Ilocano (philippines) Toree stupid
Ilocano (philippines) nag ampep ta pipit mo your pussy stinks
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) hangud ang pitoy mo your dick is big
India miyan bhadvi original lady pimp
Indonesian otak melayu extremely stupid
Indonesian Kontol babi loe! what a piggy dick you are!
Indonesian Babi Lo ! you pig !
Indonesian Bego lu! you stupid!
Iraqi haker despicable
Irish Bloody Cunt stupid shit
Irish english fecking eegit stupid person
Irish gaelic loc na mhuice pigs' shit
Irish gaelic Chomh tiubh le balla bríce! stupid (thick as a brick wall)
Isindebele Ipipi dick
Italian Porco Dio / Porco Iddio (blasphemy) literally: "pig god"
Italian un pompino blowjob
Italian Pompinara cock sucker
Italian cazzo di merda dickfaced piece of shit
Italian porco Dio god the pig
Italian Mi piace ciucciarti la figa i like to suck your pussy
Italian Porca Miseria miserable pig
Italian Pezzo di merda; pezzo di merda piece of shit
Italian porco cane pig dog / fucking guy
Italian Porca Madonna pig madonna
Italian ce l'hai piccolo you got a small (dick)
Italian Tu piezza di merda! you piece if shit!
Jail house Rock Spider pedophile
Jamaican Y yuh so bomboclaat daak why are you so fucking stupid
Japanese omae baka ka? are you stupid?
Japanese stupid bitch baka mesu
Japanese Shōben (小便) piss
Japanese baka yaroo; bakayaro stupid bastard
Japanese baka inu stupid dog(like mine)
Japanese Baka bah oom stupid old hag
Japanese nampa suru to hit on, pick up a girl [or boy]
Japanese shomben to piss
Javanese germo pimp
Javanese tempik pussy
Kannada Singri armpit hair
Kannada Ninna mokke nan makLu uchche huyya may my kids piss on your face
Kannada handhi pig
Kapampangan (pampanga) alang balu! moron/ stupid
Kapampangan (pampanga) babi/ babe/ babi ca/ cababian mo pig!/ you're a pig/ dirty minded
Kapampangan (pampanga) Bolang stupid
Kapampangan (pampanga) misdan/ tanga/ gago or gaga stupid/ dumb/ moron
Kashmiri thapi karani fucking
Kashmiri sa here tok mi haijla stupid bitch
Kazakh Auzinga sieiyin piss into your mouth
Khmer Hai'nh Lop Maen Dtaen you're really stupid.
Kiswahili Kumanina stupid fucker
Klingon petaQ; Qovpatlh; taHqeq; toDSaH; yIntagh general epithet, insult
Klingon P'Tok spineless human child
Konkani shet maar pilluk fuck off(kind off)
Korean shipi fuck u
Korean Kuh-juh piss off!/fuck off!
Korean Babo; bingu; pa-bo stupid
Korean um chang sae kki stupid whore
Korean jotbab weak piece of shit
Kreole (seychelles) pilon (pronounced "pilo" with a nasal effect at the end) homosexual (gay)
Krèyol ayisien Grenn Koshon balls of a pig
Kurdish (kurmanci) orispi bitch
Kurdish (sorani) Pishker you are disgusting
Latgalian Pipalyz'ga cocksucker
Latgalian Izpisine't to fuck up
Latin vaca stutta stupid cow
Latin Tu es stultior quam asinus you are stupider than an ass
Latvian Sapisiens a fuckup
Latvian Pidars or Pidarass child fucker
Latvian Pipele; Pimpis dick
Latvian Pimpausis dickear
Latvian pip�uks dickhead
Latvian pimpja dz�sla dickhead (literally - cock's vein)
Latvian Piderass faggot
Latvian Atpis vītni fuck a thread
Latvian Ta pis! fuck it!
Latvian ej pist; Pisies dirst; Atpisies fuck off
Latvian Pis sūdu! [pis soodu] fuck shit!
Latvian pislis fucker
Latvian pie dirsas i don't give a fuck
Latvian Ej bekot! literally: "go pick mushrooms"
Latvian kapeikas piseejs penny fucker
Latvian piedraazt screw it!
Latvian Aizpis muti! shut the fuck up!
Latvian Sūkā pimpi suck my cock
Latvian Pupi tits
Latvian pirst to fart
League of legends Master Yi super noob champion
Lingala Zoba Nyama stupid animal
Lion roar roar rrrr fuck off you stupid anus
Lithuanian Pisk ish chia (get the) fuck outta here!
Lithuanian myzalas (meazhalas) a piss
Lithuanian Uzhsipisk kryzhmai crossfuck yourself
Lithuanian Pize cunt
Lithuanian Ipises drunk
Lithuanian Pirdalius farter
Lithuanian pisk ozi (pisk ozhee) fuck a goat
Lithuanian atsipisk fuck off
Lithuanian eik pist fuck off (lit. go fuck something)
Lithuanian atsipisk! fuck off!
Lithuanian pisk savo mama fuck your mum
Lithuanian Nuopisa fucked up piece of shit
Lithuanian pislys; Pisuoklis fucker
Lithuanian supista pyzda fucking cunt
Lithuanian Supistai supistas fucking fucked
Lithuanian uzsipisk go fuck yourself
Lithuanian Shudas piece of shit
Lithuanian Kiaule pig
Lithuanian Mizhnius pisser
Lithuanian Pizdukas pussy
Lithuanian pisti / pisk to fuck / fuck
Lithuanian Uzhpisi your are pissing me off
Lithuanian Pizda tau your fucked
Lombard Pirla dick
Lombard Strunz de merda piece of shit
Louisiana creole Piké twa fuck you
Louisiana creole cochon pig
Macedonian kopile bastard
Macedonian Muggeray epice donkey fuck
Macedonian U PICKU MATER! fuck the mother in the pussy
Macedonian picka ti mater fuck your mother
Macedonian Odi u picku mater! go in your mother's pussy!
Macedonian Idi u picku majcinu go to mothers pussy
Macedonian lizhi pichka lick a vagina
Macedonian pisser, coward mocko (mochko)
Macedonian up your mums cunt picka ti mater
Macedonian Mozko ('motschko') pisser, coward,
Macedonian pickino vlakno pussy hair
Macedonian Vunasti pichkojed ron jeremy (wooly cunt-eater)
Macedonian Budala "Boo-da-la"; Budala "Boo-da-la"; Glupav , Smotan , Mule stupid
Macedonian majku picku ur mums pussy
Macedonian Picka ti Majcina your mother pussy
Macedonian Pichka ti majchina your mums pussy
Makronesian(conlang) Doff stupid
Malay Kepala pituk dickhead (literally)
Malay babi pig
Malay Pale bana stupid head
Malay Rosmah bodoh! stupid hippo!
Malay bodoh macam biskut stupid like hell..
Malayalam Andi pidiyan dick catcher
Malayalam appikunna dirty penis
Malayalam panniyoli pig fucker
Malayalam Ettukali Patti Pooran spider pussy bitch
Malaysian Ju tou mo lo brainless pig head
Malaysian bodoh sial stupid crazy
Malaysian babi kau you pig
Malaysian Muka kau macam burit babi your face looks like a pig's ass
Mandarin sagua stupid
Mandarin sha bi (傻屄) NOT sa bi; Sa Bi (not sha bi); sha bi (傻屄) NOT sa bi stupid cunt
Mandarin Ni zui le! (its pinyin) you're drunk!
Manipuri thugakpi a girl who is flaunting her pussy
Manipuri thigunlao person with gaping asshole
Marathi Bhadavya; akkar mashi pimp
Marathi Phodree Pisat pussy crazy
Marathi fodri pisaat pussy maniac
Marathi tuji ai mutli madkyat phala-phala ur mother pissed in pot
Massachusettian Wicked fuck in pissa really good
Mazandarani arek barek; shefte kos stupid
Mexican pito dick
Mexican pinga dick (slang)
Mexican Pinche culero fucken asshole
Mexican pinche punietas fucking jaggoff
Mexican chupame la pinga lick my dick
Mexican Pendejo stupid ass
Mexican Chupa Mi Pito suck my dick
Mine craft Can I put my pickaxe in your diamond ore? can i shove my dick up yo' ass?
Minecraft I will put my pickaxe in your diamond i will shove my dick up yo' ass
Mizo mawng bawl pimpled arse
Moldavian Pidaras gay
Moldavian amuz itz zapizdesk suka i will slap you bitch
Moldavian M-am zaibit! i'm fucking pissed!
Moldavian sa-ti chiara porshii let your pigs die
Mongolian Gii Chii Pizda bitch
Mongolian Pizda (Пизда) cunt
Mongolian Te Nig Pizda dumb ass
Montenegrin Jebi Ciganka picka fuck a gypsy's pussy
Montenegrin Lick my pussy polizi mi picku
Navajo Diigis stupid
Neapolitan Puorco 'e mmerda fucking pig
Neapolitan piglio 'n culo take it up the ass
Neapolitan tu si shem' your an idiot/stupid
Nederlands (dutch) dikke zeug fat (female)pig
Nepali sungghur pig
Nepali moot piss
Nepali mootday piss-it
Nepali pinko pussy
New zealand Munter a stupid person
Newfoundland Piss-a-bed local name for dandelion.
Newfoundland Chuckle head stupid
Nicaragua comemierda piece of shit
Nigeria, igbo Ohu ezi pig cunt
Nigeria,igbo Ohu ezi pig cunt
Niue Lino pink pussy
Niuean Fikogo (fee-ko-ngo) bag of piss
Northern irish Piss Up drinking
Norwegian dumme faen (you)stupid fuck
Norwegian pikk cock
Norwegian Pikk dick
Norwegian pikkantilope og firkant raev dick-antelope and square-ass
Norwegian pikkhue dickhead
Norwegian jævla pikkhue fucking dickhead
Norwegian Manndige pikk med mye hår man dick with a lots of pubic hair
Norwegian soppspiste pitbulkukkforhud mushroom infected pit bull foreskin
Ojibwe Hegii thats fucking stupid
Ojibwe O'Wiinag thats stupid as fuck
Ojibwe Ankiinuk your a really stupid person
Oriya Ghusuri ghiaa pig fucker
Oromo Gowa stupid
Oshiwambo Ongobe ilai stupid cow (common insult)
Pakistan Dalla pimp
Palau meses su uau (wow); meses su uau (wow) stupid
Papiamentu pindew whimp
Papiamentu Bo ta papia kens. you're talking shit.
Paupa new guinea kuapim mi fuck me
Paupa new guinea kuapim mi strong fuck me hard
Paupa new guinea kuapim khan blo mi fuck my pussy
Paupa new guinea Kuapim yu yet fuck yourself
Pedian Tikhri o piravu fuck off
Persian Khoyamal stupid sperm sucker
Persian (farsi) Dayyoos; Ghorom saagh; Ja kesh; Kos kesh pimp
Persian (farsi) torke char stupid turk
Perto rico no sea bruto dont be stupid
Philipino Gago (male)/ gaga (female) moron/ stupid
Philipino Anak ng pi stupid.
Phone piip piip piiiiiiiiip fuck your mother
Pidgin Mi laik kuapim yu i want to fuck you
Piemontese Picia bitch
Piemontese Piciu dick
Piemontese salopa female pig
Piemontese Vatlu pie' ant'el cul go fuck yourself
Pig latin Upidstay itchbay stupid bitch
Pikachu pika pika ka pika francesco sucks dick
Pikachu Pi fuck; to fuck
Pikachu pikachu fucking bitches like a pro
Pikachu Pika Pi fucking fuck
Pikachu Pi Pika Pi go fuck your pokéball
Pikachu Pika Pika Pika! i'm cumming!
Pikachu pika pika pi pika nathan sucks dick
Pikachu Pika-chu to fuck a bitch
Pikachu Pika to fuck hard
Pikachu Pika Pika to fuck violently
Pikachu pik pika pika !!! your dick has stipneck!!!
Pilipino Tanga ka! you are stupid!
Pohnpeian pien nomw your mothers vagina
Pokemon Picachu I choose you!!! fuck you, you muther
Pokemon My Caterpie just evolved into a Metapod. i just got a boner.
Pokemon Pikachu, I choose you! i want to have sex with your mom
Pokemon You pikachu you have a small dick
Polish Pizda cunt
Polish wpierdalaj gowno swojego psa eat your dog shit
Polish pierdol j� mocno fuck her powerfully
Polish Spierdalaj; odpierdol sie; Wypierdalaj fuck off
Polish Pierdol sie fuck off / get fucked
Polish pierdolę cię fuck you
Polish Spierdalaj ty glupia pizda fuck you, you stupid cunt
Polish ja pierdole fuck!
Polish rozpierdol fucking mess
Polish Wypierdalaj stad get the fuck out
Polish Wypierdalaj st±d get the fuck out of here
Polish najebaæ siê/napierdoliæ siê get totally drunk
Polish Idz pierdol matke twojego kumpla go and fuck your friends mother
Polish pierdol sie go fuck yourself
Polish przejebaæ, przepierdoliæ loose, waste money, fail
Polish Ja pierdole... oh fuck...
Polish swinia pig!
Polish alfons pimp
Polish Odpierdol Sie; Spieprzaj piss off
Polish pizda, pipa, pipka, cipka pussy
Polish spierdoliæ screw something up/run away
Polish wkurwiasz mnie you are pissing me off
Polish pierdolony kutasiarzu you fucking dickhead
Portuguese pica, piroca, caralho cock
Portuguese Picha; Pila cock, dick
Portuguese Pichota dick, cock
Portuguese pininho little cock
Portuguese Monte de merda pile of shit
Portuguese Parvo stupid, crazy.
Portuguese Choncho stupid, foolish
Portuguese Chupa-me a pila suck on my dick
Portuguese Mijar to piss
Portuguese (brazil) Pica; pinto; Pinto; Piroca dick
Portuguese (brazil) Piriguete slutty girl
Portuguese (brazil) Piru pequeno small cock
Portuguese (brazil) piriguete whore
Post-apocalyptia Bighorner Dropping dumbass
Puerto rican mamao stupid (asshole)
Puerto rican sangano stupid dumb ass
Punjabi soor pig
Punjabi dallah pimp
Punjabi Bewakoof stupid
Pushto spi lurr daughter of a bitch
Pushto Dalal pimp
Pushto bowli piss
Pushto khlo ke de meetyazay o na kam piss in your mouth
Pushto spi zoe son of a bitch
Pushto Hanzeer Bacha son of a pig/ swine
Pushto spinay white boy
Quebec (sex) Gros criss de tas de marde. big piece of shit
Quebec (sex) P'tite criss d'agace pissette. young bitch teaser
Quebecois Fait chier pisses me off
Quebecois t'ant pis por toi tough shit for you
Redneck stupid city slikers dum asses
Redneck Yerr Dum Arse Piece of Dung you dumb ass piece of shit
Romana Te bag in pizda la ma-ta. i put you into your mother's cunt.
Romana Bagate-as inapoi in pizda ma-ti shove u back in your mothers vagina
Romana Pulalau stupid guy
Romana, moldavian Du-te in pizda matii go to the pussy of your mother
Romanian Pizda jegoasa dirty pussy
Romanian hali-mi-ai pizda eat my pussy
Romanian Mancami-ai pizda! eat my pussy!
Romanian du-te-n pizda ma-tii! go back in your mother's cunt!
Romanian Mancata-si pizda! i'd eat your pussy!
Romanian Te ling in pizda! i'll lick you in your pussy!
Romanian Sa te pis in freza ! i'll pee on your head
Romanian Sa ma pupi la coaie kiss my balls
Romanian Lingea-me-ai cateaua in pizda lick my dog (girl) in her pussy
Romanian Linge-ma in pizda.; Linge-ma pizda. lick my pussy.
Romanian pisa-ti-ai tamponul piss your tampon
Romanian panarama stupid obnoxious whore
Romanian Pizda proasta you stupid pussy
Russian Piz'duk bullshitter
Russian Пиздаеб (Pizdayob) cunt fucker
Russian Piz'da cunt-pussy
Russian Polnyi pizdets fubar (fucked up beyond all repair)
Russian pidaryuga fucking gay
Russian ebanatyi pidaraz fucking motherfucker
Russian Pidor gay man
Russian Pokazhi pizdu detka show your cunt baby
Russian Durak stupid
Russian Loh (лох) stupid (very strong)
Russian Tupa shmara stupid whore
Russian Poloochít Pizdyooléy to be hitted by
Russian Pizdet' to bullshit
Russian Tebe Pizd'ets you are fucked.
Samoan moepi bed wetter
Samoan kipi lou pau cut your skin (foreskin)
Samoan le kipi foreskin/ hasnt cut
Samoan ai kae lou alelo go eat shit u stupid.
Samoan pipi elo stink pussy
Samoan valea stupid.
Samoan melo melo lou pi your vagina is glittery
Sardinian Manc�i ti pighiri unu lampu may a lighting strike you
Sardinian Arrogh'e merda piece of shit
Scottish piss up my killt fuck off, move away
Scottish Away an raffle yersel milder form of piss off.
Scottish pish; pesh piss
Scottish Glakit Cunt stupid looking cunt
Scottish glaikit hoore stupid whore
Scottish yer talking pish what you are saying is not accurate
Scottish Yer talkin pish your claims are unlikely
Scottish gaelic a phit, pit, phitean a/the cunt, cunt
Serbian izeš mi krv iz pičku (ezehsh me khrv eez peach-koo eat my pussy´s blood
Serbian Jebo siljat kolac fuck spiky pole
Serbian Picku ti mater! (pich-ku te ma-ter) fuck u/ motha fucka
Serbian Jebem te u glavu Å¡untavu fuck you in the stupid head
Serbian Jebem ti sestru u picku fuck your sister in a pussy
Serbian Mrsh u pichku materinu go to your mothers pussy
Serbian Jebem ti oca u pičku materinu. i fuck your father in mothers cunt
Serbian jebem ti majku pizdalizec i fuck your mother pussy licker
Serbian popisam ti se na to ill piss on that yours
Serbian Picka ti se ogadila pussy becames ugly to you
Serbian pickin dim smoke of the pussy
Serbian Glup ko kurac. stupid as cock.
Serbian picko jedna you are a pussyy!!!!
Serbian Picko rutava you cunt with hairy pussy
Serbian Govno yedno you piece of shit.
Serbian Picko jedna you pussy,coward!
Serbian Some! you stupid ass.
Serbian pičko ziljava you ugly cunt
Serbian majku picku,picku majku yours mums pussy,your pussy's mum
Setswana chechela small dried fiecie piece
Sexting IJSAP i just screwed a pie
Sexting JLWITP just looks weird in that picture
Shona (zimbabwe) tsete small piece of shit
Shona (zimbabwe) Mboko stupid (slang)
Sichuanese (chinese) pi wawa cunt boy
Sichuanese (chinese) ri ni ma pi; ri ni ma le go pi fuck your mom's cunt
Sichuanese (chinese) ma mai ma pi; ma mai pi mom sells cunt
Sichuanese (chinese) gua cuocuo stupid and clumsy
Sichuanese (chinese) gua bu lai tai stupid and dump
Sichuanese (chinese) gua xi liu le stupid and wretched
Sichuanese (chinese) gua pi stupid cunt
Sichuanese (chinese) gua mi gua yan stupid faced
Sichuanese (chinese) gua wazi stupid kid/man
Sichuanese (chinese) gua po niang stupid woman
Sichuanese (chinese) gua xixi stupid!
Sichuanese (chinese) pi (anyword) stupid/fucking (...)
Siciliano Pezzi i Medda piece of shit
Sindhi Bharvo; Dallo pimp
Sindhi Pirhain khe to your father
Sindhi Pirhain ji yaar; Pirhain ji yaar (adding "Jo" will make the Paramour masculine) your father's girlfriend/paramour
Sinhala Thota hena gahapiya curse you
Slang yer a fanny you are stupid
Slovak plna pica a lot of (literally full cunt)
Slovak picovina bullshit (extremely vulgar)
Slovak o picny chlp by a cunt-hair, a little, not much
Slovak pica cunt
Slovak picifuz cunthair (strong insult of a man)
Slovak ritopich faggot
Slovak idz/chod materi do pice ! fuck off !
Slovak ani pica fuck-all (nothing)
Slovak zapiceny fucking (adjective)
Slovak popici front fucking awesome
Slovak po pici fucking brilliant
Slovak pripiceny fucking crazy (extremely offensive)
Slovak popicovka fucking kickass thing
Slovak drz picu hold your cunt ! (stop talking)
Slovak Jebem ti picu ! i fuck your cunt !
Slovak Jebem picu tvojej matere ! i fuck your mothers cunt !
Slovak Jebem ti picu materinu ! i fuck your mother´s cunt
Slovak Osral som ti picu ! i shit over your cunt !
Slovak do pice ! into the cunt ! (strong oath)
Slovak do pice vyjebanej skurvenej ! into the cunting fucking cunt !
Slovak Trkvas moron (stupid person)
Slovak chumaj; chmulo moron, stupid man
Slovak tulpas moron, stupid person
Slovak na picu on the cunt (very bad, very poor)
Slovak piča; piča pussy
Slovak podpicnik sanitary napkin (vulgar)
Slovak Drz picu ! shut the fuck up !
Slovak kokotsky; picovsky stupid ( very vulgar and offensive)
Slovak truhlik stupid man (very mild)
Slovak trdlo stupid person (very mild)
Slovak byt v pici to be fucked
Slovak picovat to express anger verbally (rude)
Slovak pirdolic to fuck (used in eastern slovakia)
Slovak robit picoviny to fuck around (act foolishly)
Slovak pichat to fuck, to screw
Slovak mat popici to have a fucking problem
Slovak stat to piss
Slovak kurva pica blesk ! whore cunt lightning ! (oath)
Slovak Ty pica vyjebana ! you fucking cunt !
Slovenian Pička cunt
Slovenian pizda si prifuknjen fuck, you're stupid!
Slovenian Jebena Pièka fucked pussy
Slovenian spizdi get the fuck out of here
Slovenian kmet zarukan stupid farmer
Slovenian pizda vagina
Slovenian Pizda ti bosanska you bosnian pussy
Slovenian Pizda ti materna your mothers pussy
Somali dufarr pig
Somalian Dhoofaar pig
Somoan moekolo rapist
Sonic the hedgehog Pingas penis
Spanish punta pincha bitch fuck
Spanish Chupame la pija blow me
Spanish pija dick
Spanish no seas mamon don't be stupid
Spanish Cara de pipe face pipe
Spanish Pinche iriota culo bastardo chinga tu fuckin idiot ass bastared fuck you
Spanish pinche punetas fuckin pussy!
Spanish pinche puta fuckin whore
Spanish pinche fucking (sp)
Spanish Pinche puta fucking bitch
Spanish pinche pendejo fucking dickhead
Spanish Cabeza de Pipe; Cabezapipe head pipe
Spanish pelotudo (Argentina); boludo (Argentina) idiot, stupid
Spanish Pintche de madre mother fucker
Spanish Pinga (Cuban slang) penis
Spanish Alcahuete pimp
Spanish Fucking dumbass pinche pendejo/a
Spanish pupila prostitute
Spanish Pudrete, pinche cerda asquerosa (female) rot, you fucking disgusting pig
Spanish pequeno pito small dick
Spanish Hijo de su pinche madre son of a bitch
Spanish Estupido stupid
Spanish chupa mi pito suck on my dick
Spanish piruja whore,slut.
Spanish Tu madre es una estupida your mom is stupid
Spanish (central america) Pisar to fuck
Spanish (chile) La zorra edionda a pico pussy smelling dick
Spanish (chile) Chupame el pico suck my dick
Spanish (chile) Chupa el pico, maric�n culiao suck my dick, fucking faggot
Spanish (cuban) Comepinga dick eater (male)
Spanish (cuban) chupa pinga dick sucker
Spanish (cuban) vete pa casa'e la pinga go to hell
Spanish (cuban) me lo paso por la cabeza de la pinga i dont give a fuck
Spanish (ecuador) cojudo stupid
Spanish (guatemala) sho pizado shut the fuck up
Spanish (honduras) Pellejo de pija/verga cock skin
Spanish (mexico) Pinche Puerco echado fucken laying pig
Spanish (mexico) Pinche pendejo fucking asshole
Spanish (mexico) Pinche culero! fucking asshole!
Spanish (mexico) Pinch mamon! fucking dick sucker!
Spanish (mexico) pinche puerco fucking pig
Spanish (mexico) Pinche marica come mierda fucking pussy shit eater
Spanish (mexico) Pinche cada de mecos; Pinche cara de mecos fucking sperm face
Spanish (mexico) Pinche Puta fucking whore
Spanish (mexico) pedaso de mierda piece of shit
Spanish (mexico) C�llate a tu pinch� madre shut the fuck up motherfucker
Spanish (mexico) pendeja stupid bitch
Spanish (mexico) Chupa me pito; Chupame el Pito suck my dick
Spanish (mexico) Pinche baboso you fucking idiot
Spanish (mexico) tienes un pito chiquito you have a small dick
Spanish (mexico) Pedazo de mierda you piece of shit
Spanish (peru) Pinga! penis
Spanish (puerto rico) Bobo geek, stupid
Spanish (uruguay) Chupa pija cock sucker
Spanish (uruguay) Pija dick
Spanish (venezuela) EStupito puta stupid bitch
Spanish el salvador Te Voy A pisar en asalto de tigre i'm going to fuck you doggy style
Sundanese kacrut failure/piece of shit
Sundanese dongo stupid
Sundanese Boloho stupid, idiot
Suriname(sranang) Dagoe ! / Agoe ! dog ,bitch / pig
Suriname(sranang) Asi pi ! donkey dick !
Swahili Fala idiot or stupid
Swedish Pissluder pisswhore
Swedish Våldtäktsman rapist
Swedish Dumjävel stupid fucker
Swedish Din variga grisfitta you ulcerous pigs cunt
Swiss german Schwanz / Pimmel / Rieme / Dödel / Lümmel dick
Swiss german spinat st�cher gay guy - literally spinach piercer
Swiss german souhund pigdog = you bastard
Swiss german seich piss
Swiss german bloede Siech stupid jerk
Swiss german das isch en sau cheib this guy's a pig
Swiss german schiffe to piss
Swiss german z blöd zum Stei hiete to stupid to herd stones
Tagalog bobo! stupid!
Tagalog Sipsipin mo suck it
Tagalog Supsupin mo kuyukot ng nanay mo suck your mother's anus!
Tagalog (philippine) engot stupid
Tagalog (philippine) sipsipin mo ang titi ko suck my dick
Tamil sappi penis sucker
Tamil pullu sappi cock sucker
Tamil Pisasu devil/ also a swear
Tamil panni soothula currenta vekka electrocuting a pigs asshole
Tamil oakka utta baadu equivalent to pimp
Tamil mola sappi person who sucks nipple
Tamil Panni pig
Tamil Baadu pimp
Tamil oogili raping immortal stalker
Tamil kena punda; muttaa koodhi stupid cunt
Tamil pool payya stupid dick
Tamil mollamaari stupid person
Tausug Dupang crazy / stupid
Te reo maori mimi piss
Tedim vok su! pig's vulva
Tedim Mang hai! stupid english!
Telugu chilipiga thittatam english
Telugu Pichi Pukudaana girl with crazy vagina
Telugu Pichi Pukoda guy with crazy vagina
Telugu SANALO BOCHHO hair in arm pits
Telugu Ni akkani pandulu denga may pigs fuck your sister
Teochew sag m sek stupid
Thai shee sai p'bark pom piss in my mouth
Thai bpai loi piss off
Thai AyyKwai stupid
Tigrigna Wedi Za Gele son of something stupid/disgusting
Toisanese (taishan) Piss nial
Toisanese (taishan) lui slung gwee spic
Tottenham Arsenal fucking pikey wanker
Trinidadian Dotish stupid
Tulu Pinkan D'Otay asshole
Tulu ee mallah punjee you big pig
Turkabic Koğos akhotkha hatsolağat your limping sister's pussy
Turkish Piç; pic bastard
Turkish Pi� bastard child
Turkish pipi little dick
Turkish Deyus - Deyyus; pezevenk; Pezevenk pimp
Turkish piç oðlu piç son of a bastard
Turkish Pezevengin çocuğu son of a pimp
Turkish Gerizekal� stupid
Turkish Salak stupid - silly
Turkish Amına kodu(ğu)mun piçi you fucking bastard !
Typical white boy YOLOSWAG i'm extremely stupid
Typical white boy SWAG i'm stupid
Ukrainian Sosi xyu pider suck a dick faggot
Ukrainian uvas melankie Pisune you have a small penis/dick
United kingdom Pillow Biter homosexual gay male
United kingdom Get lost ya tosser! piss off you wanker!
United kingdom Pillock testicle; idiot
United states marine corp. Fag Pinner; Faggot Pinner; Queer Pinner; Sissy Pinner military soldiers who rape gay men
Urdu Bhadwe Ki Nasal illegitimate son of a pimp
Urdu dalla pimp
Uzbek pidaraz gay
Valley girl Spinach Between My Teeth! shit!
Vampire Glampyre a faggot vampire like edward cullen
Venezuelan Pajuo stupid asshole
Venezuelan guebon stupid, asshole
Welsh pen bach small head/stupid idiot
Welsh cont gwirion stupid cunt
Welsh sguthan stupid woman
Western lombard pirla tosser
White girl You are a flipping Richard! you are a fucking dick!
Wookie RWA RAFF! piss off!
Yapese original faka aliliy fuckin stupid
Yemeni Ummak Khunzii your mum's a pig
Yiddish Shtik drek piece of shit
Yoruba Ode Oshi stupid fuck
Yoruba Ewure Oshi stupid goat
Zomi Baw na hia? are you stupid?
Zomi Kawl hai! you fucking stupid bamar
Zou zah kha ui pa smelly armpit bastard

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