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How to say Kurac in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Bosnian Puca mi kurac i dont give a fuck
Bosnian nabijem te na kurac i impale you on my penis
Bosnian Na kurac te nabijem on my dick i put you
Bosnian Kurac penis
Bosnian Pusi mi kurac suck my cock
Croatian kurac od ovce dick of a sheep (useless, worthless)
Croatian Jedi kurac! eat dick!
Croatian jedi kurac eat my dick
Croatian Jedi govna, pusi kurac eat shit, suck dick
Croatian Marš u kurac! go to my dick!
Croatian Boli me kurac! i don't give a fuck!
Croatian Nabijem te na kurac! i'll stick you on a/my dick!
Croatian marš u kurac! marsh in a cock
Croatian Boli me kurac. my dick hurts. (said when you don't care about something)
Croatian siši kurac suck a cock
Croatian Puši kurac! suck a cock!
Croatian Popu�i mi kurac; Popusi mi kurac suck my dick
Croatian Pučka moja kurac suck my dick.
Croatian Tvoja sestre ima velike Kurac. your sister has a huge dick
English pusi mi kurac suck my dick
Macedonian Kurac (Kurats) dick
Montenegrin Nabijem Mila Djukanovica na kurac. he is a dickhead.
Serbian Pusi kurac blow my dick
Serbian Kurac sir. cock cheese.
Serbian Jedi kurac eat dick
Serbian izes mi kurac eat my dick
Serbian Ode sve u kurac! everything has gone to the cock!
Serbian Jebote u kurac fuck into your dick
Serbian Da ides u kurac go inside the dick
Serbian idi u kurac go to dick
Serbian Nabijem te na kurac!!! i impale you on my cock!
Serbian Nabijem te na kurac i nail you on my dick
Serbian Na kurac te nasadim! plant you on my dick!
Serbian Glup ko kurac. stupid as cock.
Serbian popushish mi kurac suck my dick
Serbian Pushie kurac! suck my dick!
Serbian Popusis mi kurac krasni! suck my lovely dick!
Serbian prdneš mi na kurac (prdneh-sh me nah koorac) you fart on my cock
Slovenian kurac penis
Slovenian pu�i kurac suck a dick
Slovenian koji kurac wtf (lit. what

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