How to say Breast in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Alphian pocket breast
American english boobies; milk bags; milk jugs breasts
American english DDQ; Ta ta queen; TTQ woman with large breasts
Armenian Metz Dzizik big breasts
Australian Norks breasts
Australian show us ya tits i want to see your breasts
Australian show us ya jugs show me your breasts.
Azeri memesh breast
Barbadian Bubby woman's breasts
Bengali Booni tits/breast
Cockney rhyming slang Slate Layer's Nail Bags large saggy breasts
Cow Milky tits limp breasts
English bouncing bozos big shaking breasts
English toki dudha girls breast
English pearl necklace to ejaculate on a womans breast
Football (american) pom poms breasts
Football (american) Between the uprights breasts or crouch
Gujarati Bobla Vagarni Baydi wife without breasts
Gypsy Chucha breast
Hindi mome ka pasina chat lick breasts sweat
Hokkien Neh breast
Indonesian toket women's breast
Japanese oppai breast
Japanese Paizuri breast fucking (col, vulgar)
Japanese Pai Pai breasts, nipples
Malayalam Kanni mola first breast
Malaysian bo dai mou lou brainless bitch with big breast
Malaysian tet tet breast
Manipuri khom breast
Manx Gaelic "Sheeiney, sheeint"; "Broghil, broghilley"; "Kee, keeagh"; "Cleeau, cleeauraghey" breast
Nepali dudh breast
Pilipino suso breast
Punjabi Mume breast
Spanish chichotas big breasts/boobs
Spanish chichis; Alimentos breasts
Spanish (uruguay) Teta breast
Tamil kaai breasts
Tamil kaai amuki one who presses the breast
Thai bik su su big tits, breast, boobs, tah tahs
Tongan huhu tits/breasts

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