How to say Arse in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Arabic - jordanian Khosh fi Teizi fuck off (lit. enter my arse)
Arabic syrian ya arse wanker
Australia Stick it up your arse i don't want it
Australian arse monkey a passive gay man
Australian arse rag ass wipe/suck up
Australian Tongue punch me fart box. fuck my arsehole with your tongue
Australian I don't give a rat's arse i don't care
Australian Pig's arse! i don't care/ i don't believe you
Australian I could eat the arse end out of a low flying duck. i'm hungry.
Australian About as useful as an arsehole on your elbow not very useful
Australian Face like a busted arsehole ugly
Australian as good as a hatfull of arseholes; Scratching your arse with a bowl full of spaghetti useless
Australian You can suck a fart out my arse. your request is denied.
Bengali Futki arse
Bengali foon, foondh arse in moulovibazar everywhere else means pussy
Bengali Hauwa arsehole
Bengali thumar futki marthum i want fuck you up the arse
British arse ass
British rat arsed extremely drunk
British Stick it up your arse! i don't want it, thankyou
British arsehole i dont like you
Croatian guzica arse
Danish Røvguitar (lit) arse guitar
Dutch Lik mijn aars! lick my arsehole!
Dutch Je kunt me de kont kussen you can kiss the arse
England arse-hole an idiot
English arse bandit a homosexual
Fijian Cici Kadre stretched arsehole
Finnish Homon perse a gay man's arse
Greek kolodaktilo arse-finger.
Gujarati tari dagri; gaan tari your arse
Gujarati tari gandayli kari koyli dagri your smelly black rotten arse
Irish english Fickin' Arse fucking ass
Irish gaelic Pog Mo Thoin kiss me arse
Irish gaelic pog ma hole ; Póg mo thóin kiss my arse
Konkani Gaand arse
Kutchi Ghaan jo phako arse hole
Luxembourgish Aaschlach arsehole
Malaysian tiu nia ma your mother arse
Maltese Busli sormi kiss my arse
Maori kumu nui fat arse
Mizo mawng bawl pimpled arse
Newfoundland Arsehole asshole
Polish Dupek arsehole
Redneck Yerr Dum Arse Piece of Dung you dumb ass piece of shit
Rocket league Down Up cunt arse.
Samoan pu kio arse hole
Scottish Up yer erse wi' it feel free to shove it up your arse
Scottish pooch me hame kiss my arse
Scottish Yer arse and parsley you're talking shite
Scottish gaelic Puch ma ho in; pog mo toin kiss my arse
Slovak curak 1. prick, cock 2. arsehole
Slovak rit arse
Slovak Bozaj ma v rit ! lick my arse !
Slovak ujebat niecomu to add something (coarse)
Slovak ojebavat to lie, deceive ( very coarse)
Spanish Acostarse Con Rosemaria to smoke marijuana
Strine (aussie slang) Pharken wanna eat the arse outa a friggin ragdoll i'm hungry
Swedish Arsel ass
Swiss german affenarsch ape's arse
Swiss german arsch mit Ohra arse with ears
Swiss german Arschchopf arsehead
Swiss german arsch loch; arschloch arsehole
Swiss german kasch mer ins F�ddle blose blow into my arse
Swiss german chueh f�ddle cow's arse
Swiss german geisse f�ddle goat's arse
Swiss german l�ck mer am arsch lick my arse
Telugu Gudda arse
Tetum Kidun kuak arsehole
Tottenham Arsenal fucking pikey wanker
United kingdom up your jacksy up your arse
United kingdom Arse Surfer bum fucker
United kingdom Arse Bandit homosexual gay male
Vietnamese Cheem-Ban Twee Nyu Law-Or Deet your penis stinks like an arsehole
Welsh Twll tin arse hole
Welsh twll dy din di arseholes to you
Western lombard va a ciapala in d'ul cu go get fucked up the arse
Yiddish Tuchas leker arse licker

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