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Swear Words In Tajik (persian cyrillic) | Cuss Words In Tajik (persian cyrillic)


Top 10 Tajik (persian cyrillic) Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
E Kerm dar Kuni Otat fuck your dad (100%)        (0%)
Khar Donkey (89%)        (11%)
Koon-teeh slut, whore, (33%)        (67%)
Man kunteh You are bitch (6%)        (94%)
Saagg dog (77%)        (23%)
kerm dar dahanut dick in your mouth (71%)        (29%)
kerma buhur eat my dick (83%)        (17%)
kerum dar kunut my dick in your ass (75%)        (25%)
ksi holat gom fuck your aunt (75%)        (25%)
kyrym dar khalyat fucked in head (40%)        (60%)

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