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Swear Words In Taiwanese | Cuss Words In Taiwanese


Top 10 Taiwanese Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Chow Soola Stinking coward (73%)        (27%)
Gan Fuck (94%)        (6%)
Gan Li nian Fuck your mom. (86%)        (14%)
Gan Li nian ji mie Fuck your mom's cunt. (29%)        (71%)
Li Kee Ja Sai Go eat shit (94%)        (6%)
bei chi retarded (89%)        (11%)
biao gia'n (±D¥J) son of a bitch (62%)        (38%)
gan lin gong fuck your grandpa (55%)        (45%)
gan lin lao su (·F©ð¦Ñ®v¡^ fuck your teacher (95%)        (5%)
gan lin zo ma fuck your grandma (94%)        (6%)
gan lin zo ma zab bei huei fuck your grandma when she was 18 (77%)        (23%)
gan pua lin nia (·F¯}©ð®Q) fuck your mom until burst (62%)        (38%)
gu tao dickhead (28%)        (72%)
gun lin nun lio gi by fuck your mom old pussy (33%)        (67%)
how shaw you fucking lier! (68%)        (32%)
jia hsiao eat sperm (86%)        (14%)
kao bei cry daddy (when he dies) (81%)        (19%)
lan pa ball sack (92%)        (8%)
li ho gao gan (§A¥Gª¯·F) you got fucked by a dog (70%)        (30%)
mei hsiu gan mo Wanna have sex? (78%)        (22%)
pua ma slut (89%)        (11%)
sa'n hsiao what the hell? (94%)        (6%)
sai kan («Ë§|) asshole (60%)        (40%)
sai lin nia drive your mother (60%)        (40%)
sui gei pussy (22%)        (78%)

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