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Top 10 Pokemon Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Dan Wu I am a hairy gorilla (50%)        (50%)
Hey Brock Male Slut (86%)        (14%)
Hey Nurse Joy Slut (78%)        (22%)
Hey Officer Jenny Hot bitch (71%)        (29%)
I have a Gyrados I have a Long wet dick (88%)        (13%)
I just took a Graveler! I just took a Shit! (43%)        (57%)
I love my charizard I love my fat ass hole (19%)        (81%)
I'll fireblast you with my Charizard I'll shit on your face (52%)        (48%)
I'll thundershock you with my Raichu I'll fart in your face (66%)        (34%)
I'll waterblast you with my blastoise I'm cum on your face with my dick (72%)        (28%)
Jiggle my Voltorbs Misty Play with my balls slut (57%)        (43%)
My Caterpie just evolved into a Metapod. I just got a boner. (79%)        (21%)
My Metapod used harden! I just got a boner. (94%)        (6%)
My onyx My huge dick (78%)        (22%)
Onyx Anal beads (38%)        (63%)
Picachu I choose you!!! Fuck you, you muther (18%)        (82%)
Pikachu, I choose you! I want to have sex with your mom (69%)        (31%)
Son of a bidoof Son of a bitch (91%)        (9%)
That really puffles my jigglies. That really rustles my jimmies. (88%)        (13%)
You Ekans You Snake (0%)        (100%)
You Goldeen Lesbian (52%)        (48%)
You Mr. Mime You ugly mother fucker (to males) (60%)        (40%)
You Pokerus trainer You cheating bitch (56%)        (44%)
You ditto You shit face mother fucker ass bag (40%)        (60%)
You grimer Sick Fuck (73%)        (27%)
You have a Cubone You ass with an erectile disfuntion (80%)        (20%)
You jiggleypuff You bitch (74%)        (26%)
You just fainted after a battle I killed you after i raped you (44%)        (56%)
You jynx pussy lips (44%)        (56%)
You love voltorbs You love shit (36%)        (64%)
You magikarp You usless bitch/dick (68%)        (32%)
You pikachu You have a small dick (39%)        (61%)
You're a Misty! Red/Orange haired slut! (47%)        (53%)
Your a Grimer & ditto Trainer You sadistic sick fuck (56%)        (44%)
Your a Jynx Trainer Ugly ass bitch (67%)        (33%)
Your a crazy Jigglypuff You cunt (54%)        (46%)
gotta catch`em all time to fuck all the bitches (83%)        (17%)
hey mr. oak go fuck yourself (59%)        (41%)
jigglypuffs tits (85%)        (15%)
jigglypuffs tits (85%)        (15%)
you Voltorb geek Shit face (56%)        (44%)

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