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Swear Words In Persian | Cuss Words In Persian


Top 10 Persian Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Jende whore (65%)        (35%)
Khoyamal Stupid sperm sucker (37%)        (63%)
Kir Dick (85%)        (15%)
Koon Kesh You give anal to other guys. (67%)        (33%)
Kos Pussy (89%)        (11%)
Madar-e-to Gayidam I fucked/blew your mom (92%)        (8%)
divooneh mad , crazy , insane (95%)        (5%)
kir tu dahan cock in mouth (85%)        (15%)
kiram to dahane arabe koskesh my dick in fucking arab (67%)        (33%)
kiram too damaghet my cock is in your nose (81%)        (19%)
mader zagh mother dog (19%)        (81%)

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