Swear Words In Paupa new guinea | Cuss Words In Paupa new guinea


Top 10 Paupa new guinea Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Hul het Ass face (0%)        (100%)
Hul you You asshole (22%)        (78%)
Kaikai hul Eat ass (50%)        (50%)
Kaikai pekpek Eat shit (80%)        (20%)
Kuapim yu yet Fuck yourself (60%)        (40%)
Pamuk Bitch (33%)        (67%)
kaikai kan eat pussy (100%)        (0%)
kan yu you are a cant (0%)        (100%)
kapsaitim kok wara lo pes blo mi I want you to cum on my face       
khan / kan pussy (50%)        (50%)
khan yu fuck you (50%)        (50%)
kuap fuck (50%)        (50%)
kuapim khan blo mi Fuck my pussy       
kuapim mi fuck me       
kuapim mi strong fuck me hard       
smel nogut stink (100%)        (0%)
was wash you stink have a shower (30%)        (70%)
yumi kuap lets fuck       

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