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Swear Words In Malta | Cuss Words In Malta


Top 10 Malta Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Busli il-garretta Kiss my foreskin       
F'oxx il-liba li tixrob Fuck the sperm you drink (51%)        (49%)
Nirrah tifga fil-garretta Hope you choke on a foreskin       
Nirrah tintilef fil-garretta Get lost inside your foreskin       
f'oxx kem ghandek fuck all you have (72%)        (28%)
f'oxx ommok fuck your mother (79%)        (21%)
fòxx iz zbub li taqla fuck all the dicks you take. (50%)        (50%)
terdaw do you suck ? (53%)        (47%)

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