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Swear Words In Maldivian | Cuss Words In Maldivian


Top 10 Maldivian Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Amaa fui pussy of mother (80%)        (20%)
Badi A girl who sleeps with many boys (74%)        (26%)
Buri Loa valhu Ass hole (83%)        (17%)
Fada boe drinking womens cum (100%)        (0%)
Fada boey Drink Mother's cum (25%)        (75%)
Nagoo balhu Dog (50%)        (50%)
amaa fui mothers pussy (100%)        (0%)
amaa thalhaa mother fucker (100%)        (0%)
magey foah boe suck my dick (100%)        (0%)
mani boe drinking cum (100%)        (0%)
nagoobalhu bitch (29%)        (71%)

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