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Swear Words In Kurdish (bahdini) | Cuss Words In Kurdish (bahdini)


Top 10 Kurdish (bahdini) Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Behna masiya je qoze khishka te diheten Your sisters pussy smells like fish       
Ez de seye te nim I will fuck your dog (52%)        (48%)
Gee Bxu Eat Shit (79%)        (21%)
Hishba Shut up (73%)        (27%)
Kahba kicha kahba Whore daughter of a whore (86%)        (14%)
Ker Donkey (73%)        (27%)
Kere berushke Donkey from Berushk (50%)        (50%)
Kore sey Son of a dog (71%)        (29%)
Meymink Monkey (67%)        (33%)
Min giye dayka te na I've fucked your mom's turd (75%)        (25%)
Min memket xishka te grtine I've held your sister's tits (80%)        (20%)
Min quze dayka te drrand I ripped your mom's pussy apart (100%)        (0%)
Seyê Pîs Dirty Dog (80%)        (20%)
bab dewar donkey dad "donkey's son" (73%)        (27%)
babqun ur dad is an ass (78%)        (22%)
dakho gay mother fucker (44%)        (56%)
de djna tenm i will fuck your wife (86%)        (14%)
dehl Bitch (86%)        (14%)
ez de da te gim i will fuck your mother (69%)        (31%)
hey mt quze da tena i'll fuck your mother's pussy (50%)        (50%)
kire keri Donkey cock (71%)        (29%)
koore kere son of a donkey (48%)        (52%)
kuze da ta your mothers pussy (67%)        (33%)
na rawa! Shut up! (62%)        (38%)
qundeh asshole (33%)        (67%)
seye min my dog (81%)        (19%)

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