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Swear Words In Ilonggo (hiligaynon) | Cuss Words In Ilonggo (hiligaynon)

' A B D H I L M O T Y

Top 10 Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
'Yo de puta Son of a bitch! (100%)        (0%)
Agi Gay (95%)        (5%)
Ang nanay mo dambuhala nga biga-on Your mother is an obese whore! (67%)        (33%)
Ang tatay mo nga hubog! Your father is drunk!! (60%)        (40%)
Ang tatay mo palahubog! Your is an alcoholic drunk! (33%)        (67%)
Bilat ni bay! Pussy! (100%)        (0%)
Daw pasayan ka dako ang tarugo mo! Your dick is as big as a shrimp! (75%)        (25%)
Itot ta ang nanay mo! Fuck your mother! (60%)        (40%)
Iyota mo da! Fuck you! (67%)        (33%)
Iyots! Fuck! (100%)        (0%)
Linti Damn (71%)        (29%)
YUTA MO! FUCK YOU (63%)        (38%)
Yo Ga! Very mild "Son of a bitch!" (100%)        (0%)
Yo de puter! Euphemised "Son of a bitch" (100%)        (0%)
Yudiputa (Iho de Puta) Son of a bitch (67%)        (33%)
begatot bitch (50%)        (50%)
butang ang bootot mo sa sulid sa putay ko put your dick inside my pussy (22%)        (78%)
dilappon ko ang munay mo I'm going to lick your pussy (50%)        (50%)
hangud ang pitoy mo your dick is big (75%)        (25%)
item na buras black dick (50%)        (50%)
itot ta ako fuck me (50%)        (50%)
itot ta ang putay ko fuck my pussy (80%)        (20%)
itot tan ko ang nanay mo I'm going to fuck your mom (75%)        (25%)
itot tan ko ang tatay mo I'm going to fuck your dad (0%)        (100%)
ma ka-in ako kang putay I'm going to eat pussy (50%)        (50%)
ou youn ko ang hangud na buras i want a big dick (67%)        (33%)
tamis ang putay mo your pussy tastes sweet (50%)        (50%)

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