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Swear Words In Dutch (street slang) | Cuss Words In Dutch (street slang)


Top 10 Dutch (street slang) Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Banga Slut (75%)        (25%)
Ben je kaulo dom? Are you fucking stupid? (79%)        (21%)
Je dikke kanker moeder Your fat cancer momma (58%)        (42%)
Je moeder haar poenie stink naar vis Your moms pussy stinks like fish (100%)        (0%)
Je poenie stinkt Your pussy stinks (0%)        (100%)
Junta Crackhead (25%)        (75%)
Kanker belg Cancer belgian (56%)        (44%)
Kanker flikker Cancer faggot (0%)        (100%)
Klennie Crackhead (0%)        (100%)
Mariku Gay (40%)        (60%)
Sloeri Slut/whore (60%)        (40%)
Tap je kanker bek/moffo Shut your cancer mouth (33%)        (67%)
Tap je moffo Shut up (38%)        (63%)
Your head is really big Je edde is omin biggie (33%)        (67%)
battie Faggot (75%)        (25%)

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