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Swear Words In Creole | Cuss Words In Creole


Top 10 Creole Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Amenn to manman mo coké Bring your mum, I'll fuck her (43%)        (57%)
Saiye liki ale slide pussy and go (61%)        (39%)
Salope chien lacou bitch dog from the street (44%)        (56%)
al fair bour toi!!! go get fucked!!! (71%)        (29%)
ale boire difout!!!! go drink cum (20%)        (80%)
baise to mama fuck your mum (53%)        (47%)
bouss liki shut the fuck up (54%)        (46%)
bouzin bouch santi bitch stinky mouth (100%)        (0%)
braine lor to fron cum on ur forehead (50%)        (50%)
gogot penis (57%)        (43%)
kaka coq dick shit (54%)        (46%)
kakaliki nathoo (33%)        (67%)
kas liki sor ma break her mother's cunt (0%)        (100%)
likimama mother's pussy (80%)        (20%)
mahai dog (100%)        (0%)
pilon gay (33%)        (67%)
sousoute cunt (50%)        (50%)
sousse mo cock suck my dick (40%)        (60%)
ta gogot u dick (55%)        (45%)
to pe rode la gratelle dan to liki la you are looking for troubles (77%)        (23%)

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