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Swear Words In Cow | Cuss Words In Cow


Top 10 Cow Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Milking the bull You fuck your dad (64%)        (36%)
Milky tits Limp breasts (71%)        (29%)
Moo moo Slut (81%)        (19%)
Moo moo moo Fuck you bitch monkey whore (89%)        (11%)
Mooo Moo MOOO get your ass off my food (73%)        (27%)
Moother Milker Mother fucker (67%)        (33%)
Suck my udder bitch please leave me alone (75%)        (25%)
You live in a brown barn you cunt Your house smells (71%)        (29%)
moo fuck off (96%)        (4%)

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