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Swear Words In Costa rican | Cuss Words In Costa rican


Top 10 Costa rican Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Car'e picha Dick face (92%)        (8%)
Chupeme la verga Suck my dick (90%)        (10%)
Culear To fuck (100%)        (0%)
Guineo Gay (83%)        (17%)
Hediondo Stinky (75%)        (25%)
Hij'ue puta Son of a bitch (60%)        (40%)
Mal parido Your birth was a mistake (60%)        (40%)
Metase el dedo Go fuck yourself (83%)        (17%)
Meter el pedazo To fuck (75%)        (25%)
Mongolo Fool (55%)        (45%)
Perra Female dog (bitch) (100%)        (0%)
Playo Fag/Gay (80%)        (20%)
Pura mierda Full of shit (42%)        (58%)
Rabano Fag (83%)        (17%)
Vaya lavese el culo Go and wash your ass (0%)        (100%)
Vayase al demonio Go to hell (67%)        (33%)

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