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Swear Words In Canarian | Cuss Words In Canarian


Top 10 Canarian Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
chichón moron (92%)        (8%)
me suda tol pollon don't give a shit (50%)        (50%)
que pescaao what a cunt (50%)        (50%)
sarpica! get the fuck off!! (50%)        (50%)
sinoes personaje what a idiot (50%)        (50%)
te cojo tescacho i'll kick you big time (50%)        (50%)
te meto un remasso i'll kick you big time (0%)        (100%)
te piso la cabeza i'll kick you big time (0%)        (100%)
te quitotoa la vida i'll kick you big time (0%)        (100%)
tira milla get the fuck off!! (0%)        (100%)

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