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Swear Words In Baseball | Cuss Words In Baseball


Top 10 Baseball Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Amateur Leaguer Male Baseball Players Penis       
Ball Licker Gay Man       
Ball Teaser Gay Man       
Baseball Glove Gay Male Ass       
Baseball Jersey Queen Gay Baseball Player       
Bat Penis (71%)        (29%)
Bat Licker Gay Man       
Bat Luber Gay Man       
Bat Oiler Gay Man       
Bat Sucker Gay Man       
Bat Teaser Gay Man       
Bat boy Male Homosexual (75%)        (25%)
Boys Dugout Gay Male Butt       
Butt Chaser Gay Baseball Players Penis       
Butt Diver Gay Baseball Players Penis       
Butt Jabber Gay Baseball Players Penis       
Butt Jumper Gay Baseball Players Penis       
Butt Slider Gay Baseball Players Penis       
Butt Slugger Gay Male       
Butt Surfer Gay Baseball Players Penis       
Catcher Gay Male Butt       
Catchers Glove Gay Male Butt       
Clean My Bat Suck My Penis       
Cock Cap Condom For Men       
Dick Cap Condom For Men       
Died on base To lose ones erection during sex (67%)        (33%)
Draft Beer Gay Male Piss       
First base Kissing (70%)        (30%)
Friendly Slugger Gay Male Penis       
Guys Dugout Gay Male Butt       
HOME RUN!!!!!!(^.^) Damn it (8%)        (92%)
Homerun Sex (63%)        (38%)
I Gotta Take A Time Out I Gotta Go Take A Piss       
I Need To Take A Time Out I Need To Go Take A Piss       
In the dirt Anal sex (57%)        (43%)
Inside the park homerun Sex with a kissing cousin (36%)        (64%)
Jockstrap Queen Gay Baseball Player       
Light Beer Gay Male Piss       
Male Dugout Gay Male Butt       
Male Slugger Gay Man       
Mens Dugout Gay Male Butt       
Penis Cap Condom For Men       
Second base Petting over the clothes (100%)        (0%)
Strike one Fuck you, you muther fucker (50%)        (50%)
Striking out Being turned down for sex (80%)        (20%)
Struck out Being turned down for sex (86%)        (14%)
Switch Hitter Bi-sexual (75%)        (25%)
Third base Petting under the clothes (100%)        (0%)
Umpire Large ugly person (14%)        (86%)
Wiener Cap Condom For Men       
Wild Ball Gay Male Penis       
Wild Balls Gay Male Penis       
Wild Slugger Gay Male Penis       

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