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Swear Words In Balkanish-russian | Cuss Words In Balkanish-russian


Top 10 Balkanish-russian Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Drolyetina propala! A falling whore! (50%)        (50%)
Kara! Dick (83%)        (17%)
Koya mala pichkitsa! What a little pussy! (80%)        (20%)
Kya ti yebesh nayvishe? What are you fucking the most? (50%)        (50%)
Kyu yebesh toliko? Why are you fucking that much? (100%)        (0%)
Produhai mi kurats! Blow my dick! (67%)        (33%)
Yebem ti Zhivot Fuck my life! (33%)        (67%)
Yebeni Kutyin Sin! Fucking Son of a Bitch! (50%)        (50%)
Yebo bih te al u dupe I would fuck you but i in ass (29%)        (71%)

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