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Swear Words In Arabic palestine | Cuss Words In Arabic palestine


Top 10 Arabic palestine Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
A'akrout Pimp (67%)        (33%)
Allah mamhuun God is horny (11%)        (89%)
Bedak Tentak? Do you want to get fucked? (50%)        (50%)
Bidi a neek- neekik- neekak I want dick (10%)        (90%)
Bidi zib- bidi aerr I want dick (79%)        (21%)
Elhas kussi Lick my pussy (71%)        (29%)
Imak ibtintak Ur mom gets fuckes (71%)        (29%)
Imak wahdi btoklo Ur mom is one who eats it (dick) (50%)        (50%)
Kh-osh fi teezi go inside my ass (78%)        (22%)
Kod ras aerri Take the head of my dick (30%)        (70%)
Kos Sittak Your grandma's pussy (82%)        (18%)
Kus Emakh your mother's cunt (71%)        (29%)
Kus allah Gods vagina (22%)        (78%)
Kussik emaffin Your pussy is rotten (82%)        (18%)
Qawad Pimp (64%)        (36%)
Rouh Entak Fuck you! (78%)        (22%)
Rouh Wa Sittin Erd Ma'ak Go and take with you 60 demons! (58%)        (42%)
Shim baydati Smell my testicles (67%)        (33%)
Wilad el shawarig Children from the streets (37%)        (63%)
Ya Ebn Jiranak You son of your neighbours (57%)        (43%)
abn elghbeh son of a bitch (47%)        (53%)
aere feek my cock in you (72%)        (28%)
akhu shlukeh brother of a whore (53%)        (47%)
balaab ala imak ill fuck around with your mother (68%)        (32%)
banik immak i will fuck your mother (59%)        (41%)
blaa el aeer suck my cock (26%)        (74%)
bmasesk i will make you suck my dick (67%)        (33%)
ibin shlukeh son of a whore (100%)        (0%)
ibn haram bastard (89%)        (11%)
kos amk fuck your mother assult (80%)        (20%)
kos okhtak fuck ur sister (73%)        (27%)
nikit immak I fucked your mother (89%)        (11%)
oja Gu Chinnj You A Pussy (20%)        (80%)
ya abn al shrmota son of bitch (86%)        (14%)

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