Swear Words In Arabic (aleppo) | Cuss Words In Arabic (aleppo)

A I N T Y Ç ت

Top 10 Arabic (aleppo) Swear Words

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Iben El Mentakeh mother fucker (72%)        (28%)
Telhas Ras Airi lick the top of my dick (79%)        (21%)
Ya Balla'a El Air Dick Swallower (78%)        (22%)
abous ksa lmemee i will kiss ur mom pussy (28%)        (72%)
air b emmak el mfanda'a my dick in your hore mother (58%)        (42%)
nfokho / dhasho shove it (82%)        (18%)
nyak al nana tab3ak your grand mom fucker (61%)        (39%)
telhass tizi like my ass (52%)        (48%)
ÇíÑ ÈÚíäß Fuck your eye (18%)        (82%)
تنقربيضاتي click to my nuts (60%)        (40%)

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